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2006-11-13 19:23:23
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Okay! Landscapes landscapes, you understand. Post below if you have some.

[barutha] - i got second in that silly old elftown photo competition for this. it was called 'Pretentious Art Rubbish Isn't Cool'.

[$T0®M] - On the way home from a party I saw this sunrise ... it displays how flat it is here :)

[Elmiira] landscape near us

[duende_negro] Ow well a bit blurry and this was the other day... and the only landscape I have here so ehm.. here you go. "El Cigarral" and more sky than land .

[$T0®M] - some pics I took during my holiday to Beroun (Tsjechie)

[~Lady Morgana~] - something close to my house

[Skydancer] Whiteside Mt. Near Cashiers, NC

View from Waylah Bald, near Franklin, NC

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2005-06-30 [duende_negro]: hum... sky line isn't it?

2006-09-26 [moonscale]: ooh fun...I love landscapes. I'll have to upload mine.

2006-09-27 [iippo]: Me too. :)

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