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Confused? This is the latest page. What happened before can be found on my website:

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Part 1 (<blog:1167738>) 2 and 3 have been published!


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2015-06-03 [Dr.Mandarian]: Ah, okay he was scanning, not bad as well ^_^ But that looks gorgeous, think this is my most favourite page so far... really well-rounded, the harpist with that lovely landcape behind him and the characters on the two following panels... and now the storyline takes up speed too. I'm curious, how that three threads will develop now... The one with the magic sleuth, Tehelon Raa, the one with the pregnant wise lady and the one with the magic harpist investigator. Well, done!

2015-06-03 [Dr.Mandarian]: ha ha and I btw also love the face expression of the small bystander, he doesn't look like the brightest bulb on the chandelier, no?

2015-06-03 [Yncke]: Thanks! I hope to be able to tie the three threads together convincingly in the end. :)
And no, he's not exactly the local genius, indeed. *grin*

2015-06-13 [Dr.Mandarian]: Awesome black-and-white effects on that again... cool! Uhm but the eigish highwaymen seem rather cute to me right now... Eigen is far too prosper to generate too much desperate outlaws I suppose ;)

2015-06-17 [Yncke]: Thanks. :) I want it to be that quiet almost kind of sleepy type of country which does its best not to draw attention from any of the neighbouring states.

2015-06-18 [Dr.Mandarian]: Fits! ^^

2015-06-21 [Dr.Mandarian]: Very fun and greatly turning around scene, wonder if the magic devastation 'gets a face', now...

2015-07-01 [Dr.Mandarian]: This becomes very exciting! ^^ Tehelon Ra is some very stylish sleuth isn't he? And it becomes more and more mysterious too. But what race are these barbarian archers from? Are they some whole new race introduced or are they windmen?

2015-07-02 [Yncke]: He is doing his best, isn't he. :)

They are the nomads of the Tchahiklaan. They already appeared in the first issue, having killed the group Teholon Ra was travelling with.

2015-07-03 [Dr.Mandarian]: You mean that they already appeared in volume one of Per'Bat right? Yes, wow just skimmed over volume one and cannot even recall that I ever read it! Must have missed that once, while I wasn't on elftown for almost one whole year... But that looks really great, some waterfall turning into a staircase, a smelly demon realm, cat humans and a maginificent tavern scene... And I'm also astonished that you already managed drawing beautiful details and black and white effects of equal quality back then, just like now. Or have you edited volume one awefully lot? You once said that you wanted to overwork volume one completely before you published it.. Well, any case: Looks magnificent. And partly I even can manage to understand the dutch words... Think I'll have to re-read that again. I'd like to learn more about Tehelon Ra anyways...

2015-07-03 [Yncke]: Oh, just a guest appearance, really. Once in the first pages, and once being mentioned at the end. Nothing much. But they didn't pop up out of the blue. :)

I completely redrew the part in the Tchahiklaan. That was really too old, and rather different in style than the rest. If you compare
<img100*0:> to <img100*0:> for example, I think you'll agree there was a bit of a discrepancy. :)
The rest of the volume was just a matter of retouching here and there, making clothes consistent with later evolved looks and such.
I threw the reworked version online in one go, so if you're only following the comic here on Elftown, you've probably not seen it even if you had been here. ;)

Yeah, there's quite a similarity between Dutch and German. :) But there's an English version too, a little further down the bottom of the Per'Bat page. Hm. I'll have to reorganise that page a bit to make that more clear...

2015-07-03 [Dr.Mandarian]: Ah, okay, because I really wondered ^_^ And yes, definately, I see the big difference on those... Much niftier shadings and accented lines and also a whole different design. ( Even if I like the all black leopard spots on the original catwoman too... )
So the whole intro of volume one is all new then? ^_O Mmh, I see. Well, but it can only be for a very high improvement as far as I could see... Thats a real cool, dense and original storyline there, cool varied scenarios and a lot of great ideas...
Yes, right, Dutch even sometimes sounds like german babyspeech here and there ( for german ears ) just like Danish... But uhm,... only because I'm that narrow minded of course. ;)
But that's a good point, then I can also re-read that in english. Cool! Already looking forward to it. Just have to defreeze from my own Fantasy writing then. Because I lately began to continue my "Moongrail" and am coming further in such awesomely fluent way on the last fourth book atm ;)

2015-07-06 [Yncke]: German is a lot more complicated in some areas than Dutch, I can imagine that just skipping these complications sounds like babyspeech. :)
No, don't defreeze, if you're in the flow, stay in the flow. ;) It's not going anywhere. *grin*

2015-07-07 [Dr.Mandarian]: No, I'm very sorry, dearie, I didn't mean babyspeech in the sense of like a baby would speak, rather like 'sweet talk' because Dutch seems to have such lots words ending with -tje and -ken and -lijn... and that sounds a bit like 'diminutive form' we have in german language. If we want any word to sound petite, sweet and little, we use -lein oder -chen... Like in Mädchen, Schätzchen... that's rather why Dutch sometimes sounds so cute to me I think...
Well, mh, HOPE very much that it will lead anywhere, anywhen... *wiggles eyebrows*

2015-07-08 [Yncke]: Aha. :) They are diminuatives in Dutch as well, especially '-je'. The other two are more historical and not really experienced as such. But yes, it's very similar to German. (And something I often miss in English when doing the translation...)

2015-11-03 [Yncke]: I'm putting Per'Bat on hold so I can concentrate on the NaNoMangO.

2016-07-20 [Dr.Mandarian]: *scratch* "Let's skip that part" "It's my job to know things" "...morons" *snickers* great episode ^_^

2016-07-28 [Dr.Mandarian]: looks amazing

2016-07-28 [Yncke]: Thank you. :)

2016-10-06 [Dr.Mandarian]: Hey, dearie! I still follow you, yes *wink* And I love the lonely desert figure and the landscape a lot again on this. And also that your elemental sprites alter their body size, like they can never always choose how they'll appear to mortals as magical beings. ( That somehow reminds me onto old german mythology and fairytales like the cold heart by Wilhelm Hauff. ) Excellent work, over there any case. ^_^
And I by the way recently continued my own comic again too. Only in sketches for the moment but at least it's completely fixed as a closed storyframe now. Thought that my introduction as a beginning for a cool fantasy comic wasn't that bad at last. And also suddenly felt the eager to start drawing again...
Well and I surely also remind the advices you once gave me when I really start working on the layout as it shall once look like. Maybe also in a slight change of style from all that scribbly shadow-light contrasts to a brighter clear-line-style as you once suggested...
I might send you the finished pages once they are official. Because you might like this or that motive of my fantasy world. And I'm sure you'll like the Tüüm in special... Mh, oh, you don't know what a Tüüm is... But well, it's a timid monster with six legs who thinks that it's a brave knight... You'll see yourself ^_^
~with dear greetings 

2016-10-06 [Yncke]: Hey! :) Glad to hear you're still following the story!

The idea about his size is that he's small in summer, and especially so if he goes further from the high mountains, and tall during winter. His size being in sync with his power, kind of thing.

Good luck with your comic, I'm looking forward to seeing it!

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