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2009-02-01 04:52:51
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Photo Manips as Fine Art~A Definition

began by [LynnAnneBrown]

I would like to promote Photo Manipulations as the Fine Art I believe they often are. I know that I have encountered several on my wanders through Elftown and I Believe that if they should be recognized as such in Elftown's Art competition's.

I realized that in order to make this kind of proposal, I'd have to be able to offer a definition a what a Fine Art Version of a Photo Manipulation was in order for Quality Control of Entries. The Arts Competitions and Contests generally have them listed in the rules for submission. Things Like, no lined paper, must include backgrounds, They Set the minimum criteria for be considered a piece of Art and not just a doodle or a quick sketch.

And Although I call this idea a definition, I think even a I write this it wound be better if we were able to give a description instead. Where a definition by it's nature is kind of set in stone. A description can be changed with time and only with the consent of all those who participate in making it.

To Do this I need to ask three questions:

First to the Photo Manipulator's, What do you consider are the Indicators of a Photo Manipulation that is also a piece of Fine Art or Art as it is generally referred to here in Elftown.

Second to the Artists who work in other, recognized mediums. What would you require from a piece of Art created through Photo Manipulation for you to consider it fair competition if it was entered in a contest you had entered"

Third to the Interested Observer. Basically the same question. What would you consider to be a Photo Manipulation that you would also consider to be a work of art?

Oh and Sorry, I guess there is actually a fourth question.

How would you word the rules or guidelines to an art contest or competition so it reflects you point of view?

What I would like from anyone who is interested in participating is answers to these questions from whatever point of view you take and If you have another that I hadn't thought of feel free to add to add answers to questions I haven't thought of yet?

What I would like to do with these answers is to compile them into a definition/description that would give a fair reflection of what people have said and use it as a basis of a proposal

Once I have gathered a significant amount of contributions, I would then do my best to compile them into a Coherent Definition/Description of Photo Manipulation as Fine Art to offer to the council as support bringing Photo manipulation as an acceptable medium in the Art division of a "for now at least" and official Elftown Competition.

And once I have done that I would like to hear back from first the folks who participated, then others, what they think of the definition/description. I am hoping the response will be good. But most first Drafts generally lead to a second and maybe even a third.

Once I am able to get the support of 90 to 95% of the people who have put into the process along the way (I'd love for it to be 199% but experience has taught me that "you can't please everyone" I would use the definition/description as the basis of a proposal to include Photo Manipulation as an acceptable media for use in submissions to "Art" competitions.

So if you would like to be a part of this, just add Your user name, your answers to the questions, or your opinion, whichever you prefer, to the bottom of this page. Once I have gotten responses from at least 20 people I will start to pull together a first draft and post it here for every one to review . After that I hope that between me and you other interested folk we can figure out where to go next. Oh yes and don't forget to put an <hr></hr> so that it is easier to tell one submission from the next when I am trying to read them all later.

Of course this is just how I am thinking of doing this If anyone has any suggestions about anything as I just get this idea off the ground, feel free to comment. I would really like to make this work, but that doesn't mean I know everything that I need to know to make that happen so any help is welcome.

Thanks for coming by and giving this idea a thought

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2009-01-31 [Skydancer]: ?

2009-01-31 [Rebulous]: I think this is an attempt to define photo manipulations as a separate art form so that a request can be made to consider changing future competition rules to allow them.

2009-01-31 [Skydancer]: Then its probably a good idea to write out a bit of a statement as to what its all about. :D

2009-01-31 [LynnAnneBrown]: [Sky Dancer] Thankyou for that, I know that I dindn't get there yet, Just when I was posting it, Life came up took me hostage for a little while. But I am getting right to it now and it should be update in about an hour, so any time after that.

2009-02-01 [Skydancer]: Ah, excellent. :) Yes, life does that. Silly real world keeps intruding.

2009-03-19 [nehirwen]: I just wanted to mention there is an official elftown photomanipulation contest already: Dark manips contest. :)
Good idea though. *puts wiki on watch*

2009-11-24 [nehirwen]: Tadaaaa: ET Photomanipulators

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