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The art of [Pnelma Tirian]

Here is where the art of Pnelma Tirian goes. I hope you enjoy it. Keep in mind that I am aware of copyright laws, and I live in LA, where we sue each other for looking at each other funny. So please do not take these images without my express permission, for your own sake.

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There's a bit of a backlog here, so I'll just throw these up all at once.

Pnelma Tirian's Gallery of Masks
Pnelma's Pen

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2007-06-22 [Adaman]: Okay, I'm a fan, but one question. The thumbnail for Casey Mander, it looks like she's having one hell of an evil post-sneeze event there. Is that the antimony?

2007-06-22 [Pnelma Tirian]: yep! that's the antimony! =D

2007-07-01 [silent_voice]: Hmm Pnelma, are you up for a challenge?

2007-07-01 [Pnelma Tirian]: depends on what the challenge is.

2007-07-01 [silent_voice]: Draw a silent voice. Not me, but draw A silent voice. Show me what one looks like.

2007-07-01 [Pnelma Tirian]: sounds interesting.

2007-07-01 [silent_voice]: ^_^ Want to see if you can do it?

2007-12-12 [Chel.]: you cant add one more character to that little pyramid thing on the top! XD

2007-12-23 [Easterling]: You're really a talent, I'm impressed. The Prodigal Son and the text you wrote for it is just wonderful.

2007-12-24 [Pnelma Tirian]: thank you very much! I am very glad you like it.

2008-07-28 [Flisky]: Wow...just wow...

2008-11-21 [Silver Moon]: do you do requests?

2008-11-22 [Pnelma Tirian]: On occasion. Depends on what the request is!

2008-11-22 [Silver Moon]: what is the limit?

2008-11-22 [Pnelma Tirian]: Depends on the request.

2008-11-22 [Silver Moon]: house banners?

2008-11-22 [Pnelma Tirian]: Seriously, you need to give me way more information than that. PM me about it, and please, use full sentences and more than three words.

2008-11-22 [Silver Moon]: sorry I was wondering if you do house banners.

2008-11-22 [Pnelma Tirian]: only for close friends, sorry.

2008-11-22 [Silver Moon]: ok thanks any way

2009-03-25 [organicparadox]: really nice body of work you have here. like the diversity of it all, alot of different styles find root in your art. nice

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