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2009-05-01 05:23:07
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Hi, this is a place for people who love pocky, that yummy Japanese candy that every anime lover adores!! Please sign your name and put my banner on your house!!!

Ownership of this wiki has been changed to [Plastic Cup Politics] who has been kind enough to take over in my stead. Thanks!-[Chaotic Serenity]

Thanks to all who joined thus far! I know it's not much, but it makes me feel nice! ^_~

Just copy this into your house(without the stars)

1)[Chaotic Serenity] Chocolate pocky is teh best!!!
2)[Love and Chaos] Would Love it! Come on Share The Sweet!!!!
3)[Surimia] chocolate pocky!!!<3<3<3 the NEW safe-addiction
4)[XxTsomexX] Am I the only one that loves the strawberry? XD
5)[::Devonn Destroyinator McDeathmachine::] No way! The whipped mousse kind is the best!!
6)[Gypsi] Strawberry all the way. <3
7)[Lexi. Short and Sweet!] POCKY!!! <333 Strawberry and chocolate pocky together are nice but i'm addicted to the strawberry! =D
8)[Plastic Cup Politics] I don't need a man, i have POCKY!! ^^ And guys, they ALL rock my taste buds!
10)[Coldfire1] pocky is like crack, only better!
11) [shadow frost wolf] I love pocky yes i do!!!
12) [Keir Devlin] :D Who needs sex and/or men when you have pocky?
13.) [*Sakura-chan*] pocky is a stick...........XDDD its deligood
14.) [~Crimson Angel~] *twitch*Pocky*twitch*
15.) [Zel Holt] I LOVE POCKY! I even drew a piccy! ^_^

<img:>      <img:>

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2009-04-26 [IonicRose]: so u don't like shooters?

2009-04-27 [Surimia]: No, i just perform an epic fail everytime i get my hands on the controller. The story of my life on Metroid Prime X_X

2009-05-01 [~Crimson Angel~]: Oh? That sucks.

2009-05-01 [~Crimson Angel~]: <img:>

2009-07-16 [Keir Devlin]: I had kiwi yesterday. It tasted like sour apple. D: Had a champane one too. Hahah. My friends and I ate about 4 boxes of the champane ones to see if we could get tipsy... It didnt work. :/

2009-07-17 [~Crimson Angel~]: I wouldn't think so, it's probably not real champane hun.

2009-07-17 [Keir Devlin]: I know, it was flavored though and it was fun attempting.
It was called Midnight something... :/ I got it in the JapanTown in San Jose. I also got ChocoBanana. Was pretty good.

2009-09-22 [shadow frost wolf]: i didnt realize there was so much pocky in the world >.>

2009-09-23 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yes there is!

2009-10-06 [Keir Devlin]: I had cheesecake.

2009-10-12 [~Crimson Angel~]: Why?

2009-10-29 [shadow frost wolf]: was it bad?

2009-11-04 [Keir Devlin]: Tastes like sour milk.

2009-11-06 [shadow frost wolf]: im sorry for your pain and strife >.>

2009-11-10 [~Crimson Angel~]: I like cheesecake, or are you talking about a cheesecake flavored pocky?

2010-02-15 [IonicRose]: Wait they have japantowns?

2010-02-19 [shadow frost wolf]: i think...?

2010-02-19 [IonicRose]: Lol. That makes me happy.

2010-02-27 [Keir Devlin]: Yeah. They have Little Tokyo, which is in LA. Then Japantown in San Jose. Those are the two I go too. :)

2010-02-27 [IonicRose]: Awesome! Well when I was in Sydney last summer I stayed in a hotel in the heart of Chinatown, The hotel was called Breakfree on George ^_^ it was SO cool!! Chinatown was so different then anything I had ever known, and I loved every minute of it..well except when you run up on someone who didn't speak english.. Then it was hard.

2010-02-28 [~Crimson Angel~]: I bet.

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