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Plague Doctor







Plague Doctor, but most simply call him Doctor


Middle Age, but no specific age known




Just under 6 ft tall, always wears an altered plague doctor mask that leaves his mouth exposed so his words are still clear and is typically in a long trench coat like black robe with a large hood. Also wears fitting black leather gloves.


He seems a little detached, calculating, and impressively calm. He is not quick to anger and perhaps that makes him the most intimidating of all. He is not cruel and would rather talk out problems with his followers than beat them for insubordination.


A little over a year ago murders started happening in the city of Seattle, but only recently has it been decided that it is the fault of one man, leading many. His motives are unknown to anyone but his loyal followers, who known he is only working to preserve their freedom and happiness, and stop those who would seek to lock them away into what they feel is all they should know. He guides to the truth, to the paradise, to your real life. There is a plague of evil humans on this world, and he is here to cure those who will be trusting and faithful.


Outside of the meetings (which take place at random places at random times) nothing is really known about Doctor, only that he is punctual, passionate, and caring.



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