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(updates on tuesday!)

What's This?

The story, despite its title, has nothing to do with Puritan separatists.  Nor does it have much to do with religion. I chose the title because it sounded much better than Pioneer. :P

So basically, this is a (heavily) rehashed version of an old comic idea I had. The old comic had a really stupid plot and was designed to make fun of all the cliches in 'spirited away' type stories. Especially in manga (ex, Inuyasha, Fushigi Yuugi, Magic Knight Rayearth, etc.). I was so deluded as to the quality of the story and my own ability that I actually submitted it to Tokyopop RSoM3. How embarrassing. *shudder*

More recently, I thought, "What if I took the form of that story, but made it serious?" Not completely lacking in comedy, but took the idea seriously and subverted some of those overdone cliche elements.

This is what I came up with, a story about a young woman who finds herself in another land without any prophecies, epic questing, or world-saving to do.

An old ditty I found in my diary, quite relevant ->
Anyway, it's a girl-is-transported-to-another-world type story. But, instead of making it a comedy, I'm trying more to subvert things. Especially the things that bug me about those types of stories-- no language barrier, prophecies, cutesy animal companions, bishounen heroes, angst, the villain with good, if twisted intentions...
You know, mix it up, but keep it fantasy-drama. Serious drama, not omg-which-bishi-do-I-go-with? drama. *gags*


-- continue updating with a page each week


-- now working on chapter 2

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2008-04-01 [deeterhi]: this looks really interesting. i'm very curious to see how the story plays out and how serious you actually make it.

"I was so deluded as to the quality of the story and my own ability that I actually submitted it to Tokyopop RSoM3. How embarrassing. *shudder*" -eheheh. i know the feeling. i've sumbited work a couple of years ago to Image comics when i was in high school. and i got a very nice rejection letter, too. i'll be sumbitting more work to editors now that i'm almost done with college, and hopefully things will go better for me.

very cool concept, anyways.

2008-04-01 [stuffAEAmade]: The worst part was, I actually thought I would place and be in the book!! xDDD I was so full of myself back then, but I also got a pretty 'thanks for entering' certificate.

I think I've hit on a unique perspective, at the very least. I'm hoping it will be as interesting as I keep telling myself it is. :P
I'll just have to get to chapter 2 as quickly as I can, that's where exciting things start happening.

And I'm sure you'll be able to find something, your pages are wonderful! C:

2008-04-01 [deeterhi]: as long as you enjoy working on the project and you think it's interesting, that's all that matters :)

i like the idea because i keep thinking to myself: well, what is your main character going to do? she's been transported to this other world, but where does she go from there? (i'm not really asking. just thinking this). this mystery is very intriguing and i can't wait to see some pages:)

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