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This wiki is set in the early days of the Galactic Empire, when the Old Republic was dissolved and the Jedi wiped out. So, as you can see, no Jedi characters allowed. It is possible to play a Force Adept, but you muct first be approved by the other existing members of the RP.

If you are interested in bringing in a character, you must contact [The Red Baron].

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2006-01-06 [Yuriona]: CHEST!! *points and screams*

2006-01-06 [Lerune]: =oP I'll stick with Corrin (in 10 years, of course): 

2006-01-06 [Kyrinn]: Damn, its fake?? Looks good to me... ^^

2006-01-06 [Lerune]: Unless someone can pipe Malak in from the about a chest... *drools*

2006-01-06 [Kileaiya]: Yeah it's fake, wierd huh? Or atleast that is what they said on that bio show thing I watched.

2006-01-06 [playslashwrite]: did the decoy work? :p

2006-01-06 [Lerune]: *gooses* No. =oP

2006-01-06 [playslashwrite]: darnit:p

2006-01-06 [Lerune]: Oh, as if being stripped by a Falleen, a Twi'lek and a Nalroni is really that bad. =oP

2006-01-06 [Yuriona]: Hee hee hee... *gropes Corrin when Lerune isn't looking*

2006-01-06 [playslashwrite]: well, im just playing hard to get ^^

2006-01-06 [Lerune]: We like the ones we can bend to our will...  =oP Yuri...we can share! =oP

2006-01-06 [playslashwrite]: *gulps*

2006-01-06 [Lerune]: Cool! ^^

2006-01-06 [Lothuriel]: Isn't gropping Corrin the same as gropping me...since he is my alter ego 0__o.....LOL...just kidding.

2006-01-06 [Lerune]: Um...probably. >:)

2006-01-06 [Lothuriel]: hehe...

2006-01-06 [The Red Baron]: Chewie, take the professor to the back of the ship, will you.

2006-01-06 [The Red Baron]: Wow. Concerning Kahn, he has something in common with Darth Ishkanser, they're both academic.

2006-01-06 [Calico Tiger]: And both like to show off their man boobs?

2006-01-06 [playslashwrite]: most likely their man brains ^^

2006-01-06 [The Red Baron]: Yes! That! By the way, Neurulons are not mammals. No mammals => no breasts.

2006-01-06 [playslashwrite]: in other words.. chest without nipples?:p

2006-01-06 [The Red Baron]: Who wants a worse shock? To all the guys out these, Trandoshan women have no breasts.

2006-01-06 [playslashwrite]: o_O *dies*

2006-01-06 [Lerune]: Wookiee women make up for it...they have several breasts. 6, I believe. =oP

2006-01-06 [Paul Doyle]: ooh, this is cool! *watches*

2006-01-06 [Lerune]: I think 6 breasts is intimidating... >.>

2006-01-06 [The Red Baron]: I'll just stick to the Human "rule of two", or was that Darth Bane's. Still you get my message.

2006-01-06 [playslashwrite]: 6? why didnt i wish for those extra arms when i had the chance ^^

2006-01-06 [The Red Baron]: I don't think Grievous would like Wookie women.

2006-01-06 [playslashwrite]: *imagines and rolls off his chair laughing ^^ *

2006-01-06 [Doc_D]: What's not to like about wookie women, big strong female, and absolute demons in the sack

2006-01-06 [playslashwrite]: almost like canadian lumberjack women ^^

2006-01-06 [Doc_D]: rawr

2006-01-06 [Yuriona]: *is Canadian woman* I'm no lumberjack though. I'm a farmer's daughter - much better than a lumberjack any day. :P

2006-01-06 [playslashwrite]: *sighs in relief:p*

2006-01-06 [Doc_D]: *grins impishly* Really, mind showing me why some time, hehehehehehe

2006-01-06 [playslashwrite]: for one.. they dont have the urge to split you in two with an axe ^^

2006-01-06 [Yuriona]: Actually, I'm quite handy with an axe. We had a woodstove and many a Saturday was spent in the bush felling trees and splitting wood. I'm also pretty good with pitchforks and butcher knives. }:) Tempting [Doc_D] but you'd have to get past my husband first. ;)

2006-01-06 [playslashwrite]: and you say youre *not* a lumberjack? suspicious ^^

2006-01-06 [Doc_D]: Hmmm, good point, still, it's fun to flirt

2006-01-06 [Yuriona]: Nope, a farmer's daughter. We're better than lumberjacks. We have a variety of skills at our disposal other than hacking away at trees. :P We used to process our own poultry and rabbits so I'm pretty good at butchering things. Heh heh heh...

2006-01-06 [Yuriona]: Nothin' wrong with flirting. =9 Just remember to keep your hands to yourself though or I'll have to cut 'em off.

2006-01-06 [Doc_D]: So long as you do the same my dear

2006-01-06 [playslashwrite]: *puts on a raincoat in case of incoming blood spatters:p*

2006-01-06 [Yuriona]: What makes you think you have anything I'd want to touch? Hmmm? O_o

2006-01-06 [playslashwrite]: well he has a nice.. tree.. in his backyard..

2006-01-06 [Doc_D]: Calm down now, no need to get hostle when we were getting along so well.

2006-01-06 [Yuriona]: I'm always hostile. *shrugs* Its just the way I am. :P

2006-01-06 [Doc_D]: Well, personally I try to maintain a cival manner at most times

2006-01-06 [Yuriona]: Good for you. *pats head* I can be civil if the mood strikes me but I just don't feel like it at the moment.

2006-01-06 [Lerune]: *always misses the good conversations* 

2006-01-06 [playslashwrite]: yep.. thats what you get when youre disturbing your bio rhythms ^^

2006-01-06 [Lerune]: =oP I am sooooooo tired... =o(

2006-01-06 [playslashwrite]: a glass of rum a day, keeps the sleepyhead at bay ^^

2006-01-06 [Lerune]: I'll remember that at 3am. =oP

2006-01-08 [playslashwrite]: you better ^^ corellian ale works as well ^^

2006-01-08 [The Red Baron]: Good old Terran caffeine for me, alcohol ruins the brain, liver, and oesophagus; I don't want mine ruined.

2006-01-08 [playslashwrite]: youd be amazed what caffeine does to you ^^

2006-01-08 [The Red Baron]: I'd amaze you, yesterday I was suffering from a caffeine overdose that I took the day before, I spent all the morning vomiting gastric HCl and even my urine smelled of caffeine.

2006-01-08 [playslashwrite]: well the last is pretty common, you dont even need an overdose for that.. but well.. doesnt sound good ^^

2006-01-08 [The Red Baron]: Not good at all, and there were no droids available to send into battle.

2006-01-08 [Doc_D]: No driods eh? Then I say we use Ubese mercenaries, come on, the proceeds from hiring one of these little monsters goes to helping rebuild their ruined homeworlds.

2006-01-08 [playslashwrite]: maybe we should hold a donation concert to help the little buggers survive ^^ we can have the max reebo band and the bith shuffle give a charity concert:p

2006-01-09 [playslashwrite]: wow ^^ someone has been rather busy ^^

2006-01-09 [Lothuriel]: Sorry, hope you guys don't mind that I added another character....Since all my bad guys have either died or are missing in action, I thought a neutral one would be best. Sorry for the rushed bio, I am as usual in a huge rush. I will go back and fix is soon, I hope.

2006-01-09 [playslashwrite]: hehe it looks very interesting nonetheless ^^ lots of scholars lately :p

2006-01-09 [Lothuriel]: Well, Reia and Tonatta were brother and sister originally, they are characters my husband and I made up a long time ago.

2006-01-09 [playslashwrite]: hmmmmm.. most interesting ^^ i already read the larger summary this morning during breakfast ^^ story is much much clearer now ^^

2006-01-09 [Lothuriel]: lol...I am glad you are joining us.

2006-01-09 [playslashwrite]: thanks ^^ im very happy to join! but i still have some schoolwork laying around that needs attention first :(

2006-01-13 [The Red Baron]: Welcome Terrex.

2006-01-13 [The Red Baron]: Newsflash: PoS will not be taking any more made-in-Kamino/scoundrels/ etc.... until further notice. Feel free to take Imperials though, we need Grand Moffs and the like.

2006-01-13 [Doc_D]: A moff you say *begins to contemplate*

2006-01-13 [The Red Baron]: Hey Butt-head! He said "muff" heh-heh heh-heh.

2006-01-13 [Doc_D]: Huhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh yeah, muff, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh

2006-01-13 [playslashwrite]: well i actually had a little plan going for admiral thrawn ^^ so ill claim him ^^

2006-01-13 [Yuriona]: Isn't Admiral Thrawn a cadet at this point? :P

2006-01-13 [playslashwrite]: ill look that up, but im not going to use thrawn for the moment, i was just claiming him ^^ 

2006-01-13 [playslashwrite]: Thrawn became involved with the empire in its early days, he made his way up to the top very quickly, he was already a grand admiral before the battle of Hoth..

2006-01-13 [Yuriona]: Its been a long time since I've read the Timothy Zahn series. Thrawn was a one of the few aliens left in the Empire and was kept behind closed doors, dreaming up strategies as he was a tactical genious if I recall correctly. A pet of Grand Moff Tarkin wasn't he?

2006-01-13 [playslashwrite]: in fact, he was the only alien ever to achieve the rank of grand admiral ^^ i dont know about his connection to tarkin however, Zahn doesnt mention much about him..

2006-01-13 [Lerune]: Wow. Another clone. =oP

2006-01-13 [Lordterrex]: yea.. kinda... ^_^ im working on my armor right now.. it will be different

2006-01-14 [Yuriona]: I feel like Marvin the Martian. Just add water. ;)

2006-01-14 [Lerune]: Glad to see the "no more clones" rule. People should come up with something else. =oP *debates on a Togruta*

2006-01-14 [Lothuriel]: ooh, shak'ti is hot

2006-01-14 [Lerune]: I know. =o9

2006-01-14 [Lordterrex]: hey.. if i take a picture of a clone trooper.. and manipulate the armor.. (color it.. add some things) is that considered copyrighting...

2006-01-14 [Calico Tiger]: Editing a copyrighted image does not make it any less copyrighted to the original owner of the copyrights :) So yes, if you took a picture of a clone trooper and edited it (coloring, etc) it'd still break the Uploading Art Rules. However, if it's a photo of you in the armor, or a friend in the armor (and you took the photo), then it's yours and it's fine to post

2006-01-14 [Lordterrex]: damnit... thnx ^_^

2006-01-14 [playslashwrite]: cha, then a drawing is a lot less work i suppose ^^

2006-01-14 [Lordterrex]: well.. umm... i cant draw.. i guess i could try... ehhh.

2006-01-14 [playslashwrite]: haha drawing takes a lot of practice, but it can be learned..

2006-01-14 [Lordterrex]: thats what they said about flying.... *mumbles about the stupid 2nd graders.....*

2006-01-15 [Lerune]: I have a request. If this doesn't inspire an creativity in anyone, that is cool, but I thought I'd put in a few requests to see if I can get lucky. Bare with me, this will be a long couple of messages. Anyway, soon, our party will be dividing. I know Corrin and Lyxia are headed off on their own, leaving Lheru'nae and Rushyyr with Inrean and M. She will grow up with them and be taught about the aspects of the Force from Rushhyr (but not how to use it, obviously, because he doesn't know...just what it is). Anyway, they will settle down in one place and eventually become tied to the Rebels. I was thinking a childhood friend would be perfect here. 

2006-01-15 [Lerune]: If there is someone interested in playing a younger character here who would be willing to get into all kinds of mischief, I would love to have someone to rp with. As you can see, I play Lheru'nae extensively, so I want to help develop the childish side of her, since she's not had the opportunity. I would prefer that it is someone who really has time to devote to the character and not someone who isn't on often and doesn't have any real interest in playing a lot. I want to continue to play as much as I am now. Anyone interested, please message me. I totally don't mind any race -- you can be an Ithorian for all I care. Although...if you are a cute Zabrak boy, beware... *drool*

2006-01-15 [Lerune]: Also, our active group is getting TOO big, so if any of the new people are interested in starting a new group in a different setting, I really want to bring in a Togruta -- adult female, of course. I was thinking of a darker character to veer away from Lheru'nae's sweetness, so if anyone is interested in that as well, message me or post here. 

2006-01-15 [Lordterrex]: im interested as heck ^_^... i feel kind of.. umm.. well, things are already moving along really well here.

2006-01-15 [Calico Tiger]: I know I could play the perfect partner-in-crime young friend! But.... I can't commit to one thing. That I'd be playing as often as you'd like ;_; i m teh suk

2006-01-15 [Lordterrex]: its cool.... ive been pretty busy lately any way hun...

2006-01-15 [Lerune]: Omg! You could. *spanks you for not being able to do it* I forget you are wtaching this page. =oP  As far as another group, I am interested, I think, in an Imperial one...I think I want a Togruta assassin. ^^ And for Lheru'nae, she can have more than one friend, that is fine. =o)

2006-01-15 [playslashwrite]: hmm, im not quite sure, but then again, I havent been playing actively yet (lack of time) so i cant say for sure how a splitup will work out:)

2006-01-15 [Lerune]: Ah, the split up is the least important part. =oP I want someone for Lheru'nae to get in toruble with. =oP

2006-01-15 [playslashwrite]: like its not hard enough to keep her out of trouble:p

2006-01-15 [Lerune]: Well, she will have a Wookiee nanny...which she will need. =oP

2006-01-15 [playslashwrite]: well there is your answer.. if you want to get her into trouble, give the wookiee something else to do so he cant watch her constantly

2006-01-15 [Lerune]: -_- Alone? I think you are missing the point of my request.

2006-01-15 [Lordterrex]: umm... when you say "in trouble with".. what do yo mean 0_0...

2006-01-15 [playslashwrite]: well without the wookiee, she can get into a number of situations cant she?

2006-01-15 [Lerune]: You know, like kids...get in trouble. Why do you guys think I am insinuating that a 10 year old girl would do anything besides that? :/ And I hardly want to write about my character on her own all the time. ;_; Isn't part of the fun of role-playing interacting with other characters?

2006-01-15 [playslashwrite]: yes it is, and i do understand what you are trying to say, but read between my lines for a sec ^^ she can come and sneak around kahn's digsite :p

2006-01-15 [Lerune]: This is true. =oP I am not much on reading between the lines today. I am too stressed, it seems, for that. ;_;

2006-01-15 [playslashwrite]: aaahw there there now.. *gives you a big anti stress hug ^^ *

2006-01-15 [Lerune]: Thanks. =o)

2006-01-15 [playslashwrite]: you needed that ^^

2006-01-15 [Lothuriel]: I am in the process of making an Evorian character for tonights rpg.

2006-01-15 [playslashwrite]: a what? never heard of that one ^^

2006-01-16 [Lothuriel]: They are similar to the Egyptians. They are a bit primitive.

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: i see... i understand i think ^^

2006-01-16 [Lothuriel]: They are equivalent to the STargate SG1 Jaffar

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: Oooh...your character is an archeologist...quite interesting. I'd say I would definitely be nosing around there. =oP

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: ahaaa! know what you mean now:) and yesh, i think i can think of a trap or two around there:P

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: :O Don't trap me! Just let my youthful curiosity run its course. =oP

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: no no, traps.. like in.. star wars indiana jones stuff ^^

2006-01-16 [Lordterrex]: lol...

2006-01-16 [Kileaiya]: Khan beware! We're plotting ways to torture you :P

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: Muahahahaha!

2006-01-16 [Kileaiya]: Who knew 10 year olds were so evil? *laughs*

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: Well, when you get more than one together. ;o)

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: muhahhahaa ^^ i can take it ^^

2006-01-16 [Lothuriel]: By the way, Evorians are my husband's don't steal them...(he wants me to add)

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: im not stealing shit ^^

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: is it? but why then? :(

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: owkaaayy.... *gets a little worried..*

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: *hugs Trennas*

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: ^^ thankies ^^ i think i do understand the situation now..

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: I think she mistook your comment to be a rude one when it wasn't. *hugs again*

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: hahaah oow nooo, we werent offened by that in any way i think ^^

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: *gives cookies to everyone*

2006-01-16 [Lothuriel]: nope...I meant the comment my husband made me throw up there wasn't necessary, not [playslashwrite]' comment..

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: *hugs everyone anyway* =oP

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: hahaha grouphugs yaaay ^^

2006-01-16 [Lothuriel]: *humps your legs*

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: *falls over*

2006-01-16 [Yuriona]: :O

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: darnit! they always go for the legs!

2006-01-16 [Yuriona]: Are you suggesting they hump somewhere else?? }:)

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: O:) I didn't hump anything! :O Well, not on the wiki and not in the last 8 hours... >:)

2006-01-16 [Yuriona]: *pouts* I haven't been able to hump anything in over 36 hours. Stupid female cycle... *grumbles*

2006-01-16 [Lothuriel]: *whistles*

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: Ugh! I hate that. =oP I had a surprise, so I can't call it a humping, it was sweeter than that. He had been up playing WoW, and I had gone to bed...I was awoken to candlelight and caramel. =o9

2006-01-16 [Lothuriel]: 0__0 *is now jealous* 

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: He has his moments. =oP

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: sly sly dog ^^

2006-01-16 [Yuriona]: *sighs unhappily* I don't suppose you could get your hubby to talk to my hubby about that sort of thing Runey? I think he's forgotten. *sniffs*

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: aaahw.. *gets a whole bucketload of caramel on the table ^*

2006-01-16 [Lothuriel]: Mine man is more interested in the bottle the carmel comes in...kinky romance at all.

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: ...righht... :p

2006-01-16 [Lothuriel]: Well, it's true. we try it. We start out with the candles and the soft music...all the romanitc notions, but one of us usually ends up being tied to something in an awkward postition....

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: upside down above the fire place? ^^

2006-01-16 [Yuriona]: I don't remember the last time we had a romantic encounter. *cries*

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: *comforts* 

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: Wait -- I thought Jeff loved caramel? If you were covered in it, I bed he'd die. =oP

2006-01-16 [Lothuriel]: If we had a fireplace....

2006-01-16 [Yuriona]: ... *whispers* You'd think that...

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: i feel so sorry for you ladies.. all stuck with non-romantic men ^^

2006-01-16 [Yuriona]: No Trennas, that's the sad part. Mine used to be a hopeless romantic.

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: oow dear... *hugs you with caramel*

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: Topic Change. =oP  Not to kill current conversation, but I have something I think needs mentioning. I believe the lack of structure in this RP is a problem...I think we need a GM to keep things somewhat sane, does anyone agree or object? A GM could leep order, keep things from getting out of hand or unorganized and MOST importantly, a GM could completely squash the power-playing, which is going to be a problem if it is not stopped now.

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: i already talked to you about it ^^ fully agree:)

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: I, of course, offer to be GM, since I have been doing it for a long time anyway. =oP

2006-01-16 [Lothuriel]: Aye

2006-01-16 [Lothuriel]: But, this is Naz's rpg is it not?

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: cha, if he wont or cant do it, someone else will have to dont you agree?

2006-01-16 [Yuriona]: Naz started the RP that is true but he hasn't exactly been enforcing any kind of structure and between his studies and exams, he can't be here all the time. I was actually thinking of suggesting we get a GM or some moderators going in here. The power playing has to stop before characters get killed off by other PCs.

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: hmm fair enough.. if Naz doesnt mind a helping hand, Lerune and I are glad to help out.. its always better to have two GM's than one, working together.. sharing a lot of work and responsibility..

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: I was thinking of asking Naz about GMing and if he agrees, fine, if not then...well, I won't be difficult, but...I don't like where this RP is headed without structure and I feel like it will die out.

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: well, lets wait about what Naz has to say about it..

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: I just want to know what everyone thinks. Loth? Do you think I should say something to him?

2006-01-16 [Lothuriel]: Sure.

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: Any suggestions I should include? =oP

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: absolutely :)

2006-01-16 [The Red Baron]: (in a C3PO-like manner when Leia disguised as Boushh turned off the thermal detonator) He agrees!

2006-01-16 [Lothuriel]: Dramatically! lol...

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: I am making a wiki to summarize the slight changes. =o)

2006-01-16 [Yuriona]: Yay! You know I'm usually around if you need help with that Runey. ;)

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: Hey...if I move all this to a "characters" page and just have this as an intro wiki, would that make more sense?

2006-01-16 [Lothuriel]: yep

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: Center tags are fooked up again.

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: There -- THAT should fix thoise &(*)^$&^$ center tags. ;o) What do you guys think about the changes? If it sucks, I can fix it right back.

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: it looks great ^^ well done:d

2006-01-16 [Yuriona]: Oooo... I like it! Good job! :D

2006-01-17 [Lerune]: A LOT of work...and I need help on the summary part -- I thought everyone could add to it as we go. It will be easier for people to catch up when they are added.

2006-01-17 [The Red Baron]: Cool renewings. I like it, but it's only one emperor, so it's got to be Emperor's not Emperors' up there...

2006-01-17 [Lerune]: Fixed. =o)

2006-01-17 [Kileaiya]: I for one think a GM is an excellent idea :) and reorganizing the page is awesome too

2006-08-04 [dragon_master_25]: Hey peeps there is going to be a new Star Wars Rp starting, I'm one of the owners, its not up and going yet, but we're going to start getting the word out to all of you guys.

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