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2007-05-08 02:36:04
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People against offensive swearing

This Wiki is a Safe Zone

I can't be the only one who think that some of the swear words used in modern english
today is overly offensive and pointless.

Therefore i urge all the members
of this wiki to advoid using swear words containig references to the following subjects:
* Religion.
* Sexual preferences.
* Mental development to reach an inner truth.
* Looks.
* Mental disability. 

Do you agree?
If so, join this wiki.
Write your name on the list

We need:
* Members.
* A motto


[The Coffee-Prophet] Proud founder.
[Elegy - gone] (Made our Banner) (Technical whiz)
[Misty Air] (Second Technical whiz)
[Ylaraniala Majere]
[firehawk] Swearing is awful and unnecessary.
[Blurple Berrie] Swearing is a sure sign of a sadly small vocabulary. Unite against the foulness I say! UNITE!!!
[Wannabe Guard]
[Catlover] I don't mind some swearwords, but I'm fed up of people saying 'gay' and such things as insults.
[Caera] Cursing is the little peoples way of making themselves feel tough.
[Lady_Elowyn] Ya know, it's weird. Some swears are completely pointless. For example, WHAT exactly is so offensive about being called a donkey? Still, it's the motive behind the swear that is so offensive, not the word itself. Come to think of it, most swears are completely pointless, made-up words.
[Cia_mar] it is funny because most people who swear do not even know where the word came from,... i mean look at the "F-word".. originally it was from some king that tried to get people to not commit fornication... and was called Fornication Under Condemnation of the King....people just shortened it to an anacronym...

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wiki version: <img:stuff/offensive_swearing_wikibanner.jpg>

house version: <img:stuff/offensive_swearing_housebanner.jpg>

Our sister wiki:
Swearing Haters United

Username (or number or email):


2005-12-17 [Fizban]: So retarded, when people use swear words like that it only exemplifies what you guys beleive in. Not saying thats a good or bad thigns, but as I am not against swearing in general, only in how its used it irks me. Swearing is useful when used only in non-excessive levels, and htey shoudl be used to show severity in a persons tone or feelings. To me, its more indication to just hwo strongly someone feels about somethign when htey put a swear word in there to put some umpf behind it. It's not necessary to be used like that to have umpf, however when it is used, thats the only reason I think it should be used. Becuase then to me it has meaning...

2006-01-27 [moonscale]: Dirt is very good!!! were do you think your food grows!

2006-01-27 [moonscale]: I prefer not to curse at people. In an argument it is a sign that the person cursing is lacking the intelligence to present a good argument. What really bothers me is when people pervert my words. They twist everything to be negative!

2006-01-28 [Fizban]: I dont think so, if used in the proper place, swear words enhance an argument by adding emphasis...thats what I think. I dont use swear words because they are my only viable option, as you are saying, but I use them because I choose to.

2006-02-18 [x.shattered hope.Xx]: is 'fuck' a swear word?

2006-02-18 [Fizban]: Either your kidding or your a 'fuck'-ing retard.

2006-05-11 [tiragon]: so i guess your not against senseless swearing as long as it's not offensive?

2006-05-11 [The Coffee-Prophet]: That's the deal.

2006-05-11 [Fizban]: Lol!...well, I apologize, but that was offensive. However, I am not a part of this wiki...just a strange person who posts here.

2006-05-11 [The Coffee-Prophet]: Got the strange part right :P Just kidding, but anyways, do not fear for offending us, Mr. Fiz, if you cross a line I'll flame you into orbit in a very nice, polite, swearing-free way. Or not, hmm, choices.

2006-05-11 [Fizban]: Why, how perfect...for thats the best way ;)

2006-05-19 [Fizban]: someone either delete this idiotic post of pointless stupidity showing only how much of a fool he really is...or report him for it...

2006-05-19 [The Coffee-Prophet]: Like so, don't have to be worse than that.

2006-05-19 [Akayume]: Some people have IQ's no higher than their shoe size -.-

2006-05-19 [The Coffee-Prophet]: Sad but true. We all feel sorry for the people with hypergigantic shoes :P

2006-05-19 [Akayume]: XD I think it's funny when people can only answer you by saying "fuck you" or "go to hell" over and over and over.....

2006-05-19 [The Coffee-Prophet]: Oh yes, gotta love those people. My personal favorite answers are on statement A: either "No thanks" or something like that. On Statement B, we have good ones like "Yeah, can't wait," "After you," "See ya there," and my favourite "Going down, sixth floor."

2006-05-19 [Akayume]: I love it too. I just laugh, or one time I said, "Okay, see ya there." or "I was planning on it." XD

2006-05-19 [The Coffee-Prophet]: Another variation is of course "Next stop, The City of Dis, all aboard."

2006-05-19 [Akayume]: lmao!! nice XD

2007-08-28 [moonscale]: I thought Cia might want to know, that story about the f-word being an acronym is not true, it was made up as a joke. 

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