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Welcome fellow phoenixes to Phoenix Unite! This is a place where phoenixes of all kinds can come together and create the ULTIMATE PHOENIX! Or...Just chill out. ^_^ Hope you like! It's new. Still working on it. Remember, this is a place where we may all relax. There's a little Phoenix in all of us!


Note: The badges we previously had are against the new ET Are Rules. Therefore, they will show up as broken links. If anyone is interested in making new banners, let me know, or just post them up. Thanks.


Here you can put your name and some information about yourself, if you'd like.

[We have reached 32! WHOO!! ^_^]

1. [Black Whispers]-Hey, I LOVE PHOENIXES! One of the best mystical creatures ther is! Couldn't live without them!^_^
2. [FrozenPhoenix]-Sup, y'all. I'm into the whole phoenix things and...yeah...
3. [White Phoenix aka Ryoko] Why do you think I'm called "White Phoenix?" I LOVE PHOENIXES!!!! ^__________________^
4. [gaither babe] I love phoenixes, they're so original! ^_^
5. [Wolfpaw] Praise em'!!!
6.[I hear voices in my head]All Phoenix's rule
7.[Septimus Phoenix] Wow, look at all that *drools*..lets all burn together!
8. [Kuramasgirl]- FIRE!!!!!.....abitofa pyro^^, anyway, I love pheonixes!^^
9. [CelticMoon] the phoenix ...... what a creature , hay come pet my Pheonix its good luck
10. [Damned One] Phoenix? Phoenix fire, fire fun! *hysterical laughing*
11. [blinx4436] i like Phoenixes....theyre so useful...
12. [Four Winged Fox] BURN!!!!
13.[*~Bloody Angel Tears~*]Burn and Die HAHHAHAHA!!!
14.[Miroslav] Phoenixes are beautiful and amazing creatures! Though, they are dangerous too. Better stay away, if you dislike them!
15.[PixieStickChick] ooohhh!!! Pretty Phoenix!! hehe
16. [icarii] consumed by flame
17.[angeldust552] woot they are cute
18.[Rina T.]This wiki is awsome!!
19.[Stoic with STYLE.]Love them!
20.[R0s3tt3 Chr1st0ph3r] phoenixes are born again from their ashes.... to live forever...
21.[Mario57] pheonix forever
22.[Sheket] a dark phoenix maybe?
23:[deleted12344567 89] i love phoenixes they're awesome
24:[Mario57]pheonix forever
25. [none0000]
26. [Kyotaki]
27.[Estantia] shapeshifter, what can i say?
28. [more meredith please!] i have always loved phoenixes......theyre the best thing ever.
29. [thehogfather] Phoenixs's rock, and fire does, too!!!
30.[sequeena_rae] I think I was a Phoenix in a past life lol ^_^ They fascinate me >.<
31. [Mosi] Oh my i finaly find this ^^ its ok to have a dark phoenix here?
32. [silverscar] The phoenix totally rules, plain and simple.
33. [dressedtokill] I have mastered flame magic..
34.[Coffee is my weed] soon to have a huge phoenix tattooed on my leg


Extra Space>.<
Here is some extra space to put really anything about phoenixes, or related to the wiki! ^_^


I shall take over the world with this Phoenix! MUAHAAHAHAH!



-On August 3rd, Vicious Legato wa involved in a car wreck...she is not doing too she is in coma...she is having a hard time pulling through...on behalf of her friends, i ask that you either pray for her or hope for her or at least keep her in mind...she needs all the prayers and hope in the world...and please, so tath other people can do the same, send this to your friends and the people you know...if you want to leave her something, then go to the wiki page titled Pure Hope...

-Phoenix Tavern is up and running.


I got an idea....lets write a list of books and movies etc. that have Phoenixes in them!

1.The Harry Potter series (sorry, but it's true, there is a Phoenix!)
2. Phoenix (no idea, just saw the book)
3. Faerie Wars (submitted by [Kuramasgirl]...)
4. The Chronicles of Naria, The lion the witch and wardrobe, (both the book and the movie)

continue on...i can't think of any more! How lame! But the book i'm going to write has a Phoenix in it!.....


Sister Wikis:
Beyond All Boders
Order Of The Phoenix
Phoenix Tavern
The Secret Aviary


Username (or number or email):


2004-09-29 [Black Whispers]: *Now is a phoenix demon completly consumed into a flame.*

2004-09-29 [icarii]: Just a curiosity, why are you so interested in demon phoenixes and their make up?

2004-09-29 [Black Whispers]: make up as in life stucture, history, my own design for them, then yes.

2004-09-29 [icarii]: kewl :)

2004-09-29 [Black Whispers]: yeah, a phoenix was too big, so i made it a little mellower, with a huge temper.

2004-09-30 [CelticMoon]: lol cooliyo

2004-10-27 [Mikumi]: phoenixes are really pretty, dont you think? ^^

2004-10-27 [Black Whispers]: You bet!

2004-10-27 [Mikumi]: yeah...theyre really cool...with all their flames...

2005-02-28 [~Angelo~]: Hello, can I join the wiki?

2005-03-01 [Black Whispers]: of course

2005-03-01 [CelticMoon]: yay another peep

2005-04-16 [Estantia]: oh, i didn't even notice this was here when i found the phoenix tavern!

2005-05-25 [CelticMoon]: HAY PEEPS IF ANY OF YOU ARE ON ELFPACK COULD YOU PLEZZZZZZ DO ME A FAVOUR AND GO TO De'ladrei theres a link there and can you go and vote for her ...... ill love you all for ever

2005-05-29 [Black Whispers]: ^_^ sure thing! Note: The badges we previously had are against the new ET Are Rules. Therefore, they will show up as broken links. If anyone is interested in making new banners, let me know, or just post them up. Thanks.

2005-06-10 [CelticMoon]: how come they were aginst the rules? they seemed ok to me

2005-06-13 [Black Whispers]: They decided to add a new rule, banners and such can't have dolls like that anymore.

2005-08-19 [Mosi]: oh my i can try to help you ppls with banners, most chracters of mine are phoinexs and i drew one once...sooo dunno if it might help as a banner?

2005-09-04 [CelticMoon]: thats such a shitty rule ..... hay mosi

2005-09-18 [Black Whispers]: sure. any help with banners would be great, thanks!

2005-09-18 [sequeena_rae]: hi all ^_^

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