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Slow Shutter Lights Contest

Contest now Closed


Ever take a photo and found that the lights show up as streams of energy? Every wonder how pictures of lights can look really stunning? Well here is a competition for you to try your hand at this. This contest is for photographs of lights taken at very slow shutter speeds. Things like car lights, street lights, fire, fireworks, etc show up in a really interesting and brilliant way. So get out your cameras and start snapping those slow shutter shots!

1) You must follow the uploading art rules. Art must be uploaded to ET. And no using photos that are not your own!!!
2) It must be a photograph following the theme.
3) Computer manipulation is allowed but please keep it bare minimum.
4) Two separate submissions per person are allowed, meaning two different photographs. (Not of the same subject so if you do car lights for one you cannot do it for the other). We want a wider variety of entries.
5) Try something new and have fun!


15th January



(Please use a <img200: tag when posting pictures)
ET Name:
Entries: (or use a) and b) to separate entries if there is no title)

[Lady of Lore]
"The Rearview of Moving into Warp Speed"

Entries Go Here

1.) [moira hawthorne] 'Spirit of Samhain' 


2.) [Skydancer] "Fire Dance"


3.) [Skydancer] "Midnight Asheville Arts District"


4.) [Jitter] "Sparkling Fire"


5.) [moira hawthorne] 'it is what it is' 


4.) [Jitter] "Nintendo Wii"


5.[CaRa83] "Rave Light-A"

"Skull Strobe & Face-B"


6. [Quellealcar] 'firelight'


7. [Feasting on Needles] - "Smoke and Lights"


8. [Kéioko Matsukaze] - Rave


9. [Iske] Airport-devil

Moved Heat


10. [Nocternity S.]

Christmas lights



11. [Aldalome] Christmas lantern


12.[..majo..] New Year Green

Disco Fever


13. [Ecstasy] "Price Of An Empire"

"Standing Together"


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2007-11-08 [Jitter]: You're welcome :)

2007-11-09 [Jitter]: I'm really happy with how the second one of mine turned out ^^ I took some more if you wanna check them let me know :3

2007-11-09 [Janouk]: I want a Wii ;___;

2007-11-09 [Jitter]: Aww they're quite cheap actually compared to PS and Xbox

2007-11-09 [Janouk]: But still. You need extra games etc. too :0 *boohoos*

2007-11-09 [Jitter]: Yeah :( Although we got it before it hit the market and we spent ages playing Wii Sports (it comes along with the machine xD) which was fun :)

2007-11-10 [Janouk]: And sort of healthy too! :p

2007-11-10 [Jitter]: Kinda, it's been the only exercise I've done for ages ;p

2008-01-05 [Aldalome]: I don't know if this photo is ok to enter this competition, because I don't have a clue what ' slow shutter' means; but I just liked the way lantern made the snowman glow.

2008-01-05 [Nocternity S.]: In photography, shutter speed is the length of time a shutter is open. If you have a slow shutter then you can get crazy lines of lights, the shutter speed can have a impact on the appearance of moving objects. So it should be a picture of light moving with a low shutter speed.

2008-01-05 [Aldalome]: so my entry is probably invalid, isn't it?

2008-01-05 [Skydancer]: Well slow shutter is also long exposure, I would think, but then I am not running the contest. In mine I have one that is a stationary model with the fire sparks making lines from the long exposure, but the second one is simply a long exposure with no movement as such.

2008-01-05 [moira hawthorne]: the longer the shutter is open the more the lights glow ... the fire and smoke are moving in my first... but with a flash or fast shutter sped you didnt see the beautiful glow... it flattened out... with no flash and a long shutter... the fire glows and you see more smoke.. and the ghost looks like he is floating... in my second the light are stationary but it was the camera and other elements that moved and gave the streaking effect...

2008-01-08 [moira hawthorne]: just took a 3rd... so this is just to show...
'Yule Glow'


2008-01-15 [Ecstasy]: woo. first contest i've ever entered!

2008-01-16 [Lady of Lore]: Contest now closed, poll soon to come ^_^

2008-02-21 [Jeccabee]: I had something that would have been perfect here...but it's still on my boyfriends computer....ah well

2008-03-22 [Nocternity S.]: whens the poll coming out?

2008-03-22 [Lady of Lore]: The poll will come up as soon as I've got a spare moment to make it, sorry....been up to my eyeballs in homework and interning...

2011-06-23 [Cillamoon]: Is there still a poll for this going up?

2011-09-05 [Nioniel]: So many entries! :D

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