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2009-01-08 18:14:17
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Pentacle, pentagram, it's all the same thing right? Tomato- Tomaaatoe...

I've had that said to me. Do you have any idea how worrying that is. No. Bad.
The pentacle and pentagram. Completely different things!

It's an easy mistake to make if you are new to all of this. But really after a while, even the thickest person who identifies as pagan should be able to tell you which on is which and what they mean. If they claim to be experts and still can't tell the difference, you have my permission to witch-slap them.

Allow me to demonstrate the differences. Ahem *extends pointer stick and directs your attention to the board.*



is a Pentagram. After three. One..two...three pentagram.

The pentagram is a five pointed star- think of it, if you will, as a person stretching, arms flung out wide for balance, head up.

As you can see here, the elements associated with each corner of the pentagram is labeled clearly for your conveinance. Pleas ealso note that the pentagram lacks the distinct cirlce that sets the pentacle and pentagram apart.

Moving on.

*snaps pointer towards next image*


is the Pentacle.

The pentacle is the pentagram surrounded by a circle.

Pentacle = circle. Pentagram = no circle.

The points of the elements on the pentacle are the exact same as they are on the pentagram.

Moving swiftly on again we see here how to draw both symbols.

When drawing a pentacle, it is best to do it in one motion. This picture shows how to draw a pentagram, and a pentacle in one movement.
Like so...


And that for now concludes our basic lesson on the pentagram and pentacle. Stay tuned for the next lesson, the history and uses of both symbols.

- Playgans

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2005-12-01 [Estantia]: just a question, if a pentacle is water invoking does that means it's air banishing?

2005-12-01 [Delladreing]: *blinks* now theres a question ;) hmm I'm not sure, its quite possible, although I think its more ones intent that matters. It would be quite rubbish to spend all of ones time invoking air and then to invoke water to then find you'd banished air o.O. But I suppose it could be...I'm not sure, hmm, I will find out, I don't actually use the pentacle in this way when working so I wouldn't be able to tell you first hand. *will find out though for sure* :)

2005-12-02 [§pitfire]: Hey doll... For the reference to the Knights of Templar, check out the Divinci's Code. Whole book centers on that exact concept. :D

2005-12-02 [Delladreing]: ooh cheers :) i never noticed that before *goes back to read*

2005-12-02 [§pitfire]: lol. np. they explain it within the first.... 2 or 4 chapters

2005-12-02 [Delladreing]: ah ok thanks, now all i need to do is steal my book back from my father who "borrowed" it and it mysteriosuly vanished into his study never to be seen again ¬_¬

2005-12-05 [§pitfire]: heh. I can't complain. this copy isn't mine.... lol

2005-12-05 [Delladreing]: lol fair enough

2006-01-09 [SilverFire]: *hauntles*

2006-05-14 [Dil*]: Hmm, you should also address 'inverted pentagrams'. Now those are supposed to actually symbolize satanism. In satanism, from what I've read, it symbolizes power.

2006-05-14 [Delladreing]: It's also sometimes the symbol of the male god, it also depends on what sect you follow, I didn't include Satanism as I'm not that adept at it. But thank you, I will look into it and try to include it at some point.

2006-05-15 [Dil*]: Yes, but what annoys me are people who think a pentacle or pentagram is a symbol of evil. No they aren't. Inverted pentagram, maybe.

2006-05-15 [Delladreing]: It again depends on the sect and or faith, but yea, its a tad annoying to say the least

2006-12-06 [*~`Lady of Avalon`~*]: no matter how many times I try I can never draw a pentical or penagrame properly.I have to sit there get out my ruler my protactor and if its a pentical that little thing that has to point and you spinn it and the pencial at the other end makes a perfect cercail.

2006-12-06 [Delladreing]: It takes practice I will admit.

2007-07-17 [popeyethecat]: What are the origins of the Devil's Goat? I've tried to find out before but failed :S

2007-07-17 [SilverFire]: By Devil's Goat, do you mean the Baphomet?

2007-07-18 [SilverFire]: The Baphomet is actually Eliphas Lévi's Sabbatical Goat, the name Baphomet was in use before then by the Knights Templar, as a corruption of Muhammed - some of them had apparently started to incorporate Islamic beliefs into their own. A few baphomet-like gargoyles appear on Templar churches - but they were added later: about the same time Levi drew his own Sabbatical goat in his Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie. The whole thing seems to be basically a mass of confusion. The Templar never described the idol 'baphomet' as a goat, and Muhammed is hardly q demon as Levi claimed.

2007-07-19 [popeyethecat]: Thanks very much! :)

2009-05-01 [Seamus Schwathe]: Quick question, what is the name for a star set inside a pentagon rather than a circle?

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