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[LiL_piXiE] 's pixie_poems

Welcome to my poetry page!

Hi! I'm just a [LiL_piXiE] who just LOVES to read and write poetry, so here's the deal. I'll put up my poems on this page under my zodiac sun sign (Sagittarius), and if you want, you can write poems down under the heading of your zodiac sign too (i.e. Saggitarius, Scorpio, Aquarius etc.) Feel free to write anything you want... it doesn't have to ryhme, it just has to be thoughtful, emotional, original etc. 

I also collect poetry in my guestbook so come on by and see what other town wanderes have submitted in there too!

BTW: please don't put up your stories in here! If you want, you can leave a [link] to where your stories are, but this is a page strictly dedicated to the poets of Elftown. Thanks!



  *November 22-December 21*

Dance Away

Easy to read
easy to see
isn't it funny
how life can be

This little life
this pain and strife
this la la land
this evil hand that

Fate has drawn
with right and wrong
that love has made
an ever glad of
green green hate


Jealous rage
and spite
and curse
and love
and pursed...


With kisses sweet
of ecstacy
isn't this
how life should be

How life was made
an ever glade
of moulding flesh
and sweaty hearts
fingers touching
ripped apart

Speak to me
dear everglade
see me dance
see me fade


in the sky
sit on the moon
learn to love
with darkness spoon

The future dear
hearts are near
let life take hold
and let you grow
easy to see, not
easy to read

Isn't it funny how life can be?

* [LiL_piXiE] *




Sad and lonely
one and only
and no longer holy


love's gone astray
lost hope
lost dreams
lost everything
it seems


There was magic
in his face
and it danced
in his place
and the solitude
of his laugh
made him real

But too young for a past
and too old to hold fast
to a faith
he was never
taught to appeal

Small and petite
this happiness defeat
this choice of mine
he forgot
I held on

Now what is it
love or lust
Never learned how to trust
never knew how to hold on
now he's gone goes on

* [LiL_piXiE] *



Timeless, endless

and just as the midnight
              walks by
like a shadow of wings
              over waves
the clocks stop ticking
              in your way
and fall away so far...

So far, deep into eternity,
But that is nothing for
              you and me
For endless the plain where
              no time exists
Stretches starting right
  at our feet

No way to go back, nor be again seen,
but needed is that not in life of truth;
for back, then, now there is no need
Our ways reach in all we wish,
              always just forth.



Illusion Limitations

So much to do, so much to reach,
Life never halts its crazy run -
If only man would stop to leach
Its mother Earth for worthless fun!

Perhaps the world would sometimes look
And find the soul that hides away;
It's scared to be, like fish on hook,
Its thoughts are wandering astray...

How much, the question is how much
Of time and suffer will you take
For our broken world as such
To be once more with us remade?

How many victims have to fade
To realise, to understand,
To end this cruel, broken game,
To take and hold each others hand?

Its easier to ask of course
And blame the people of today
Than go outside and start the course
Back on the always seeked way...


I love you

I wake up with you on my mind,
Each day it seems so new,
Each night is just like heaven,
For I spend each night with you,

Your every wish is my command,
I want to make you see,
My life is so much better,
When you are here with me,

I wouldn't change a thing at all,
Just look we've come this far,
You make each moment count to me,
You're perfect how you are,

Not a day goes by that I regret,
The things we've said and done,
You made me who I am today,
I know you are the one,

You are the theif who stole my heart,
And keeps it to this day,
I am the one who dreams of you,
In every single way,

I just want you to know the truth,
Of what you mean to me,
There's no one in the world today,
Who can make me feel so free,

The moment I first saw your eyes,
The time that we first touched,
I knew within a second,
That I needed you so much,

You are my other half,
I know that this is true,
There is no one in this lifetime,
Who could love you like I do.

Written by: [farawaygone]

Little Pixi

There is a little pixi,
Who has a poets page,
Where we can write down all our thoughts,
And no longer feel afraid,

She has a lovely concept,
To give us freedom to write,
And express our thoughts each day,
or even in the night,

Her poetry is lovely,
She writes with her whole heart,
Thankyou for giving poets,
A place where they can start,

So darling little pixi,
This poems right here for you,
Thankyou for your wiki,
And the special things you do.

Written by [farawaygone]


December 22-January 19
no longer empty :)
"Nightlife" [mesaana]

Inside there is a feeling of growth and change -
Outside I appear no different: for now.
It is strange and lonely in the dark, dark quiet
Moon shining, presiding - a queen her subjects to rule.
Lie quiet, stalk low, kill fast
Drink in pleasure.
Do they know me?
Not that me, the old me, but me?
Or am I the same?
Only with no conscience, my will as weak as milk.
Move, turn, swift and smooth as silk.
Quiet step, quietly met
A creature on the move.
Glide, slide and drink your fill
Sustained in pleasure.

A Christmas Sonnet
By [Hackworth]

Just once, when time refrained from temp'ral pow'r,
A moonless night hung gently in heav'ns crown;
Alone, one wandered ‘twixt the worlds this hour
Mortal souls redundant in celestial <A TITLE="Click for more information about loan" STYLE="text-decoration: none; border-bottom: medium solid green;" HREF="|1||||loan|AA1VDw">loan</A>
Three walked the path of strangers vast and brief
Thru hamlet, vale, and city passed they by;
Rest to the weary, solace to the weak
Ever answering Eternity's cry,
Again, we wail in mortal throes of sin
Although thrice blessed into ephemeral grace
Growing ever aware of passing kin,
Now despondent grows the chosen race
And scarcely does the time flow ever by
As pass the Son and Star thru fading sky

*Song Forgotten* By [Little Neko]

Swords crushing down on universe's ring
Tears falling on angels wing

Crystals shattering, glowing sparks
Embers in the night

<A TITLE="Click for more information about flowers" STYLE="text-decoration: none; border-bottom: medium solid green;" HREF="|1||||flowers|AA1VDw">Flowers</A> fading in everlasting kiss
Watch this ending bliss

Whispering winds set the flame
Breaking wings fall again

Songs of forgotten tongue
Moonlit nights dripping blood

Splashing oceans gone away
The sun falls in the last day

Flying into the depths,
To free the last dream

Crying out in the night
Screams of the dark

Stars falling like soft sand
Feelings gone, gone to the end...

[SapphireDawn] The Sound of Silence
The sound of silence can shatter a soul,
Like a thousand sirens wails.
The sound of silence is a heavy weight,
Upon a feather-lights heart.
The sound of silence is infinite,
An endless dark abyss.
The sound of silence can shatter a soul.


 January 20-February 18

~Untitled~ by [Flex] (posted by [LiL_piXiE] )

Outside the mercury is falling fast, but in here there is still warmth
Outside the world turns against you, but in here all is well

Never again shall anyone enter, the deep corners of your heart
Never again shall anyone feel, the warm touch of your skin

That's right; close the gate, and let them stand in the cold.
That's right; let them feel the bite of the frost.

I am your mind; and I say: Let them be
I am your mind; and I say: There on their own

Outside the strangers stands and they smile
Outside the strangers stands, waving you over

Never again shall you be alone, without anyone by your side
Never again shall you be alone, and feel empty inside

That's right; go to them and embrace their warmth
That's right; let them feel the light of your heart

I am your heart; and I say: Let them in
I am your heart; and I say: Let me be loved

-It's not because things are difficult, that we don't dare;
-It's because we don't dare, that things are difficult.


"Battered" [rei]

A Pain like no other.
I knew,
I should not,
Have fallen from the ladder.

PS: Not every thought provoked is a serious one. Have a sense of humor. :D

Labyrinth [Mikhail]

And you don't see how tears drown all the feelings
Inside this labyrinth of misery
How can I tell you I don't want to leave it
But hurt myself until it makes you feel
You and I
by [OvertheMoooon]

Forever searching for your hand,
Endlessly giving you all I can,
I've been dreaming for quite awhile now.
We sigh a little, then we dance,
Off into the deep end once more,
Badly beaten, tattered, and torn,
Like a fallen angel,
No longer worthy to be yours.
We grit our teeth so we won't cry,
We dance a little, then we die.


  February 19-March 20
[Mistaya] "Hmm a poem eh? Well I don't write too your luck, I'm gonna make one up right now!!! Ahem!:"

Beneath the dragon's wing it came.
Treating the beast as if it was tame.
It crept though bush and pond and marsh.
It came through weather oh so harsh.
It made it's way though waters ice cold.
It came through fire, so I am told.
It crept silently to where I could see.
I knew just then it was coming for me.
I couldn't escape, it was too late.
This creature had come to seal my fate.

by [Mistaya]


  March 21-April 19

"Among Chaos" [skylie]

Ah! To be among chaos!
There has always been that moment, late at night, when the world is so dark and full of havoc that it almost seems calm…That moment is….
Like a butterfly gracefully gliding during a sandstorm
Like the last breath of a million mountains before they crumble to the forest
 floor into simple pebbles
Like the hush of a crowd at a funeral
Like that strange silence that falls over a person that was just laughing seconds
 ago and is now facing sudden tragedy
Like a flame being ignited on the pale gray sea
Like bones coming to rest and minds settling in ease
A wide-eyed child in a ragged dress, stumbling through a battlefield
Like a lost kitten on a busy street
The plateau before pure ecstasy
The lull before absolute sorrow
Like a person shrouded in a while dress walking across a dark room
Like a lost train of thought
Like the thoughts you receive right before you slip into sleep, the ones forgotten
 with the arrival of dreams
Like finding deep, personal solitude when you're shopping though a busy grocery
 store for your cereal
It is a clearing surrounded by a tornado of gently blowing blossoms and pollen
 that swirls around you and tickles your senses
Like that feeling when time suddenly slows for a second (but that second is more
 like an hour until the moment is over)
Like when your head clears like the blank page of an unfinished novel
A supernova, such a violent explosion and a beautiful one, yet no one to see it
Like that star in the supernova, how it must feel after the grandeur of that
And how it must feel after it has collapsed into a black hole, vacant, dark,
and empty
Like fairy dust


  April 20-May 20  


Was it just for an instant
Or was it for a lifetime
That I held you close to me
Will we be born again
Into the same time
Or have I lost you for eternity
Do you even remember
The love that I still feel
Though my heart no longer beats
Am I still part of you
Is what I need to know
Because my shattered soul still weeps

by [iamthejester] also @ jester's words

Curse Me An Angel [thestranger]

Curse me an angel,
Give me wings I don't own
And a halo I don't deserve.

Assume my innocence,
Defend the honor I've given up,
and the truth I've never told.

Treasure my thoughts,
Tell them that they're shining silver,
and ignore the tarnish

Call me perfect,
Claim the mistakes I made just that
and I'm missing motive

Hold my heart of pure love,
Ignoring the lust in my eyes
and the signs that contradict.

Hope for my future,
Knowing that its black as night
and filled with shadows.

Desire what I give you,
Taking what little I offer
and say its because I have nothing.

Touch my porcelain skin,
Skipping over the emotional scars
and protest against the wounds.



Believe those who call me a devil,
A twisted heart because I love you
and curse me an angel.

[ColdEmber] - written under the Northern Lights

Ah, that we may watch the heavens burst forth in wild, triumphant ecstasy,
as we watch in chains beneath the open firmament.
That we may yet see the faces of Gods veiled 'twixt mire and glory,
tumultuous hearts soaring in rapture as our souls exalt that most radiant of visions!


  May 21-June 21
...empty :( (NOT ANYMORE... YAY!!!)
"I Loved You" by Emily [Imena] McDurman (oh, the picture that this is based on, is in my Elftown thingy, bottom one that says, "I loved you" heh)

I am forgotten in time,

Trying not to steal,

To keep,

What is rightf'lly mine,

To fall in a swirlin' rhythm,

Loosing all the count,

To pay, the award of a huge amount.

I have forgotten the time,

When I shall be released.

I know not what age it 'tis,

Day, or night in the least.

Falling far, falling fast,

The tears are coming,

Finally at last.

My crumbling past,

Tearing my future apart,

Taking everything I own,

From, my blackened heart.

The widows are afraid,

But know they're still loved,

I have nothing left,

Everything is covered n' gloved.

The wizards would not save me,

The witches did not care,

To the elves I held no magic,

But was, smelling sweet in the air.

So the vampires came,

Biting forcef'lly,

Till I begged them to leave me be.

I have forgotten all time,

Time has forgotten all me,

I love you,

Don't you see?

I knew I would be dead,

I knew it would be wrong,

But my body couldn't help it,

When my ivory fangs sunk in.

My face ashen pale,

Yours bloodless blue,

I loved you.

Lightning splits the sky and the thunder pounds my ears
In a rage I call his name though i know he has no fear
The master of black magic he has stolen many souls to become the most transcendant mage this world has ever known
A pendant made of glass that he wears around his neck contains the souls of all of those that have fallen for his tricks
I've travelled through hell and back and come to claim what's mine but realize once to late that i have run out of time...

Dear Gemini

You dance upon
life's riged edge
and dare what things
may lie ahead
change is constant
life's a game
nothing ever stays the same
with you dear Gemini

All charm and wit
a secret smile
hidding in
an endless trial
to say you love
and not hold back
is a code
that's hard to crack
for you dear Gemini

One is two
in the mirror
blurred visions
start to clear
there is an answer
look and find
as you fly 'cross
space and time
so free dear Gemini

Nothing ventured
nothing gained
life is beauty
life is pain
just hold true
to what you are
restless roving
midnight stars
my Gemini

Written by [Crimson_Echo]

A poem about my kitty - you can see her picture in my house :)

Her name is Josie
She is a kitten
Just pick her up
And with you she’ll be smitten

A bunch o gray
A little o white
This little kitten
Will put up a fight

She is tough
And she is fierce
Her bite will sting
And her claws will pierce

She loves to talk
And she loves to play
Just put her outside
She’ll run all day

So you can hold
And you can pet
But watch out
Your hand she’ll get

written by [hidden_nightmare]


  June 22-July 22
...empty :(


  July 23-August 22

"Translucent" (for all the day dreamers ^_^) by [Blahdablah]

Lost in a trance of waking dream.
Do I dare break it?
Feelings and thoughts echoing,
departing only to return in shadow.
As sunlight is to a crystal bottle
I am translucent to the world.
But reality's flame burns deep-
even there among the familiarity of abstraction.
Away from the prison of concrete truth,
where the mind is encased in stone-
 I am infinitely translucent...

"New" by [Lethe]

letting another dawn slide by
slowly a sun rises, something new
and yet still the same
an old skin, a new sensitivity,
a new feeling of peace, and serenity

I walk away from my mind
for a while, and leave myself alone
long enough to heal, long enough...
to hide myself inside your heart
breathing in the light you shine

For now it's enough to listen
to you and your wisdom
to embrace your warmth and let it
melt me, and reshape me, and make me
for a while.

This was actually written for another person on Elftown. I wandered into their home and it just flowed out. I love it when that happens! ^_^
Darkness By:[~Shadow~]

In the darkness of my heart,
There's a voice that is screaming.
Screaming to get out,
Out into the light.

It doesn't believe that darkness is safe,
It doesn't believe that darkness can save.

But darkness is the only haven,
That we can be ourselves.
For in the light,
Others see what they want to see,
And not what's really there.
Baby Girl
My baby girl
is crying,
I try to wipe away
the tears.
Her little cheeks are red,
she's hungry I fear.

My baby girl
is crying.
As I hug and
comfort her.
She cut her knee,
jumping off the swing.
"it'll be alright my dear."

My baby girl
is crying.
She got in trouble today,
the principal
sent her home.
"It's not your fault," I say,
"little Johnny deserved it.
He should've let you have your way."

My baby girl
is crying.
Love didn't work.
Big Johnny Dae
couldn't have been
more of a jerk.

My baby girl
is crying,
And I don't know
She's in her room,
I'll give her some time.

My baby girl
stopped crying,
As she lies
in her black bed,
If only I would've
taken time
she'd be here
to comfort again.

By [the squeegee]


  August 23-September 22

-submitted by [LiL_piXiE] on behalf of By [Silent Dream] (Thank You) : This poem is about life and how it may look good but it can be bad.

Walk through the beautiful rose garden,
Though beautiful it may not be,
For touch its beautiful stem,
And it shall prick you, you see,
Be careful in the beautiful rose garden
For it is dangerouse to you and me
And if you do what you're forbidden,
It shall prick you, you see

Entered by [Silent Dream]

Many friends will come and go through your life but only true friends leave footprints on you heart.

By [Silent Dream]

To sit and watch
the sunrise
burning pashionately
before my eyes,
To think of the beautiful spirit
its golden eyes lit
like the fire slowly kindling
that only needs a spark
to set off the raging fire
deep within my heart

By: [Silent Dream]

By: [Silent Dream]

Why must time and space
Why must dream and reality
seal our fate?
Why must those who judge
point and stare?
Why is life
so unfair?

The Poet
By: [Silent Dream]

In the hand of the poet,
is the pen,
In the pen,
is the fantasy,
In the fantasy,
is the imagination,
In the imagination,
is the mind,
And the mind,
Is that of the poet

By: [Silent Dream]

I walked the hills,
high and low,
I walked through rain,
sleet and snow,
I saw the faces,
of joy and fear,
I went where fate,
bade me steere.

Just something poetic and touching I wanted to share.

"To the world you can be one person,
but to one person you can be the world."

"DISCOLOURED" by [Sasquatchian]

The sun here does not shine,
Just a dead bald sphere as lost as my mind.
The stars here just hang around the annoyed night sky,
No glitter, no sparkle, they are just born to die.

The cracked red earth stretches across the mainland,
What lies beyond it is nothing but a desert of colourless sand.
It seems yesterday was a million years ago,
I'll never adapt to this place, nothing heals and nothing grows.
I feel discoloured and shamed,
I'm a butterfly trying to survive in a flame.
I feel my happiness slowly being rasped away,
I kneel down on both my knees, and like the mantis, I begin to pray.

The hounds of hell slowly slaughter each other,
Their corpses have already withered.
The grey zombie sea extends past the horizon,
This world should have been long blown into oblivion.

I wish I could, one day, wake up in your pure heart,
I wish I could, one day, wake up with you, just for a start.
My world has been ruined with an eternal stain,
And it is impossible to live here alone without pain.

I believe I am the dark sky and you are the glittering stars,
Together, we are a perfect match and our bondage would never be found afar.
I wish you could be queen in my world even just for a day,
We can restore this cold hell, and hopefully, you will stay.


"THE GIRL AT THE GLADE" by [Sasquatchian]

The moon shimmers in the raven black sky,
Stars glimmer like diamond pintops atop a satin pincushion.
In the glade, there she sits as one,
Sitting silently, forgetting every curmudgeon
That lurks in her life.
Her bare feet dangle thoughtlessly above a pond's silvery crest,
In the silent glade,
Is where she can feel the thumping of her heart behind Gaia's breast.

Moonshine tattooed onto the water's ebb,
Glistening is the dew on the arachnid's spiderweb.
The wind mourns as it seethes through the labyrinth of corridors,
In the enchanted glade is where she holds herself,
Where she can hide from all our wars.
She closes her lavender eyes,
Neither a smile nor frown painted upon naked lips,
In the glade is where she looks,
As if she is communing breathlessly with spirits only she knows of.
The zephyrs comb her wheat-coloured mane,
Liberating her from reality's bane.

Disrobed and purified, time watches over her,
The wind ceases, the ebbing ceases.
Reality winds down like an old stopwatch,
Her flesh,
Its desire.
Her name,
It loves.
We admire
Her Serenity.


"BURN ME A LIGHT INSIDE" by [Sasquatchian]

The fantasies sowed, reaped to again fallow,
Chasms sewn into the limits of the minds shallow,
Fickle eyes wandering through infinities,
Through the shadows of the shadow.

Screaming infidelities beneath a sky of dirt,
Hollering cowardice whimpering above a plateau of mirth,
In this world of disturbances and genocide,
It would help if you would burn me a light inside.

Here I sit, clockwork weaving spiderwebs in my head,
Here in this house of darkness I sit and dine with the Undead,
A long table before me, enough done, enough said,
Nothing but the spectres of my own haunting to confide,
It would really help if you would burn me a light inside.

When I hear this tick-tock of reality spiralling down,
I can see the transparent smiles of this ghost town,
When with thorns I am manacled and crowned,
And trickles down my eyelids, rivers of blood died,
It would help if you would burn me a light inside.

When I waited for six strong men to carry me to church,
And I am looking up to my loved ones,
With sad distortions I have never before laid eyes upon,
Not a tear, not a smile, and when all left is scarred pride,
It really would have helped if you had burnt me a light inside.


Talking to walls [sanya]

Is anybody in there?
Is anybody in there, who can hear me, who can see the light?
Are you listening?
Can you see the sounds and hear the sights that I'm describing?
Do you remember?
Do you remember a time when your mind was like stone?
A time when His words were like fire burning into you scriptures.
Rules about the world, and about the way you should live your life.
Why now?
Why now have you become sand?
Why are my words a stick hastily scribbling suggestions,
Only to be washed away by the sea?
How come?
How come you won't let me into your stone garden?
Are you afraid of what I might plant there?
That something my sprout, and grow, and thrive,
Contrary to all that cold, unmovable rock?
Can you empathize?
Can you sympathize?
Can you just fake it and let me be satisfied?
I'm so tired of twirling around in your delusion,
About a world that's perfect so long as you can't see it.
Do you feel me?
Do you feel the bitter sting of cold,
Leach away the warmth that was meant for you?
I only hope that if you never come out of your dark place,
You might at least let me in.

Remains By: [DestinyWalker]

The remains of an old church
Old ghosts within
That watch and wait for you to sin
They record your life
And come judgment day
They'll fly to heaven,only to say
"Your sins are counted"
"Now you should fear"
"For in that old church,you threw stones at"
"We lived,and counted,and Saw your life"
"So now despair,you silly one."
"A Ghost you'll be"
"Along with me!!!!"


I am like a faery that floats on the wind
Floats on the wind and sings songs to herself
And wishes she were with someone else
burning away [Nasaleth]
my heart inside burns away
with the fire of a thousand stars
slowly eating me up inside
creating these painful scars
so burn me alive in silence
my pain no longer will show
i'm just a pile of ashes now
waiting for the winds to blow
cying out in the dark alone
my head spliting in two.
i think i'm starting to go insane
from the pain i feel for you.
it makes me want to sit and weep
knowing the love i feel
is all for a person who doesnt exist,
who never was even real.
unhappy chance it was for me
to fall in love with one
who was never born to walk around
beneath the trees and sun.
so i sit alone in my mind and think
about things you might have said
if you were not just an image
dreampt up by my sorrowful head.


  September 23-October 22


There is a division, boundaries between you and I
Divination forces the secret between us to surface, its face is ruddy and scarred with filth
Its acid touch burns the flesh of my memory, remembered sounds are deafining to my ears.
"There is a fine line between love and hate.." Perhaps.... / [MagusFerox]


Old Church by [Laokin]

I stepped off the patio today
My feet touched the soft earth
Clods gently crumbled
I am in search of the Old Church

Go away blue bird
I've no time for you today
Though your music keeps me company
I seek the hymns of the Old Church

Two days have gone
Still you are no where in sight
The clod and pebble turn to stone
On the road to the Old Church

Three days ago I stood here
Your doors are hibernating
Cement cold beneath my feet
Form the ruts to the Old Church

"Hello" bluebird on that branch
Can I talk to you?
I've searched and can not find
My comforted, beloved, Old Church

The dirt to clod, clod to pebble
Pebble to road, rod to rut
How sad to find on my journey
I torn down the Old Church
...long Ago


Melted sand, broken glass
Push myself aside
Can't stand the fear inside
My identity coming to surface.

What if they see? What if they know
All the mistakes I've made?
I'd rather sit in shade
Tough it out,
Hear me shout
I don't want to be a freak show!

So scared I am to let me out
Don't want me to see me.
Reflection dim, poverty
Wreckless soul of mine.
Stop this banging in my head,
Wish I could breath instead...
I am going to let them see.
Here goes....don't shout!

I did it! I'm there!
Tired and wasted.
You get what you see.
No longer the masquerade,
But a flat surface of
glass restored.
Thoughts unbridled and
Careless words from a careful heart.
For if I am me
And you are you,
We both can see
The better side of Transparency!
- Laokin (by request of Lil_Pixie)



Aware of the love of good friends
As they wipe tears of joy from you cheeks...
Aware of the fluttering in your belly
As those same ladies lower a cloud
Over your glowing face.

<i>Aware of the waiting gazes of family
As you stand surrounded by your men...
Aware of their pats of your back
As those same friends adjust
Your tux jacket.

Aware of the people
Gathered behind the huge oak doors...
Aware of their murmurs
As the music in the hall changes.
Quick hugs from your attendants.

Aware of your racing pulse
As the great doors open...
Aware of the silence of the spectators
As they turn to watch
The child with a basket.

Aware suddenly of only one
Misty from the veil...
Standing at the alter
Staring raptly as you walk slowly
On shaking legs.

Aware of no one else as

You life her veil...
Kiss her softly
And whisper...
...Forever Yours.

[ave] Riddler-Tilton


A Rainbow in the Dark

you're beautiful
like the sun
glowing warmth

my darkness
forever solitude
I am
in the night
like rain

opposite beauties
together never
passing glances
dawn and dusk

I long for
dream of
a rainbow in
the dark



  October 23 - November 21

Rainbow tears,
For a monochrome world.
Falling at your feet.

Not many know what life is for they wonder what it is,
They are lost in place were all questions are retoricle and all sense of meaningness and life has been ruptered,
The most popular question of these lost souls is "why are we here?" or "what is the meaning of us?",
To those I hope to give an answer that perhaps they won't like but keeps them from waiting for an answer from someone they question not knowing whether to belive or not,
My answer is that they should forget their questions and invent their answers instead of seeking counters they cannot have,
Instead of asking what life is about find out yourself,
For if you don't when the times come when all sit around and laugh at what they thought life was, feeling no regret for at least they tried you shall be sitting in the cold with a new set of retoricle questions "why didn't I live?",
Living is the meaning of life,
why else would you be given it if there were no intentions of you living?
Perhpas that is a retoricle question but I will be satisfied if all you souls live,
Live it is intended and the only answer you will recieve.

This Itch of Mine [AnGeL~oF~MuSiC]

I have an itch inside me, oozing through my veins
Hiding, burying beneath my skin
jumping as electric impulses
You positive, it negative
or maybe you're negative
This itch, it's confusing…
silent, and screaming.

I feel your body brush mine
You stir emotions I never asked to learn about
This heat you send me
burns, melts liquid thoughts into blood
freezes my intentions raw
I've never felt what you give me…
and snatch back.

This itch digs deep within
A worm, a virus devouring my disease
sucking back emotions that
fade to numbness
You shock them to life
You are my disease and my cure…
this itch of mine belongs to you.

Dying Dream, Dying Love [AnGeL~oF~MuSiC]

I lay awake in the birth of the morning
Thoughts scattering with the first rays of sunlight
bouncing off tired houses, and frosted roads
The dream is fresh for now,
I'm still not sure the difference between it and reality
I rest in peaceful confusion
Parts of me dying with the dream

The sun is risen now,
and birds begin to sing their wakeup call
Sadness fills the void the dream is leaving
Tell the sun to go back down,
and the birds to go back to sleep
I bury my head in my pillow,
Hoping, praying for THIS to be a dream,
and sleeping reality
But that can't be

Subconscious hopes are melted deep inside
Penetrated with a dewy freshness,
mocking me with it's purity
Sighs hush away the last drop
and now I must do with true reality
and save my dream for another time,
another night.

Until maybe,
it could possibly come true?

Slippery Feelings [AnGeL~oF~MuSiC]

The ice began to burn in the frozen sun…

Heated pleasure seeping
through wind blown bones
Schoolgirl butterflies
invading a twisting belly
Silly giggles and curving lips
accentuating drooping eyes
Hopeful, incomprehensive giddiness
plummeting in a broken heart
Ecstasy, provocative sentiment
pumping harsh words, betrayal, frustration, fear

…and a frost crept slowly once more in a newly found lover.


Madness (by: [Linderel])

My hunger grows every second,
every minute of this isolation.
And at the same time
my beaten-down pride is rising.
There's a blue umbrella
in the corner of this room.
To think I simply followed you in here
only to find myself locked
behind that door.
Now where's that raw steak
I ordered?


Dragon's daughter (by: [Linderel])

Wings, claws and scaly skin.
But the body of a human,
the mind of a human
and the heart of a dragon.
No one wants to know her.
No one wishes to love her.
No, they do not even want
to see her.
She is alone.
A dragon's daughter.


Willow Tree

In a meadow stands a willow tree
In her boughs, a melody
A rhythm which will set you free
Lives inside this willow tree.

Under this lonely, graceful tree
My thoughts seem to blend with the melody
My heart knows its always been free
Under the beautiful willow tree.

I sit in the shade of the willow tree
Listening to the melody
Of the once encaged, who are now free
Thanks to the lonely willow tree.


Time is precious,
Time is sweet,
Time is something you can not keep.

Time is here then it's gone,
Time is like a lovely song.
Once you hear it you just want more
More than you ever had before

What will we do when all the time is gone?
Sit down and wish.......wish.......for one more song!!!!!!! 
 If you like my poem please write me at Cupid_lover01 (elftown)

You know im numb.
Its not my fault.
If you look into my fears and insecurities you might figure out that im just as scared as everyone else.

Its not you.
Or. Maybe it is.

Loneliness is a calling I love to respond to,
it’s a good thing to add to my
Things to Bitch about

I have no feelings.
You could laugh
and id hardly move,
you could cry
and I wouldn’t flinch,
you could get shot in the fucking face
and id hardly quiver.

It’s a lack of motivation really.
My life is pointless.
Where is the tangible or intangible force that tells me to keep going?
That whispers to me of the rewards of a job well done?
fucking trampled by society,
hacked to pieces by the same things that sedate my emotions.

but a fantasy.
a true reality.

I’m wasting my days.

The dead are furious, they lie on there backs screaming at the top of their maggot ridden lungs,
they hate me for wasting my precious time.

Where’s my hero?

Where’s my fucking hero?
the one that is supposed to lead me to a life of meaning,
a life of love and change,

rotting and screaming that’s where, except he has a goddamn bullet ridden corpse.

I don’t want you,
I don’t want your tears,
perhaps that’s why I still come over,
I still embrace
and leave cold meaningless kisses on your lips.

If you want to reach me, first you will have to
delobotomize me.

Ill see you in hell
aka my etcetra.
-Greg R [Blue Litmus Paper]

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2003-03-20 [LiL_piXiE]: C'mon! There's got to be a Cancer somewhere in Elftown that has a poetic inkling! Let's see what you've got... or is Cancer just an utterly unpoetic sign? Hmmm... maybe! [LiL_piXiE]

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