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Philosophers wanted


your student and professor[l SuBLiMe l]


thank [Wes Foxx] for this one, if you are a member, take it


This wiki is for the people who question "why". If you lie awake at night pondering about the questions that our mortal minds can't comprehend, you are not crazy, you belong here.


a "poem" by me:

Bittersweet Downfall

As reality slips into itself,
I come to false realizations
and acusations of self-pity and despair.

I am not one,
but many characters worthy of a Shakespeare play,
trapped in a soul that can't
escape its destiny.

Time melts into one entity,
no beginning or ending.
Order is Chaos.
So why bother trying to escape
the feelings trapped inside

Enough with your futile attempts
to stay "sane".

Time and realization will only
lead to the enlightenment and
downfall of mankind.

Written by[l SuBLiMe l]


To lessen the confusion I see in the near future, I have created seperate pages.

Reality?- a place for poetry on philosophy
*Ramble*- this is the place for what we do best.
comments/chat- this is for suggestions/questions/comments, also another place to chat.


if you feel you are a modern philosopher sign below.
[l SuBLiMe l]-if I lived 300 years ago, i'd be put to death for how I think.
[Sunrose] - modern I don't know..hehe..but I do ramble a lot ;)
[Cascading water lillies]- Oh, I think we're all guilty of that at some point :) Because, amidst all the ramblings, that's where some of the most intricate thoughts make sense! :)
[x-xVanityx-x]- Me rambles all the time. Mostly questioning my sisters toys about why we are here. Ahh well, you've got to start somewhere! ^_^
[Duhe Rahn]- I've alway wondered, is life a waste of time, or is time the waste of life...
[Wes Foxx]- Sanity, insanity, what is normal and what is not? All that can be counted as true can be found in the elements.
[ArchangelGabriel] - What is freedom if not another form of imprisonment?
[Kayne] - *Has no interest in putting a cliche statement here.*
[ceridwen] --I ramble so much i tend to contradict myself...T.T
[And her eyes lit up as she saw the dawn]-everyone wants help but no one wants to hear the truth
[Outside The Wall] I drive my friends crazy, always asking "why" :P
[Pyra] Can reality exist without chaos? If not, then why do we wish to rid ourselves of it?
[3 Dreizig] Hmm....
[Digital Fortress] I ask 'why' too much... "Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction saved it."
[0 0 0 0] i only have an obsession with asking things noone knows the answer too :p
[Althanas] *insert clever remark here*
[O! Valencia!]when im old, if someone asks me what i thought about as a kid, will i remember? will i even know what im thinking now? or forget even my own memories. somtimes i wonder.....
[justlikelastime]everyone says i should be a philosopher. life is weird
[Final_omega] I think there-fore i am.. I am there-fore i think?

[w00kie:)] - founder of the Universalitarians

my fellow people, if you have suggestions, come to wiki is your wiki, So come and tell me what you would like done, stop rambling on the comments about it, send me a message


"Ignorance is bliss"

Username (or number or email):


2005-03-01 [Sunrose]: It all works ;)

2005-03-01 [l SuBLiMe l]: thank you

2005-03-02 [l SuBLiMe l]: anybody want to add anything......any requests

2005-03-02 [Wes Foxx]: I'll get started on a banner for this soon, as in the next few hours soon.

2005-03-02 [l SuBLiMe l]: *shakes hand* thanks bud

2005-03-02 [Wes Foxx]: t'was no problemb. I'm used to making cheesy little banner-shaped wiki-tisements like these =P Ive got a custom CD album thing for all my music made out of these little 100X400 pixel things. Sometimes I'll round them off by sets of 25 until its nice and even like that. Anyone could do it.

2005-03-02 [l SuBLiMe l]: i think i need a reward system or something.....but what can i give

2005-03-02 [Wes Foxx]: lol, fine with me, no rewards necisary =) I like to do random acts of kindness like that. Its what I created the Anthro Angels group for, though so far im the only member. itd be more sad if we actually had people willing to come to the wiki to ask for help.

2005-03-02 [Tweakness420]: im not a philosopher but yeah buddy is most of the time

2005-03-03 [Duhe Rahn]: I am a dark philosipher. It is not the knowledge though that makes us, it is simply how we decide to wield it.

2005-03-03 [Wes Foxx]: Heres a quotable quote for you i just made up. Knowledge is the abbility to make the best choice. Wisdom is the abbility to make the right one.

2005-03-03 [Duhe Rahn]: you spelt ability wrong, but that philosiphy is still true ((if not cliche))

2005-03-03 [l SuBLiMe l]: foxx, that is a very good quote

2005-03-03 [l SuBLiMe l]: anybody understand Bittersweet Downfall yet?

2005-03-03 [Duhe Rahn]: Life unto death, destroying and creating itself in an attempt to satisfy that which we foolissh mortals call sanity.

2005-03-03 [l SuBLiMe l]: thats a good view, and a right one, but thats not the one I want to stand out(I really liked your view on it though)

2005-03-03 [Sunrose]: realise things is just one reality. What's the point of it all when realising things also leads to descruction (ramble ramble)...

2005-03-03 [Wes Foxx]: when you face reality, you falter and sink away into yourself, denying it desperately, though we cant get away. Fate will pull our puppetstrings until the day we move to a higher plane. This too is enevitable and always has been. Eventually in everyones life they will realize this.

2005-03-03 [Wes Foxx]: when the topic is fate, i shine. i know too well how twisted and cruel it can be, most of my past online life having been directed by a sadistic soap opera director called fate.

2005-03-03 [Sunrose]: Yet fate has many realities..

2005-03-03 [Duhe Rahn]: Within fate is both essences, light and dark, life and death.

2005-03-03 [x-xVanityx-x]: knowledge is knowing the right things to say, wisdom is knowing when to say them

2005-03-03 [Sunrose]: ...

2005-03-03 [Duhe Rahn]: We need to put some of these in the actual wiki.

2005-03-03 [Kayne]: Knowledge is rambling stuff up, Wisdom is using the (maybe limited) knowledge you have right. Or better: Knowledge is knowing stuff. Wisdom is using it.

2005-03-03 [Kayne]: Ignorance is not a bliss. Ignorance is lack of knowledge witch is never good. (Accept when you are either a child or a retard. )

2005-03-03 [Wes Foxx]: Knowledge is knowing many things to say. wisdom is knowing when to shut up.

2005-03-03 [Kayne]: Bah, subversion of mine. :p

2005-03-03 [Wes Foxx]: i worded it better. ;)

2005-03-03 [Kayne]: Nope. :p

2005-03-03 [Wes Foxx]: for the meaning of life, i turn to (PG 14 for habitual cussing)

2005-03-03 [Sunrose]: Ignorance can be a bliss imo. Not knowing things is not bad if one doesn't realise it anyway..

2005-03-03 [l SuBLiMe l]: to address [Kayne], to state that ignorance is not bliss, is strange, because knowing what I know, and asking questions that many people would deem crazy, I wouldnt want to go back to being ignorant, but ignorant people are happy

2005-03-03 [Duhe Rahn]: Ignorance can be bliss, but it can be a pain to. and [l SuBLiMe l] your not the only one that's crazy or asks crazy questions

2005-03-03 [l SuBLiMe l]: its about time to change the subject, what are your thoughts on creation/existance

2005-03-03 [Duhe Rahn]: I do not go for the whole creation by one or a group of almighty god/goddess thing, but I love to contemplate the point of existance.

2005-03-03 [l SuBLiMe l]: thats good [Duhe Rahn], get us started on our ramblings

2005-03-03 [Duhe Rahn]: I am not a starter, I am a filler

2005-03-04 [l SuBLiMe l]: someone add something to the wiki, if you want ill make it a contest or something(i would like some ramblings or poetry), just add it under my poem

2005-03-04 [Kayne]: Ignorant people can be happy but I can be happy to with knowledge. And when I have the choice I would rather have knowledge. One doesn't exclude the other.

2005-03-04 [Sunrose]: Knowledge excludes ignorance on teh area you have knowledge off...sometimes knowledge causes unnecessary pain.

2005-03-04 [ArchangelGabriel]: At the risk of being aboring person could i suggest that this wiki si expanded? Maybe each meber could have their own page upon which they can writ/ post thier philosophical ideas?

2005-03-04 [Sunrose]: You're not boring :) ...I don't have time to create a personal page might also cause discussions being moved to personal pages when the coming together part is so nice about the wiki imo :)

2005-03-04 [Duhe Rahn]: I agree with [Sunrose] on this one Brian.

2005-03-04 [ArchangelGabriel]: yeah, but it could end up gettign a litle cluttered. thats all i'm saying.

2005-03-04 [Sunrose]: Not if we get some good dividers and headings. Also a memberlist doesn't need to be on the mainpage.. . We can put poetry on another page and feature the newest one on the mainpage etc ;)

2005-03-04 [ArchangelGabriel]: yeah. sounds good. Shall i knock up a template?

2005-03-04 [Duhe Rahn]: I know what you mean, but sacrifices must be made to make group philosophy. I believe I forgot to do something with that innocence thing but I can't remember what

2005-03-04 [ArchangelGabriel]: I still think diffrent areas for diffrent ideas would be nice. That way one discussion wouldn't suffocate another

2005-03-04 [Sunrose]: Sure [ArchangelGabriel]: I'm sure [l SuBLiMe l] would love some spiffy works ^^

2005-03-04 [ArchangelGabriel]: Cool. What colour theme would look good?

2005-03-04 [Sunrose]: Hmm something that looks good on green I guess hihi..

2005-03-04 [ArchangelGabriel]: hmm... i was thinking purple

2005-03-04 [Duhe Rahn]: i'm fond o' rainbows myself

2005-03-04 [Sunrose]: I hope you're not offended, but I had to look at your gender :P

2005-03-04 [ArchangelGabriel]: ok so we al have a diffrent opion. Why don't we ahve a diffrent colour every week. i t would be easy to do

2005-03-04 [Duhe Rahn]: you won't be finding it. don't really matter though, I'm not your regular person.

2005-03-04 [Sunrose]: Hmm..I think the wiki shouldn't become about colours...let's keep the main subject philosophy ;)

2005-03-04 [Sunrose]: [Dark Phoenix]: I was first meaning [ArchangelGabriel] though :P

2005-03-04 [Duhe Rahn]: me and [ArchangelGabriel] share something in common though

2005-03-04 [ArchangelGabriel]: Yes we do but this a wiki about philosophy. Ok. Wht do people think of .... plato's alagory of the cave?

2005-03-04 [Sunrose]: If I knew what that was, I would give my opinion hehe. But so you're not going to do anything on the wiki then? :)

2005-03-04 [Duhe Rahn]: damn... I've studied a bit of philosophy but I never got to plato. Did a bit of Socrates though: "By all means marry, if you you get a good wife you'll be happy. If you get a bad one you'll become a philosopher."

2005-03-04 [ArchangelGabriel]: If people could just have a look at PWT i'd be much obliged

2005-03-04 [Sunrose]: Looks good to me. Blue seems the theme ^^

2005-03-04 [Duhe Rahn]: I like blue.

2005-03-04 [ArchangelGabriel]: I'll doa plato's alagory of the cave wiki later on but right now i'm going to bed. It's 11:00 over here

2005-03-04 [Sunrose]: It's almost 12 over here! :P

2005-03-04 [ArchangelGabriel]: elftown is much too adictive. Especialy if you've got too much time

2005-03-04 [Duhe Rahn]: I've got to much time and a sleeping disorder.

2005-03-04 [ArchangelGabriel]: You really have to do somethign about that

2005-03-04 [Duhe Rahn]: I did but it came back worse then ever. It doesn't do anything bad to me actually, by all means I feel better with less sleep.

2005-03-05 [Wes Foxx]: dang. your almost at elftown time, but im 6 hours behind it o_< its only 6:17:48 PM here

2005-03-05 [nokaredes]: London is at Elftown time, I think...I'm 5 hours behind.

2005-03-05 [Wes Foxx]: eh.. im in northwest indiana so i always know what day it is tommorow by seeing what day ET says it is before i log out.

2005-03-05 [nokaredes]: What's the point of that?

2005-03-05 [Wes Foxx]: so i dont constantly mess up the date when i sign my art or do stuff for school

2005-03-05 [buddyar]: yeah, this is [l SuBLiMe l], i somehow randomly changed my, this sucks....ill get it on my email

2005-03-05 [l SuBLiMe l]: me, again......simple problems require simple solutions

2005-03-05 [l SuBLiMe l]: anybody with suggestions should come to me.......write me a message.....your opinion will be respected

2005-03-05 [Duhe Rahn]: hmm... I still can't remember what I forgot on that innocence thing... Argh! I hate my faulty memory!

2005-03-05 [l SuBLiMe l]: i made some corrections, i hope they are right

2005-03-05 [Duhe Rahn]: there good, I can't really tell what you did but I never was paying attention because I was lost in my own thoughts.

2005-03-05 [Tweakness420]: Heh I made u guys a cool banner

2005-03-05 [Tweakness420]: well i gotta w8 4 [l SuBLiMe l] 2 put it on the site

2005-03-05 [l SuBLiMe l]: I have made some changes for everyone.....still working on it

2005-03-06 [ArchangelGabriel]: I think it would be nice though if we all had our own page just so people can see what we belive. PW - Lobsang

2005-03-06 [ArchangelGabriel]: I'm making a banner. Do people want a old style script or a block script?

2005-03-07 [l SuBLiMe l]: old style

2005-03-18 [3 Dreizig]: Might I gain permission to join this wiki? God, who knows how much time I spend asking "why?"

2005-03-18 [nokaredes]: 'Why' annoys people, even if you're not trying to and honestly want to know

2005-03-18 [Duhe Rahn]: "why" is a very fun thing when used properly.

2005-03-18 [ArchangelGabriel]: Why has an answer, thats 42. Thing is, What's the question?

2005-03-18 [Yiwerra]: hahahahahahhaha

2005-03-18 [ArchangelGabriel]: Yay a hitch hicker sfan, did you know there s anmovie coming out in april (29th)

2005-03-18 [Yiwerra]: there is?!?!?! :O :O :O  omg!!!!

2005-03-18 [3 Dreizig]: Umm....can I join then? More to life than asking is searching.

2005-03-26 [l SuBLiMe l]: yes, join

2005-03-26 [Duhe Rahn]: has anyone here ever tried to answer the question unasked?

2005-03-26 [Wes Foxx]: dunno. btw, would you like me to post my latest musings on fate?

2005-03-26 [Duhe Rahn]: sure

2005-03-26 [Wes Foxx]: ~Wisdom of the Fox~

2005-04-06 [merryelf]: You can get more answered by saying "Why" than you do by saying nothing.

2005-04-07 [Drop Dead Serif]: Dark....Answer the question unasked? There is an infinate supply of unasked questions...That is like asking, "Has anyone seen the grey rock?" If anyone did actually know precisely which question you were talking about, just the fact that they formulated it as a question, means it was already asked. It is not a question unless it is asked...Whether to yourself or another... In order for it to be classified as a question, it MUST be asked/examined. So no question, if it is actually such a thing, is unasked, if you can perceive it as a question. Please note...Everyone....Philosophy is not a measure of intelligence...It is just a skill.....Your ability to ponder everything...

2005-04-07 [Drop Dead Serif]: Whether it is something you accept as true already or not...Analyze everything with an open mind and then you can be considered a philosopher..... Don't just try to make your questions sound more witty than somone elses...And please, don't go looking up Philosophy on google and posting one of the many universally evaluated questions, just for the sake of prooving that you "know" what you are talkiing about and you "fit in".... Be creative....Think about everything...When you sincerely don't know something, ask it =). Or when you feel that you could better understand something, express your views, or question someone elses......

2005-04-07 [Drop Dead Serif]: Excuse me for intruding on your little "club" I know it was not my place to jump in and smart off, I just felt the need to express my opinion =). Feel free to do the same, I don't take offense to anything really, so try to make a feasable point if whatever you say is beeing directed at me, instead of trying to insult me Lol. (Not that I assume any of you would, just a common response for smart ass remarks...)

2005-04-08 [Duhe Rahn]: Serif, I have seen you somewhere before have I not?

2005-04-08 [Drop Dead Serif]: Think I have seen you bump into my house a few times in the past.

2005-04-08 [nokaredes]: is my opinion that you are trying to hurt my little brain. O.o

2005-04-09 [Duhe Rahn]: We're not trying to hurt your brain! We're simply trying to confuse to that point of no return...

2005-04-10 [nokaredes]: ...and the difference there is...?

2005-04-10 [Drop Dead Serif]: Less Violent =)

2005-04-10 [nokaredes]: ...uh huh...

2005-04-20 [Drop Dead Serif]: Hmmmm....I think I killed the Wiki.......

2005-04-20 [3 Dreizig]: Hope not...^^'

2005-04-20 [ArchangelGabriel]: it happends all the time. i'm aserial killer at murdering conversations

2005-04-21 [nokaredes]: *throws some water on the wiki* Wake up!

2005-04-23 [Drop Dead Serif]: Hmmmm....Well...perhaps we can create a new one, with people who really are interested in Philosophy....That we can update regularly and actually learn something at...As for this one...I get annoyed when I see: your student and professor [l SuBLiMe l] ....Who not only is rarely on...but (opinionated observation...} kind of seems like an idiot? I mean, I claim no paradigm intellect in nothing but selective comparrison...but does this seam like someone you want as your "professor?": !!MY 1 RULE I HATE MYSTERY SO IF YOU'RE ONE OF THOSE RANDOM WOMEN GOD FORBID MEN (YES IT DOES HAPPEN TO ME) THAT TYPE UR HOTT WITH 2 T's, AT LEAST HAVE A PICTURE OF YOURSELF ON DISPLAY!! [l SuBLiMe l]..

2005-04-23 [Drop Dead Serif]: Taken from his house.....One of many annoyances =p. There are many things I could pick at right there alone...but I will concentrate on the not liking mystery....I'm not sure about any of you, but I see mystery as a key factor in philosophy.....Seems to me like he more wants attention =p...... *feels awkward just pointing it out*....kk ill just be quiet now =).

2005-04-23 [nokaredes]: Well, there's a difference between not liking mystery and not liking people who lie and say they're young and hot and female who are really 35 y/o bald white men. >.>

2005-04-24 [3 Dreizig]: Ewww. But w/o mystery, there would be no point in attempting to discern philosophy.

2005-05-02 [Duhe Rahn]: I have a slightly philsophical poem on Senthra Meiloh if anyone here is still interested in philosophy

2005-05-02 [3 Dreizig]: Haha sure, I'll check it out

2005-06-04 [l SuBLiMe l]: i will be back soon i have been working and moved.

2005-06-14 [RiverStar]: Anyone interested in being part of a philosophy community? I need 20-30 thirty solid names of people who can be active before Hedda will consider allowing me to create it. Message me if you want to be included in my petition list and I will let you know when Hedda allows it.

2005-06-14 [3 Dreizig]: I'm in ^^

2005-06-14 [RiverStar]: alright...can you msg me?

2005-06-14 [3 Dreizig]: Sure ^^

2005-06-26 [Yiwerra]: what does that have to do with the subject?

2005-06-26 [justlikelastime]: its strange. its nothing to do with black sheep. honest

2005-08-25 [l SuBLiMe l]: anyone want this wiki, i have been working too much to go online.

2005-08-25 [Duhe Rahn]: I'd say this wiki is pretty dead at the moment.

2005-08-25 [l SuBLiMe l]: it slowed down when i got a life:/

2005-08-25 [3 Dreizig]: I'll take it...if no one wants it...

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