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Hosted by [Cillamoon]
Inspired by the Elftown Wiki Poetry Dueling Arena
Banner Wonderfully Created by [Nioniel]

Welcome to Photography Jousting! The rules are simple and the aim is predictable. You want to submit a new photo that is able to beat out its challenger. Oooo dramatic isn't it?

-Photography Submissions
-Past Participants

Currently Open Themes
-Dusk Til Dawn


1. Must be your work and preferably new. Doesn't help you work on your talent if you submit old photos. If the photo has been reworked (newly edited) then it may be submitted.

2. The photo must fit in a category. If it doesn't, it will not be passed through into competition.

3. All photos must be uploaded to Elftown.

4. Photographs must not be signed, watermarked or have any other marks distinguishing them to a certain artist. Everything must be anonymous for voting.

5. Please keep nudity, excessive gore & violence to a minimum. They aren't compatible with most categories and if enough interest is shown there may be a nudity category started in the future.

6. Please keep manipulations to a minimum. If a great interest is expressed there may be a category added for manipulated photos.

7. Submit photos at Photography Submissions

Judging: Judging will be done via poll in each category.


All themes will be open until August 10th, 2011 for any final submissions. At that time the currently open themes will be closed for voting & new themes will be opened for your participating goodness. :)

Recent Winners!

Congratulations to all!

Black 'N White - Winner: [GoneGone]
Flowers and Trees - Winner: Burning Bush (unknown author)
-Landscapes - Winner: Farsight (author unknown)

Feel free to post a comment about other category possibilities. Examples include skyscape, seascape, nude, and architect.

If you have any questions feel free to message [Cillamoon] & make sure to watch for regular updates.

Username (or number or email):


2006-11-29 [Janouk]: It reminds me of [Anneke]s , nice to see you introduced it here :)

2007-03-17 [Blaithin]: Okie doke, after an extensive and super long delay, the wiki is up and running! Please go vote at -Landscapes and Dusk Til Dawn as well as submit your photos to Photography Submissions :)

Oh, and spam spam spam spam spam XD

2007-03-25 [Askoga]: Blaithin, this is pure brilliance! I saw it, I clicked it, and I think I'm gonna submit! Err....but what to submit?

2007-03-25 [Blaithin]: Thank you :) Submit any photo you want, it should fit in a category already and if not and there's lots of interest, we can make a new category easy as pie :)

2007-03-25 [dew_farie]: How about a beach theme? Or just water in general?

2007-03-25 [Blaithin]: Yup I've thought about water, if there's enough interest it'll definetely be added.

2007-03-25 [Kahri]: What happened on the Dusk til Dawn one? I saw voting a while ago but now the other persons pic isn't there.

2007-03-25 [Blaithin]: Dusk Til Dawn closed for voting today and there isn't another picture in line to joust. -Landscapes is a brand new joust though with a new challenger so feel free to go vote there :)

2009-05-05 [Hedda]: Anyone of the watchers mind if I transfer ownership of these wiki-pages to [Cillamoon] so that she can restart them?

2009-05-06 [Chrysilla]: I don't mind.

2009-05-06 [*micky*]: I don't mind either^^

2009-05-07 [wicked fae mage]: Wooot, I think this can be put forth to the coven!

2010-07-20 [Demon Epona]: I just found this wiki page today... Is it still running, cause it looks like it's been inactive off and on... Its an awesome idea though. :D

2011-07-28 [Cillamoon]: Hedda, I have recieved permission from Blaithin to take this over, I will be commencing updating it immediately.

2011-07-29 [Blaithin]: Ok [Cillamoon] I think I've got all the pages switched over to you as owner. I also removed the passwords from the jousting pages. If I've missed one just give me a holler! I can't believe I didn't have an animal category going! Must've had a major brain fart or something to not make one of them. Anyway! I'm off to get some photos ready to upload to joust with ;)

2011-07-29 [Cillamoon]: Awesomeness, total and complete awesomeness. Thanks so much Blaithin, this is going to be so much fun. As soon as I wrap up my end of week/end of month financials today I'm gonna be kicking some internet butt revamping and whatnot. :D Wheeee!!!

2011-07-29 [Nioniel]: This looks like fun. :)

2011-07-29 [Blaithin]: [Cillamoon] I found more pages in the back yard but I have to go get bread right now so I'll be back in about an hour to transfer them to you and give you links. In the mean while, have fun! :D

2011-08-30 [Morrigon]: I have a portrait shot with a lot of makeup but no photoshopping (other than pimple removal) - can I submit it?

2011-08-30 [Cillamoon]: I think that should be fine.

2011-10-16 [drakkar]: *boop*

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