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2007-09-27 10:09:40
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Photo Forum News

To keep the members updated we made a page that has recent news,written below are the things we plan on doing to the Photo Forum.If you have any objections please feel free to leave comments below.

comming soon....
1)the gallery we are installing a gallery that will hold all of your best work.(finished)
2)tutorials we are looking for people to run tutorials please let us know you know any one or can do it your self.
3)links me are adding a page that will hold links to
other picture forum sites please let us know if you know any
4)contest the next contests theme is black and white and glamor.Thery should be up shortley

from the host's forum page

This page will hold excrets from conversations we the host have had on our personal forum where we talk about any dession before it is made.


1) There must be some tutorials already, we'll ask people to gather them and tell the photo forum about it. We can also 'hire' our own forum members to create some tutorials as well. And of course we could try and make some ourselves ^^

I don't have the new contest done yet but that will be fixed shortly....^_^ Tutorials are a good idea but I'm not THAT skilled at the computer art yet so as I learn things than I can explain to people but there are a few people I know on here that have excellent tutorials.

Seems good, though it is generally known that featured art thingies always tend to get less active every week. But top work of everyone sounds nice. We can ask anyone to select his/her favorite piece and we'll place it in a gallery, with a link to their wiki. Or something. After that, people should probably keep it up to date themselves...

We should have an easier theme this time. A color for example, or trees, or macro's

1) Photography tutorials, photo editing tutorials?
2) Link list to other photography wikis (like the Hitchhiker's guide of the Elftowners and other long-term gallery collections)
3)I think we should start a gallery of our own with the best work of all the member, or something?????
this is off the suggestions page i think there good ideals and i don't think it would be that hard to do so i told them that i would get on it.

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2006-09-05 [Lady of Lore]: This looks good to me ^_^

2007-09-27 [Lady of Lore]: Is there a password on this page? I was trying to update but was unable :(

2007-09-27 [iippo]: There is, but it's also only editable by members of the forum... That's sillyness, I'll remove the password. :S

2007-09-27 [Janouk]: ~edit: I removed the forum-lock but redid it again. [Lady of Lore], you are a member of the forum, so you should be able to edit...

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