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2005-03-22 20:39:08
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Yo!! i Want You!! to join my [Phil Crooked] fan club

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to join add your name , im sure you already knew that but now i KNOW you do


1.[Phil Crooked] dude im so ganna be the only one here
2.[samantha louise!] hey am here wit u! *hugz*
3. [artfultoffee] me 2! *dances*
4. [raven1777] *claps and whistles* (even though i cant whistle)
5. [Insaniac Yoshie] (weird comment thingy here)
6. [Froya] Can I gnaw on you?
7. [-Yesterday's Feelings-] - best guy ever.. other then tré of course.. but your up there..;)
8.[crazzyfreak411]- gangsta bitch
9.[Lady Erunáme]
10. [jessica.]- Jess

some things of mine

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2005-03-31 [Phil Crooked]: yeah man where te fuck did you go!?!

2005-03-31 [Insaniac Yoshie]: i went to wonderland and smoked reefer with catapillar and then had te with the mad hatter on my unbirthday, the march hare was playing chrochet with the queen of hearts that day so i didnt get to see him... oh yeah! the chesire cat says hi phil

2005-04-01 [samantha louise!]: ok O_o

2005-04-04 [Insaniac Yoshie]: yes soulz and the cat are very intimate *nods knowingly*

2005-04-10 [samantha louise!]: hey does any1 like chavs here?

2005-04-11 [Insaniac Yoshie]: chavs?

2005-04-12 [samantha louise!]: there scallies or townies

2005-04-12 [Insaniac Yoshie]: ah...

2005-04-30 [+Devil is a Loser+]: lol

2005-05-17 [samantha louise!]: hey pplz

2005-05-18 [Insaniac Yoshie]: (cricket ... cricket ...)

2005-05-20 [samantha louise!]: god u ppl r borin lol

2005-05-23 [Insaniac Yoshie]: i could just be random... if thatll help... itd be better if phill were here but his comps crashed at the moment

2005-05-24 [Phil Crooked]: yeah well ill chat to you guys wenever im cheking to see if my gf emailed me but yeah

2005-05-25 [Insaniac Yoshie]: you quiting et then?

2005-05-26 [Phil Crooked]: nows not the time for me to care about that ill answer yall later but , im a little pissed off right now

2005-05-26 [Insaniac Yoshie]: *huggles* wish there was something i coukld do...

2005-05-28 [samantha louise!]: me sowwy phil!

2005-05-29 [Phil Crooked]: its all better now

2005-05-30 [Insaniac Yoshie]: it ish? kewl

2005-06-01 [samantha louise!]: YAY!

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