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Photo Forum


<img:>Welcome to the Photo Forum! This is the perfect place for Elftown photographers to share their work, help others and talk about techniques and such and participate in competitions. You can also take a look at the nifty works you’ll be able to find here. The forum is currently being hosted by [Lady of Lore] and [maluna].


<img:> This forum hosts its own contests! You are welcome and encouraged to participate and to look over the winning entries of the past comeptitions.

Current Contests

Photo Forum: Slow Shutter Lights Contest



<img:>If you'd like to become an active member of the photo forum then please follow this link! Photo Forum: Members


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The forum was originally started by [barutha], but now that he lost ownership, we, [Lady of Lore] and [maluna] are giving it a try. Note: you can now suggest contest themes at the bottom of the photo forum suggestions page

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2005-09-11 [Elmiira]: :D

2005-09-11 [barutha]: hey [iippo], i reckon yours is the only good image in that elftown water photograph competition. really cool. everything else there looks so generic.

2005-09-12 [iippo]: *^_^* Thank you, that is a good compliment. But I do doubt it will do any good in the competiton, it barely fills the brief :S

2005-09-12 [Ocean Soul]: I think the theme is kind of tough to follow in a more artistic way.. but I like yours as well, [iippo] ..

2005-09-13 [iippo]: You know what would be an interesting task here? Smell. To photograph smell.... O_O

2005-09-13 [Ocean Soul]: We all know what the first entries would be, don´t we.. flowers and.. crap :P

2005-09-13 [iippo]: There was once modern art exhibition like that. Two rooms: first room had vases with fresh roses and potties with plastic crap. The second room was reverse... plastic flowers and real crap. :S

2005-09-13 [Ocean Soul]: Eww.. But actually, there are much better possibilities to photograph smell. It would just be interesting how many people´d submit the obvious >:P What would you think of?

2005-09-13 [iippo]: WET DOG! XD

2005-09-13 [Ocean Soul]: disgusting x_x

2005-09-14 [iippo]: I was actually first thingking about a girl I know, because for some strange reason everyone calls her Smell or Smelly... but then my dog came to bug me about it and it hit me so strongly... Also a coffee-cup would be a good subject for smell.

2005-09-14 [Ocean Soul]: Yes.. and a hot meal like.. uhm.. I don´t know. Something with steam :P

2005-09-14 [iippo]: Macaroni with ketchup on it. For some strange reason that makes me drool. O_o. Wet paint?

2005-09-14 [duende_negro]: The godo thing to paint with is coffe.

2005-09-15 [the dongle master]: flowers and plants...they smell good

2005-09-25 [iippo]: There are photo contests.

2005-09-29 [Akayume]: whoa, why is the page totally blank???

2005-09-29 [Ocean Soul]: Because some honk deleted everything ?!!

2005-09-29 [Akayume]: there, thats better.^_^

2005-09-29 [Ocean Soul]: Mh I restored it.. and reported that member.. pretty annoying :(

2005-09-29 [Akayume]: yeah.

2005-09-29 [Ocean Soul]: Maybe [barutha] should password-protect the wiki..? And every member gets the pw after joining?

2005-09-30 [iippo]: Well, let's do that if someone harrasses the page again. If it stays ok, then it's easier to keep it unpwed. Also people have a look at the four seasons for a little more "permanent" photography contest. Oh and could we have a section of "Interesting links" or something where we can post other photography wikis or contests or something on the page, so they won't disappear in the commnets?

2005-10-08 [gone and dusted]: yay i am a member

2005-10-08 [Akayume]: thats good

2005-10-08 [gone and dusted]: I think this place needs some spice, how about some of these people put there best picture on to the wiki to show there skill

2005-10-08 [$T0®M]: ah, your new?:p

2005-10-08 [barutha]: put thier picture on to this wiki you mean?

2005-10-08 [gone and dusted]: yes that is what i mean, i have my fave i would put up

2005-10-09 [iippo]: Mmm, I'm not in favour, it will make this wiki a long load. It's easier to keep the photos to separate wikis like those tasks and members' own wiki galleries etc... But there could be a "featured picture of the day/week/month" or something like that...?

2005-10-09 [Ocean Soul]: I so agree.. my internet connection is damn slow and I don´t want to have to load 50 photos each time there´s a comment on here xP But one or two photos would be nice :)

2005-10-10 [barutha]: we could always do somehting like this with really little pictures: <img50*0:>

2005-10-10 [barutha]: just a sugeestion.

2005-10-10 [iippo]: True true, so true. But how about a featured picture?

2005-10-10 [barutha]: yeah suppose that would be okay

2005-10-10 [iippo]: Something like a chosen one from someone's personal gallery or sumptin... Not from the tasks.

2005-10-10 [barutha]: and put it on the main page?

2005-10-10 [iippo]: Yes, here. As a clickable thumbnail or something.

2005-10-10 [barutha]: yeah okay, that sounds almost groovy.

2005-10-10 [gone and dusted]: yay my idea is going good, i agree that maybe there should not be like 50 pictures just 1 or 2, just to make things look better around here.

2005-10-10 [barutha]: i have put up some new photos in my page if anyones interested. just click on the link by my name.

2005-10-14 [iippo]: We won in The Wiki Awards!!

2005-10-14 [barutha]: hooray

2005-10-14 [e5hnzwu5]: oh cool! :)

2005-10-15 [Janouk]: Yay! Thanks for nominating :-) Congrats [barutha] ;-)

2005-10-25 [Janouk]: Hey [barutha], how about placing these <img:stuff/2237_wiki_help_9y7vcgcflr5.jpg> on the wiki instead of the

? I think it would good actually :) *feels like a wiki-thief :o*

2005-10-26 [barutha]: yeah whatever, i dont mind what we do. go for it.

2005-10-26 [Ocean Soul]: I took the liberty in putting them all over the place... hope it´s fine

2005-11-19 [the dongle master]: oh my god

2005-11-26 [Jacco]: Hello, I added myself to the member list. I hope that's ok :) Have a look in my deviantART gallery, critique is welcome.

2005-12-14 [iippo]: Would any photographer like to enter It takes Two 3-contest with me, so you'd take the photos and I would do a photomanipulation?

2005-12-14 [Janouk]: I might?

2005-12-14 [iippo]: :D Ace. Any suggestion what it would be?

2005-12-14 [Janouk]: It was with hidden things this time, wasn't it? *thinks* Would you want to make something dark or something light? (like: Dark wizards and monsters or forget-me-nots in windswept fields? :-))

2005-12-14 [iippo]: Easier to work with light images, dark things get to lose information when travelling across the web. But a person as a subject would make it easier to grasp.

2005-12-14 [Janouk]: Ok ^_^ *thinks of wings and glass balls* I've got a glass ball, maybe we could do something with looking into the future or something ^^

2005-12-14 [iippo]: Sounds cool. Can't wait to see your snaps.

2005-12-14 [Janouk]: I made a really creepy one with me some time ago, I'll make a wiki with some of the pictures I made :p If you want to do this with someone else though, just tell me ;-)

2005-12-26 [Akayume]: erm, what happened to some of the members? it goes from 13 to 18?

2005-12-26 [iippo]: It seems that when Evad joined (page version 50), he jumped from 13 to 17. And now he removed himself and the list goes from 13 to 18.

2005-12-26 [Akayume]: oh,I see...........

2005-12-27 [iippo]: I fixed the numbering now.

2005-12-27 [nokaredes]: Darn, I was going to take one of those smaller numbers while nobody noticed >:D

2005-12-27 [Akayume]: *pokes* sorry.

2005-12-27 [nokaredes]: :P

2005-12-27 [iippo]: Well, you could slip something like 11 and 3 quarters or something. Or just add yourself as first one as he number ½ XD

2005-12-28 [the dongle master]: so i got cashews for christmas...

2006-01-25 [Jeccabee]: I got some peanuts for Christmas!

2006-03-27 [iippo]: Could I ask all of you to have a look at my photo contest Urban Hieroglyphs. Thanks. :)

2006-04-18 [Elmiira]: isn't the deadline gone already?

2006-04-18 [Janouk]: It is :( You can still have a look at the photo's though ;)

2006-04-19 [Elmiira]: yeah. :) I'm sad that I didn't find the contest in time because I would have liked to join it. :)

2006-04-19 [iippo]: It was a hasty one, true... But after the judging I'm leaving the page as a gallery so you can add your image for the viewing pleasure of all Elftowners.

2006-04-19 [Elmiira]: hmm.. :) good to know.. maybe I'll get a photo good enough to it. :)

2006-04-19 [iippo]: :D I've seen your stuff - I'm sure you will.

2006-04-21 [Elmiira]: I wouldn't be THAT sure. :D

2006-04-25 [iippo]: 10 days of Photography. Hurry!

2006-04-25 [Blasphemous Rumours]: I wish I'd come online sooner, just missed out on that contest. >.<

2006-04-26 [shotokan_gal]: *joins* :)

2006-04-26 [iippo]: Huzzah!

2006-04-26 [shotokan_gal]: I don't know why it takes me so long to join wikis like this. I find them once, then lose the link!

2006-06-24 [Blaithin]: If anyone is interested check out Photography Community. Could definitely use the support :P

2006-07-08 [maluna]: all of my pictures are old and not that good gee i wish i could get my newer ones up

2006-07-09 [iippo]: Eh, why can't you get your new ones up?

2006-07-12 [iippo]: *applauds at the new hosts* :D

2006-07-12 [Janouk]: Yay! *applauds for [maluna] and [Lady of Lore]*

2006-07-13 [maluna]: because my computer sux and i dont have a scaner and i refuse to use digital.

2006-07-13 [maluna]: yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

2006-07-13 [iippo]: You need to find a scanner-having friend to leech off of :P That's what I used to do before moving to digital (so even drawings that I need to have online I take photos of).

2006-07-13 [maluna]: all my friends are poor and don't own scaners ill get them up some how

2006-07-13 [Solitary Comfort]: You refuse to use digital? That's a bit extreme - digital is so much more productive. Don't get me wrong I love traditional photography - so much so I've converted the attic to a dark room XD - I just think that with digital everything just goes together so nicely. Take a photograph see if you are happy with it, go to the PC (rather than waiting to have them developed) easily edit them until they are as good as you can get them.

2006-07-13 [Janouk]: I do understand though, and another thing: digital camera's make your pc full in no time :o That's my main problem, the pc becomes so slow :(

2006-07-13 [Solitary Comfort]: That's true, but it doesn't take that long to just back them up onto DVDs, thus solving your storage problem. Or equally buy an external Hard disk, they are rapidly coming down in price at the moment...

2006-07-13 [Janouk]: True. But than you also have the risk of never really looking at the pictures you took. And I also think that maybe, because of the easily 'erase and make another picture' thing, you can get less critical about your work and in this way loose a good eye for details etc. (Hmm...I don't know if I made my point now..) But I very much like digital, don't get me wrong! ;)

2006-07-13 [Solitary Comfort]: I think you would have the same chance as looking at the pictures you've taken as if you have hundreds stored on your PC. I really try hard not to erase things just so I've got a track of what I've tried - it may come up in the future. I don't think you can really get less critical about your work, or at least I can't. I can always find faults in my work, but it just makes me want to push harder to get that perfect photo.

2006-07-13 [Janouk]: I know. But maybe one would try even harder if they only had 24 tries ^^

2006-07-13 [Solitary Comfort]: That is a good point - with film I do tend to be a bit more conscious as to when take photos - but it's good to be a bit risky some times and digital allows you to do that...

2006-07-14 [iippo]: If I had only 24 tries, I'd try a lot les, I'm too timid in that sense. With digital you can fire away and take lots of the same thing, and then weed out the lesser shots and keep the one perfect one that comes out of the series. I'm just a little too skint to do that with film.

2006-07-14 [Solitary Comfort]: Exactly. Film is all well and great A) if you have the money to shell out to keep buying films and B) You have the knowledge and access to a decent darkroom. Scanned 6x4's edited in Photoshop (or similar) just don't quite compete with a piece done wholey in the darkroom.

2006-07-14 [shotokan_gal]: *uses 36 exp films* They're more value for money :P But if you're not developing your own pics (like me) it costs a fair bit to have that done.

2006-07-14 [Solitary Comfort]: xP Quite. Another thing about film is that you can't just take a couple of shots check how they have turned out and then go and take a few more, without wasting a whole film. You have to wait until you have used up that film and then get it developed and by that time you want be able to just go back and change this or that.

2006-07-14 [shotokan_gal]: Don't I know it >< I'll rarely use a full film for 'art' photos. Just take a few here and there, mainly trying to get a good composition in the viewfinder, and then have to see how they turned out.

2006-07-14 [maluna]: digital is easier but i never found a good digital camra i like so i never use it i had to use a really really bad digital camera at a photography job i did this week i was taking pictures of all the littel kids at vacation bible school and the pastors wife had me use her camera because it was cheeper when your taking 100 to 200 pictures a day but i hated that camera with a passion

2006-07-14 [Solitary Comfort]: *smile* That makes more sense. I've been blessed with starting of by buying a decent digital camera and now that I am possibly persuing a career in the field I've bought a really Nice Digital SLR, which rocks my socks! All the benifits of old SLR cameras but with a whole lot of digital usefulness bundled on top. I can't recommend enough getting a Digital SLR camera, and plus their prices are dropping like crazy at the moment.

2006-07-15 [iippo]: The thing I hate about digital is the little screen. It's useful when it works, fair enough, but it just drains the batteries. I try to keep it turned off, but my camera (or is it an every camera thing?) viewfinder doesn't eally know what cropping means, when you look from the little window, you see less than what the actual image will be. So the perfect cropping will have extra on the sides. X_x

2006-07-15 [Solitary Comfort]: The battery lengths vary from camera to camera, but very often it fals down to the type of battery you are using and how it's been treated. A battries first charge should always be for as long as you can manage (talking like over night not like a week ;D) and then the battries should be allowed to fully decahrge this maximises the battries life and allows it to hold as much charge as it is supposed to. As for view finders they are at worst in compact digital cameras (and film cameras for that matter) simply because they look through a little seperate lens (unlike SLR cameras where you are actually viewing the image through the lens) however cropping factors generally effect most cameras.

2006-07-17 [maluna]: hey every one theres been a new page added on to the photo forum(it's right below landscapes) this page is were you can go and give suggestions on anything you think we should do to improve the photo forum.

2006-08-09 [Elmiira]: Can I make a suggestion? I just thought.. I'm quite sure (at least I really hope so) that there is going to be a new photo contest soon as joy is in it's end... But we all saw, that it took a century to get joy a winner, so what if you would start more contests at the same time next, maybe two or even three.. Because I think many of us wants to join, but you cannot have endless amount of ideas to one and same contest.. It would give us photoholics more to do. :P And if it depends on lack of people who would keep control over the contest, I would be only happy to start and run one of them. :) But not all because I want to join too! :D This is just something that I could not help to say, because I've been looking forward a new contest so long :P

2006-08-09 [maluna]: We have one already made and ready to put up for the most part any ways, i'm waiting to hear when they want me to close the poll because I think you had a lot of time to vote, so I plan on closing it very very shortly.

2006-08-09 [Elmiira]: yeah, sounds good. I have woted long ago anyway.. :) But nice to know that you are up to something new already

2006-08-09 [Elmiira]: I just have to advertise a little. :) I just made a contest, What is it to be a man/woman.. but this time you'll tell how it is like to be the opposite sex :P

2006-08-18 [maluna]: so hows everyone been latley,and do you think that us host have been doing a good job with the photo forum????? honestley.

2006-08-29 [Lady of Lore]: hmmm...we need to get the new contest up and running, i'm working on banners for this page as i manage things on here so it will be up soooooon!

2006-08-29 [Lady of Lore]: It's simple but pretty ok to me, what do you think?

2006-08-29 [iippo]: Nice! Good work Lady!

2006-08-30 [maluna]: awsome your so kool ill get thoes new pages up there was no objestions right well if so we can just fix them later what are you thinking about for the contest i have the gallery up and ready and the news page i do need approval on one thing thoe

2006-09-18 [maluna]: sweet it looks good

2006-09-18 [Janouk]: O well, I just typed some things, add anything you like, or change back what you don't like ;)

2006-09-18 [maluna]: kool i think it looks alot better much more organized

2006-09-19 [Janouk]: Thanks for the spellingcheck [iippo]! I knew I spelled miscellaneous in an odd way, but a google search gave so many hits I wrote it down never the less :)There might be other faults out there too :(

2006-09-20 [iippo]: I use to do spell checkings.

2006-09-20 [Janouk]: Ah, nice! Normally, I use to check spellings with Word, but I haven't installed the English spellcheck on this pc yet ^^ But thanks for the link!

2006-09-22 [maluna]: we are looking for people to run tutorials we havent came up with all the details yet if your intrested write me and let me know untill we come up with a page where you can submitt applacations, and then me and the other host will get back at you i don't know how many we are looking for yet. like i said this is a work in progress

2006-09-26 [Blaithin]: I was wondering if I could perhaps spam a wiki here? It's photography related ;)

Also, while I'm not well based on the technicalities of photography, I'd be willing to help out with tutorials if the need arises.

2006-09-27 [Janouk]: Ok, spam this once ^^ You could also spam at Photo Contests *wink*

2006-09-27 [maluna]: help is always well appreated and were creating a links page if you would like to add a photogrpahy related link. you can add it to the suggestions page and when we make the link page well put in on there

2006-09-28 [Blaithin]: I'd spam it at Photo Contests if it was a photo contest but alas, it isn't. I just wanted to point out Photography Community to members here and urge them to sign the petition :)

2006-10-10 [maluna]: welcome new members!!!!!1

2006-10-10 [maluna]: welcome new members!!!!!

2006-10-11 [BinaryPhoenix]: Thank you!

2006-10-11 [Fabiank]: Thanks

2006-10-11 [Skydancer]: Just to stick my own comments in here, I am delighted to see this wiki, and I am delighted to put some entries in the contest. I am not going to join simply because I am already totally swamped with my own projects and wikis, but you have my support and where I can, advertising. :)

2006-10-11 [maluna]: Thank you any kind of advertisement I greatly appreciated. Since it is now under a steady management again there should always be some kind of activity here at the photo forum like the gallery will always be in effect and we are going to keep our contest up to date.

2006-10-24 [Corazie]: I'll link on my wiki ^_^

2006-10-29 [maluna]: new members yay! welcome :)

2006-10-29 [Citrine]: Thanksies. I didn't know elftown had a photo forum until today... this is great. ^_^

2006-10-29 [Jitter]: Is a small plug ok? Kissing Contest round two needs one last photo entry!

2006-10-29 [maluna]: you came in time for new contest. we kinda had a contest brain frezze for awile were trying to keep atleast one contest going at all times now

2006-10-29 [Citrine]: Excellent... I hope I'll have something to contribute.

2006-10-29 [Corazie]: Linked on Dangerous Photography xD

2006-11-15 [Lady of Lore]: Welcome to the new members! (Sorry I've been on and off for this past is winding down and I'm pouring over the text books).

2006-11-15 [maluna]: i know i was struggleing to get all of my papers and such in
and now again i have a new kagillion paragraph paper due YAY!! in other words i know how you feel. its all we understand, welcome back also welcome new members :D

2006-11-15 [Firenze]: I am in the same situation with coursework at the moment in one particular subject at school, it is a nightmare as it is so fiddly to do >.<

2006-11-15 [maluna]: most of thsi paper is soposed to be donw in class

2006-11-15 [Firenze]: This coursework I have is mostly research, done the research but have no idea how to analyse it all and my teacher is being a tard...

2006-11-16 [sequeena_rae]: *puts hand up* I'm in the boat with you lot, I have a French Project to write, Psychology coursework, Photography coursework =/ Eeeeeee!!!

2006-11-16 [Corazie]: I'm just loaded with English Lit coursework and Art Portfolio >.< Nothing for French yet :P

2006-11-16 [sequeena_rae]: My teacher overloads us with work that you don't need until University. I mean, why?

2006-11-16 [Firenze]: Because all teachers at A-Level wish to prepare their students for university loads...

2006-11-16 [Theoutsider]: And they wish to take our lifes away from us, so we end up with no capasity to go to school?

2006-11-16 [Firenze]: Yup, that is pretty much it along with trying to kill ones ideas and theories in class, killing off a few more neurons...

2006-11-16 [Alfirin Lindlea]: I wish our teachers at A-level had tried better to prepare us for university. Since getting here it's just been incredible the amount of work I have!

2006-11-16 [Firenze]: Mine train us up for university but I am not going to uni so am not bothered too much.

2006-11-16 [sequeena_rae]: Heh, there's University loads, and then there's just taking it too far. Especially in a language. There's only so much you can do.

2006-11-16 [maluna]: its not som much that i have alot of work but i wait till the last min to get it done ahhh why wont i brake this habbit .

2006-11-16 [Firenze]: I am the same, I have a test tomorrow and only just remembered so am revising now...

2006-11-17 [maluna]: lol i do not have a test for a wile i think we learnd some new stuff in french so ill probley have one i a few days

2007-01-04 [iippo]: Came across this interesting page about pinhole photography. Have a look, it's interesting and some of the photos he's shot with a pinhole camera are gorgeous. :)

2007-01-04 [Citrine]: Ah, pinhole photography... I must check this out. Maybe it will inspire me to have enough patience to do it properly. :D
*checks out*
ooh, wow. I love the church, amaryllis, and chess set pictures!

2007-01-13 [moonscale]: I finally uploaded my photographs! *does happy dance* Moonscale's Photographs

2007-01-13 [maluna]: i finally got that note at the top of the page up. YAY

2007-02-26 [Janouk]: Please vote again on the B&W-Poll! I'm very sorry that you have to vote again, but as you probably know we had to disqualify the winner, so we need a new one. Good luck and thanks a lot!

2007-02-26 [maluna]: im sooo sorry that i couldnt get thoes polls up im getting ready to get a new computer

2007-03-07 [Milena]: Hello everyone! I once was here a long time a ago and now came back :) I love photographing!

2007-03-07 [Elisha Kelly]: I removed my gallery and re-numbered the others :D

2007-04-04 [Milena]: finally I got a wiki for my photos. :)

2007-04-04 [Citrine]: Nice wiki, [Milena]... I like the people-pictures... they're all so good!

In other news, I'm on break now and in my incredible boredness have redone my photo wiki (Alison's Photos).

2007-04-21 [Citrine]: Does anyone here know about photojournalism?
Our high school paper has nada knowledge, considering that I'm the expert. :P Sooo... so, does anyone know anything, have advice, etc.?
Thanks. :)

2007-04-21 [Viking]: This is pretty simple, but may help out a bit:

2007-06-04 [maluna]: i was wondering if anyone would be interested in maki ng a photography toutorial page i know we have talked about it in the past but now that i have gotten some free time i was going to start working on it.

2007-06-04 [Citrine]: Although I don't know enough basic stuff to help make it, I'd be interested in seeing the finished product.

2007-06-05 [maluna]: me too i am just a beginner really and what i do know i don't know how to put it into words and i don't know hardley anthing about photoshop, so i dont think that me writting these would be much help but i am really excited about getting these up thoe. and now that i acctully have time to do things i'm excited about being able to help out more.

2007-07-11 [maluna]: so we are brain storming on new contest ideals. and i thought that we could add on to the joy contest and have diffrent emotions. it was just a thought what do you guys think??

2007-07-13 [moonscale]: I like the idea... but i'm not sure that I'd enter it due to lack of time and the fact that my sister controls the camera. 

2007-07-25 [maluna]: i think i broke my camrea when i was cleaning it. so i dont think ill be entering either. but i though it would be something fun to keep people busy.and i can also relate to the time problum i just got home from vacation and i leave again thursday and then i have to fing a job no more of this bum stuff

2007-08-22 [Lady of Lore]: Yay, alrighty folks, expect to see me on here more often....I've gotten my rear in gear and all the things i'm in charge of are due for a major spruicing up a little trimming and bringing some new life! ^__^ Yay!

2007-08-23 [maluna]: i havent been on in forever.sorry everyone i should probley work on my upkeep as well

2007-09-27 [Lady of Lore]: Ok so for right now I'm going to do some major house keeping here, please excuse the dust ^_^

2007-09-27 [Lady of Lore]: Ok so I've updated most of the pages, some of the others are password locked so I can't update them, new pages will follow the new graphics and formatting ^_^. New conctest pages to come, I'm in development of several right now and then when we need them they will be all ready! Also I'm going to connect this to my artists wiki The Art Store and hopefully the two wikis will bring life to one another ^_^. If I've missed anything or you notice any errors and such, please let me know ^_^

2007-09-29 [maluna]: thanks alot i have been so busy i am working now althoe that will probley change very soon im going to try to get on here more

2007-09-29 [Janouk]: Please try to keep hosting-related comments out of this comment area, there are 52 people watching this page. :o

2007-10-02 [maluna]: ok will do

2007-10-05 [Janouk]:

Hurray! A new contest for all photographers!!!
Halloween 2007


2007-10-20 [Jitter]: If anyone would like to donate any Stock photography for free use Reference Pictures] would be grateful! (We lack dog pictures!)

2007-10-20 [Skydancer]: jmmmmm I should have some stuff you can have.. let me look in my archives

2007-10-21 [Jitter]: :) Thank you ^^

2007-10-28 [Jitter]: The Seven Deadly Sins Competition is in desperate need of more Photograph submissions. A proof photo is also required.

Please feel free to take a look and maybe join :)

2007-11-07 [Janouk]: Like Macro photography? Enter the new contest! ;)

The Macro Contest!

2007-11-07 [Jitter]: ooh this looks like something I could enter :3

2007-11-07 [Janouk]: I thought so :-p Everyone should (-;

2007-11-08 [Lady of Lore]: Photo Forum: Slow Shutter Lights Contest up and running through to January 15th 2008 ^_^

2007-11-08 [Janouk]: Yay! :) Good job ;)

2007-11-13 [maluna]: photo forums still life photography contest i went with a classic this time but would any one be intersted in doing a crime scene themed contest

2008-01-12 [Janouk]: MacroPoll - 2nd round!!! :p

I'm so sorry for all this extra voting work, but I need your help on another Photo Forum poll!
And remember: It's you *points* who makes the difference! <img:44166_1164144907.gif>

2009-03-01 [maluna]: over the last two mounths alot has happend i lost/left chris who was my everything. spouts of depression and panic attacks i have lost some of my closest friends and i will have to have surgery on my neck i am truley sorry for taking sooooo long my computer is new and improved so i an get on better and i will be better i promiss

2009-09-24 [Janouk]:

Photo Forum

is looking for someone(s) to come and help out :) Are you interested in hosting photography contests, alone or together with the other hosts of the wiki?

It's been a while since the last contest, so we could certainly use your enthusiasm! ;) With close to 60 wiki-watchers, you'll have a fair chance of getting a sufficient number of entries at each contest!

2009-11-09 [maluna]: yea i think all of us have gotten to busy to run this without some help. after march i graduate so i should have more free time and then i start collage oh boy

2011-09-05 [Nioniel]: This looks neat. :)

2012-02-02 [maluna]: OK so i think it is time to get a new host because me being online and not doing homework just doesn't happen anymore. i will try to get on a co host but it is not fair for this forum to go under because i am to busy with school. so if you are interested and have the time to devote to actually running a forum please shoot me and e-mail and ill get back to you as soon as i can.

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