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[Welcome to:]



Have you ever wanted to make a wiki but were too lazy or didn't know where to start? Then Pixie Productions is the wiki for you. Pixie Productions was created in order assist in creating and jazzing up wiki's for other ETers. All you have to do is fill out the form below and let the staff of Pixie Productions take care of it.


[The Form:]

Well, as of right now there is no form to fill out. All you really need to do is give a general idea of what you would like to see in the wiki, ie colors, bullets, centered font and the like. Please be as descriptive as possible, this helps in the long run and gets the wiki up faster.


[The Staff:]

Creator - [PixieStickChick]
Professional Ditz - [SkyLynn07]
Professional Page Creator - [Pillowthief]
Professional Page Tester - [Leelo]
Professional Dumbass - [Deadly_DNA_Girl]
Professional Talking Spokesanimal - [Sagacious Turkey]
Any are welcome to help, ya just have to ask ^.^


[Wiki's Made/Edited:]

Trenket Lovers
Vash Fan Club
Coke Haters United
SHU Credited to: [Pillowthief]


[Works in Progress:]

Drummin Fanclub
Interesting People



Username (or number or email):


2004-12-31 [Pillowthief]: Yay x2. (Throws dictionary at [SkyLynn07])

2005-01-01 [Leelo]: lol

2005-01-05 [i'm not ok]: someone needs to fix the links for the banners to "coke haters wiki"...just to let you know

2005-01-05 [PixieStickChick]: what's wrong with it?

2005-01-05 [SkyLynn07]: Yeah. Whats wrong with them.

2005-04-06 [Pillowthief]: ...Hmm. Its kinda dead in here. I've been gone for some time, what happened?

2005-04-13 [PixieStickChick]: ditto, reality caught up with me

2005-05-03 [Pillowthief]: I think Im done with my Stalker Haters United, SHU, although I think Im missing some things. Could I get some suggestions about maybe other stalker things that have happened to you or different ways to set up my page? You can leave comments on SHU, or any of the other pages. Any help would be welcome.

2005-05-03 [nokaredes]: No, you can't. ;P

2005-05-03 [Pillowthief]: Suggestions Allie! (Without them Im just quazi-done)

2005-05-04 [nokaredes]: You can't really ever finish a wiki, in this case 'cause stalkers are always evolving. ^_^

2005-05-05 [Pillowthief]: I havent gotten a Stalker in quite some time. Thats why Im asking everyone to help me out!

2005-05-05 [SkyLynn07]: I want to be Professional Ditz!

2005-05-14 [nokaredes]: Okay then, how about the 'As-If' Stalker?

2005-05-14 [Sagacious Turkey]: Yeah... how about it...?

2005-05-14 [nokaredes]: You're here too?!?!?!

2005-05-14 [Sagacious Turkey]: no...

2005-05-14 [nokaredes]: *anime fall*

2005-05-14 [Sagacious Turkey]: riiiiiiiiight...

2005-05-15 [PixieStickChick]: *is lost* (what else is new?)

2005-05-15 [nokaredes]: He follows me around...but I think this time, he was here first. o_o

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