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Photo Forum


<img:>Welcome to the Photo Forum! This is the perfect place for Elftown photographers to share their work, help others and talk about techniques and such and participate in competitions. You can also take a look at the nifty works you’ll be able to find here. The forum is currently being hosted by [Lady of Lore] and [maluna].


<img:> This forum hosts its own contests! You are welcome and encouraged to participate and to look over the winning entries of the past comeptitions.

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The forum was originally started by [barutha], but now that he lost ownership, we, [Lady of Lore] and [maluna] are giving it a try. Note: you can now suggest contest themes at the bottom of the photo forum suggestions page

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2005-01-28 [duende_negro]: Ow... well... then... ehm.... yeah!..well I don't know. I only have one model and she's maybe it's her. My photos are not that good anyways....andI know they aren't. But...they'll be!!! day...when my camera feels good. (what did I just say?)

2005-01-29 [barutha]: you crazy cat. i wish i had a model.

2005-01-29 [Radioactive Flea]: Mine wouldn't let me post anything.

2005-01-29 [barutha]: your what?

2005-01-29 [barutha]: so then guys, not many of us i know, but you reckon we do a contest or what?

2005-01-29 [duende_negro]: A contest... like what contest?

2005-01-30 [barutha]: not sure. like, who can photograph a pig the best, for instance.

2005-01-30 [Janouk]: But where do you get a pig? ^^

2005-01-30 [barutha]: dont know. visit a farm. just a suggestion.

2005-01-30 [Janouk]: ;) yeah...but maybe a different subject would be easier though ;)

2005-01-30 [barutha]: i know i know. i alwyas chosoe either 'pig' or 'dog; when i want something generic. it is just another, admittedly more confusing, way of writing '####' or something.

2005-02-01 [the dongle master]: How about a word a week. Put a word up and we take pictures relating to that word, at the end of the week submit some.

2005-02-01 [barutha]: yes that sounds good. any ideas?

2005-02-02 [the dongle master]: Ideas for a word? ...Shiny

2005-02-02 [barutha]: shiny, okay.

2005-02-02 [barutha]: alright, ive made a page for it there. please say if you think anything should be changed, i juts threw it together without much consideration.

2005-02-03 [the dongle master]: Good. lets get to work.

2005-02-07 [duende_negro]: THere...I've got osme of my old photos...if you like to see them... but I need to upload new ones.. I have a disc -_-

2005-02-08 [+forgotten+]: where do we ve to put our task of the "shiny" pics? nd whts th topic for thm?only shiny?

2005-02-13 [barutha]: the pistures go in the shiny wiki, it says so up the page there.

2005-02-15 [barutha]: ceom on guys not long in shiny. no pressure.

2005-02-15 [barutha]: does anyone know what were doing with shiny? i mean is this gogin to be a contest or what?

2005-02-15 [Janouk]: You could do it as a contest, or just do it to keep this thing alive, your decission ^^

2005-02-15 [barutha]: well it has a deadline, it ought to have some sort of outcome. perhaps i will make a poll for people to vote which they like. ive never really done anything like this, do we give the winner a badge or something?

2005-02-15 [Janouk]: Well, if you want to have comepetitions all the time, that might be hard to could make a list of the members, and the one who wins get's first place and so on. Every time a contest is held, members compete to get a better position. So for example you stand first, [Khwaish] stands second and I stand third, but then another competition starts, in which [Khwaish] wins first place, so he get's another point...Now, the new order is [Khwaish], you, me. O well, do you get what I mean?

2005-02-15 [Janouk]: joining the competition gives you points, winning them extra points.

2005-02-15 [barutha]: i think i understand. i wouldnt know where to begin in organising taht though. must be difficult to work out.

2005-02-15 [Janouk]: I could try?

2005-02-15 [barutha]: yes? i fyou dont mind. taht would be very useful.

2005-02-15 [Janouk]: Photo Forum Positions Let's try something like this...

2005-02-15 [duende_negro]: I have an Idea for a-- shinyish...! O_O.. but I haven't got time... -_- ow.

2005-02-16 [barutha]: hum, will anyone help me wiht this thing? weve just been given the theme for our next photo unit in college, but im stuck as to what to do for it. it is 'concealed and revealed'. but what the fuck do i photograph for that?

2005-02-16 [duende_negro]: Well... I don't knwo if I could give you an idea.... when you say " banana" I'll photograph a blue fish...

2005-02-17 [the dongle master]: Thats a hard one, I'll think on it.

2005-02-17 [barutha]: bloody education board.

2005-02-17 [Janouk]: Only 7 people are watching this wiki bythe way, so I don't think everybody will join the competitions...

2005-02-18 [$T0®M]: Lets say: 8 people

2005-02-18 [Janouk]: Yep, I noticed ^^

2005-02-18 [barutha]: i wonder who the other 4 are? i wish elftown would let you see who is watching.

2005-02-18 [barutha]: right i must be off, parents home soon. the poll is <poll:44772>, so that can be put up or pormoted whatever pretty soon. righto cheerio.

2005-02-18 [Janouk]: Byebye!

2005-02-19 [$T0®M]: how about a banner? someone?:p a litlle promotion would be good (A)

2005-02-20 [barutha]: sounds good. any ideas?

2005-02-23 [barutha]: can anyone tip me as to what how to put together a makeshift studio using household appliances?

2005-02-24 [Tepi]: Hey everybody! (and sorry for advertising here too ;) but if there's anyone interested in photo manipulation, check out photomanipulators ^_^ new ideas and members are welcome. There are also a banner contest so we need desperately your help there! Thanx! ^_^

2005-02-25 [i am heddas lost brother]: is there a page with photo contests?

2005-02-25 [duende_negro]: Art contest

2005-02-25 [duende_negro]: No wait!... I forgot the name

2005-02-25 [i am heddas lost brother]: :D

2005-02-25 [i am heddas lost brother]: i was like: is this a joke?!:D

2005-02-25 [i am heddas lost brother]: rules: TASTEFUL nudity only. no strippers. no below-the-belt nudity.

2005-02-26 [barutha]: im confused. what are you advertising?

2005-02-26 [e5hnzwu5]: hey.can I join? :)

2005-02-26 [barutha]: of course of course. more the merrier n all that.

2005-02-26 [e5hnzwu5]: yay! thanks.

2005-02-26 [i am heddas lost brother]: @barutha, duende gave me a wikilink to a nudity art contest:P

2005-02-26 [barutha]: oh i see. i was quite confused.

2005-02-27 [duende_negro]: who me ?

2005-02-27 [barutha]: no no, that stimpy hasan person. i was getting confsued with the convo.

2005-03-03 [barutha]: so then! what is next for us to make photographs of?

2005-03-03 [Janouk]: Ice! ehm...Pain, ehm, goldfish ^__^ :P I really wouldn't know, you decide ;)

2005-03-03 [i am heddas lost brother]: the sky? clouds, sun! :)

2005-03-03 [e5hnzwu5]: Ice sounds good. as long as we have ice in Finland :D

2005-03-03 [$T0®M]: hey, theres like a half meter of snow here :) (north of the netherlands) .... so lets do them both: winter

2005-03-04 [barutha]: oh no theres no snow here, all rain.

2005-03-04 [$T0®M]: lol, its still snopwing and its like -10.... wheeeey winter :p

2005-03-04 [e5hnzwu5]: if someone doesn't have snow or ice. ´they can make it :P learn to freeze things..

2005-03-04 [barutha]: that isnt too easy actually. it isnt even still winter here. were approaching spring i think.

2005-03-04 [$T0®M]: ghegheghe, buy some icecream? nah, winter doesnt always has 2 mean snow...

2005-03-04 [$T0®M]: its spring for about 4 days now.... maby spring as new subject? (A)

2005-03-04 [barutha]: then what, rain?

2005-03-04 [$T0®M]: rain....nothin ? this klimat sux

2005-03-04 [barutha]: i know. bloody britain. curse this temperate clime.

2005-03-04 [nokaredes]: my friend's in London, and she says she got snow...

2005-03-05 [barutha]: really? damn them. just us in wales get nothing. too close to the atlantic i expect. i think a winter theme would be too similar to the elftown bosses competition theyve got going.

2005-03-05 [$T0®M]: maby we could use darkness as a theme? ... you can do lots of original things with it :)...yust like the light :p

2005-03-05 [e5hnzwu5]: darkness. sounds cool

2005-03-05 [barutha]: aye that sounds good. lets do that.

2005-03-06 [duende_negro]: I like is the cariben...I live near the beach...."snow" is not a good subject... ow no no no no-. "Darkness"?.... oww look!!  Dark (opposite) shinny!.... ... ow mt... (gives chocolates...).

2005-03-06 [duende_negro]: I'm sorry... but maybe some people over here don't knwo about the contest. So here you go...Thank you ! (looks)                                        <img:>

2005-03-06 [barutha]: wish i could enter that. never done naked photos though. dont know anyone liberal enough.

2005-03-06 [e5hnzwu5]: is nude photo next subject? O___o

2005-03-06 [i am heddas lost brother]: im a volunteer

2005-03-06 [duende_negro]: No.. . Jangle. The nude Photo contest is a contest I made.

2005-03-06 [e5hnzwu5]: okay but what's wrong with the contest wiki page..? :/

2005-03-06 [duende_negro]: Nothing. It's private so people that DON'T have to go there.. can't. But if you are interested you just tell me and add you So you can read about it.

2005-03-21 [Janouk]: *shakes everybody* Still alive? We need to think of another subject, shouldn't we?

2005-03-21 [$T0®M]: indeed, the only fotos I made lately where of drunk friends...

2005-03-22 [Janouk]: Why has [Evad] set his name on number 17?

2005-03-22 [barutha]: haha, interesting point. perhaps he is a rebel. or dyslexic.

2005-03-23 [Evad]: Rebel, why follow when you can lead......okay truth it's my favorite number or lucky one you choose.

2005-03-23 [e5hnzwu5]: radical ;D

2005-03-23 [Janouk]: Well anyway, [Evad] your photo's are cool! ;)

2005-03-23 [Evad]: Thank you [Janouk], I'm glad you liked them, I have two more at the nude contest too

2005-03-30 [Janouk]: How about 'Joy' as next theme? I just made something up a second ago, but I really think we should start a new one! ;)

2005-03-31 [barutha]: joy? hmmm. im not sure how id go about that. perhaps itd be a challenge though

2005-04-01 [duende_negro]: "joy"?... but anything could be joy.. to me bananas and to her... killing bananas ( those are stupid examples... -_- ), So it could be anything...

2005-04-01 [barutha]: ah yes, good point. okay perhaps we should do that.

2005-04-01 [e5hnzwu5]: why not :D

2005-04-01 [$T0®M]: good idea

2005-04-01 [Elmiira]: hi.. I'm new here.. :) I love photographing so this is my place! ehhe..

2005-04-01 [e5hnzwu5]: welcome my buddy! oh yea

2005-04-01 [Elmiira]: ehhee.. :D I though I could put one pf the pics we took today, which I have taken, to the "joy" thing.. ^^

2005-04-02 [barutha]: good good. members are fun.

2005-04-02 [duende_negro]: I do not have camera -_- BUT SOON... I'll be happy, I'll be happy. Woz

2005-04-03 [barutha]: what do you use to photograph then duende?

2005-04-03 [duende_negro]: Well for now a 46 mm which is... not working good. Though I have the Digital with no bateries, but that was before! Now it has... But Next week I'll get my camera to Dr. Camera Man. Hope He fixes it. ... I Hope

2005-04-03 [barutha]: ah well good luck. dr. camera man? you are crazy

2005-04-03 [duende_negro]: Yes Dr. Camera man. Why am I crazy? It's Dr. Camera man.

2005-04-03 [Tepi]: Hey all! There's a banner contest in Photomanipulators and we'd like you to help us to decide which banner should be our official one. So, please, vote for our best banner at <poll:47658>! ^_^ And we also need new members, so you're all welcome there if you're interested! Thanks! ^_^

2005-04-04 [barutha]: hey if any of you are members of deviantart you should put up a link next to your name. itd be cool to see other people pages.

2005-04-04 [$T0®M]: rgr

2005-04-04 [duende_negro]: I'm not devianart member.. though.. last year.. I was going to open overthere... hum.. thinks.

2005-04-15 [Janouk]: Oh, congrats Barutha with your achievement on the photo competition of Elftown! Very nice!

2005-04-16 [barutha]: thankyou yes, i was shocked. i had forgotten about that thing.

2005-04-17 [duende_negro]: (laughs loud)

2005-04-21 [barutha]: hey i just went for an interview in portsmouth university to get onto photography degree course. i dont nwo how it went. the photos there seemed so much better than mine. hmm. anyway.

2005-04-21 [duende_negro]: Even if they where better... ow my your work is fantastic... mine keeps mind travel; yours keeps mind in. (FInds something) THough I told you the luck is yours.

2005-04-22 [Janouk]: Oh, good luck barutha! I hope you'll get accepted! (If that's how you can say it in English...)

2005-04-22 [barutha]: that is right yes. thanks, i hope so too.

2005-04-23 [duende_negro]: yes!! you say it toooo! always ask how you say it or correct!

2005-04-28 [barutha]: hey! i got into university i wanted. got a letter today. wizzo!

2005-04-28 [duende_negro]: Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so you did?! great! Hope I get accepted in one when I leave but.. IT's good. yes yes. (smiles)

2005-04-29 [e5hnzwu5]: CONGRATS ;>

2005-05-07 [Elmiira]: Cool! :) go you!

2005-05-13 [e5hnzwu5]: could there be a banner for this wiki? :)

2005-05-14 [barutha]: i expect that is a good idea. i wouldnt know where to satrt though. any ideas?

2005-05-20 [Janouk]: You could start a bannercontest?

2005-05-28 [e5hnzwu5]: we could

2005-05-28 [$T0®M]: arent we to lazy?

2005-05-28 [e5hnzwu5]: seems like it

2005-05-28 [$T0®M]: .< the weather is way to hot :p

2005-05-29 [duende_negro]: YEAH!!! over her that weather!!! >.< to hto -_- baaah! water.

2005-05-29 [Elmiira]: haha, I just wish it would be a bit MORE hot here. You can't go outside with a t-shirt, and that's a shame cause it's supposed to be summer now already.. something 10-15 celsiuses outside..

2005-05-29 [$T0®M]: i havent been wearing a t-shirt for days :p, its so lovely!!! 2bad it wont last the weekend :p

2005-05-29 [Elmiira]: too bad if there won't come any days when you can use t-shirt, and that IS bossible.. :(

2005-06-22 [Elmiira]: why is this place dead?

2005-06-22 [$T0®M]: wasnt me?

2005-06-22 [Elmiira]: nono.. :) no one just talked here anymore..

2005-06-22 [$T0®M]: well, lets do somethin about that ;)

2005-06-22 [Elmiira]: yeah. :) we could do that. Some days ago I just woke up with [e5hnzwu5] really early, we went out to photograph at 5 am. The sun had gone pretty high then already, but still we got some great morning photos. :) It was nice.

2005-06-22 [$T0®M]: :) sweet .... i'm to lazy for that stuff lately, yust taking pic's of friends nd stuff ... did you put yours already online?

2005-06-22 [Elmiira]: yes, three best ones.. they are in one finnish online-gallery, but I could still link it here if you want to see them. :) Photos are always photos even when you don't understand texts. :)

2005-06-22 [$T0®M]: hehehe, i know some languages .... show me ;)

2005-06-22 [Elmiira]:;kategoria=kuva&id=10798 there.. just click the little pics to get them bigger..

2005-06-22 [$T0®M]: wow, damn beautiful!

2005-06-22 [Elmiira]: you think so? :D thanks! but I bet you didn't understand the text. I would call you a freak if you understood..

2005-06-22 [$T0®M]: hehehe, no, not really ... thought it would be a bit danish like .... but it isnt ;)

2005-06-22 [Elmiira]: no it isn't. :) It's totally different. swedish is and german. (I can them both) No one ever can speak finnish.. :D

2005-06-22 [$T0®M]: I know some german ... and Frisian, wich looks alot like danish, anyway, swedish looks to alian for me :o

2005-06-22 [Elmiira]: :D hehe... I know german, swedish and english.. and finnish of course.. I would like to know more though..

2005-06-22 [$T0®M]: like russian r sometjing like that ;) ... i'm trying to get some upload permission for my wiki, I'll show you my art when its ready ;)

2005-06-22 [Elmiira]: yay! :D that's great. I have to leave soon though, but later Ii always have time for good art. :) But I'm studying estonian while this holiday..

2005-06-22 [$T0®M]: sweet :), I'm yust working my ass off this holiday to get some money :p ... but i'm off to, cya

2005-06-22 [Elmiira]: bye!

2005-06-22 [$T0®M]: ok, found some nice guard, and i'm now allowed to upload my pics directly to my wiki :) .... labda , and I'll put some more serious stuff up there later

2005-06-22 [e5hnzwu5]: picteure of the drummer was the best in my opinion :)

2005-06-22 [$T0®M]: hehe, he was almost coming there :p, neh, nice pic indeed

2005-06-23 [$T0®M]: ohw cme on, don't let it die again ;)

2005-06-24 [Elmiira]: okayokay.. :D But I will be off for a week. think, one WEEk without elftown!!

2005-06-24 [$T0®M]: oh man, now i'm alone again :o

2005-06-24 [e5hnzwu5]: hehe :D

2005-06-24 [$T0®M]: poor us :(

2005-06-24 [e5hnzwu5]: it's midsummer "celebration". all the finnish teens are drunk :/ almost everyone

2005-06-25 [$T0®M]: hehehe, yust like here yesterday (graduation party :o ) ... damn i should had taken the cam with me >.<

2005-06-25 [e5hnzwu5]: yea, you should've and then put the pics on your 'labda' wiki :P

2005-06-26 [Elmiira]: hehe.. :) I got to computer.. life is rescued. can I make your comment clearer jangle. All finnish teens are drunk, but so are all finnish adults...

2005-06-26 [e5hnzwu5]: everyone I could say :D haha

2005-06-26 [the dongle master]: We should do a landscape unit. Barutha could you make a landscape page? that would be nice.

2005-06-27 [$T0®M]: the loandscape of the place where i live isnt that interesting ;)

2005-06-27 [barutha]: oh yers okay i can do that. nice idea.

2005-06-30 [the dongle master]: yay, now i just have to develop my film

2005-06-30 [the dongle master]: could anyone spare a few bucks?

2005-06-30 [e5hnzwu5]: you pay it yourself hehe. oh and nice landscape there, storm :)

2005-06-30 [duende_negro]: huuum, I'm not good with landscapes... I like chicken... but I won't mind if some on gives me 10000Bs Waja.... that's like ehm 6, 25US$... ow my expensive for us. Hum I like pie.

2005-07-31 [e5hnzwu5]: oh okay O.o

2005-07-31 [Elmiira]: :D hehe I put some new pics on my photopage.. :/ hmm

2005-09-05 [iippo]: What a good excuse to start taking more photos about something else than just memories of friends. ^'^

2005-09-05 [Janouk]: ;)

2005-09-05 [$T0®M]: btw, that could be a good new task .... ?

2005-09-05 [Janouk]: [barutha], I added your name as wiki host, 'cause people should know this was your idea :p

2005-09-05 [Elmiira]: when will there be a new competision?

2005-09-06 [Akayume]: awsome wiki!

2005-09-09 [iippo]: The Elftown Photograph competition is back (see Mainstreet)! How are we camera people liking the theme (water)? Are you gonna enter?

2005-09-09 [Akayume]: who, me? I dont know....I guess i could take a picture of lake water...we have so many of them here.

2005-09-10 [iippo]: I took one of a river today, but I don't know if I'll be satisfied with it. The river is so swamped with weeds and stuff that you can hardly see the water.

2005-09-10 [Elmiira]: I already entered :P

2005-09-10 [iippo]: Me too (though not the river-one). ^_^

2005-09-10 [Elmiira]: hehe.. :)

2005-09-10 [iippo]: So weird to talk in English and Finnish in the poetry-page... XD

2005-09-10 [Elmiira]: :D mAYBE

2005-09-10 [Elmiira]: Noooo! not the freaking caps..

2005-09-10 [iippo]: You hit caps lock when aiming for the A! :O Missy-finger-person! XD

2005-09-10 [Elmiira]: :D yuppies

2005-09-11 [ally]: Nice wiki ^^ Oh well *joins*

2005-09-11 [iippo]: ALLY! w000000000t!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-09-11 [Elmiira]: hi! :)

2005-09-11 [ally]: [iippo] stalkerage ^______^ and wiki-awards stalkerage :P// Hello Elmiira ^^

2005-09-11 [iippo]: This is geratness. Now we must addness Joy in ally&iippo-place.

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