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2006-12-08 15:35:43
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How it Works: Welcome to Photoshop Me!! I am the creator, [lunarsun]. If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to message me. On this wiki, people will take the images provided and photoshop them however they like. Then Elftowner's will vote for the top 3. Contestants will have the choice of 5 pictures and they can pick any photo they wish to manipulate. At the end of each contest, new photos will be posted and a new contest will begin! Have fun and Good Luck :D



1. Keep it clean, nothing sexual!
2. You must photoshop the photos provided. No outside images
3. Maximum 2 entries per person
4. All entries must have a description of some sort
5. Have fun!



1st Place: A big cake for them and a pretty banner done by me :D. Color / background will be the winner's choice.

2nd Place: A cookie for them and a banner done by me.

3rd Place: A banner done by me.


WEEK 1- This week's Photoshop choices are of my cat, Vegas :D.



[Dreamseller] Couldn't think of anything better.

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2006-12-02 [lunarsun]: Anyone out there? Contestants maybe?

2006-12-05 [parrokeet]: hmm ^^ Ill give it a shot if I get the time to, cute cat

2006-12-05 [lunarsun]: :D yay!! was afraid it was that girl whos been spamming me out -_-. i should report her to the guards but im afraid ill get in trouble too

2006-12-08 [Dreamseller]: o.o Lmao. Well then... I'll give it a shot...

2006-12-08 [lunarsun]: lol hey an entry is an entry :D lol its cute. recruite!!

2007-04-09 [Go On, Take the Money and Run]: I'm gunna enter, but I have a little work to do first... It's late, I'll do it in the morning.

2007-04-10 [Dreamseller]: :D

2007-04-10 [lunarsun]: o.0 wow lol. its been along time since anyones been around here lol :D YAY

2007-04-17 [Dreamseller]: :P

2008-09-04 [Kuruni]: This is the fifth time i've checked this wiki....perhaps if you offer a different photo you will get more attention? the cat is super cute though.... perhaps more choices so people can pick up what they see more fit for them to photoshop?

2008-11-21 [BinaryPhoenix]: I think the problem people have is that the subject is not interesting enough for them to photoshop, or their muses are on strike. And also, I think the biggest problem is, is that the photos are too small. If most are like me, they like to work with BIG photos to manipulate... just my five cents...

2009-03-18 [Ocean Soul]: problem #1: photos too small
problem #2: cat is clipped (it is never completely on the photo)
problem #3: date mark covering the cat

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