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The crafty critters who portray the crew of Elftown, the Portraitists. Their work is displayed in the Council Portrait Gallery.


The Illustrious Portraitists


[abandonedhouse7 7]
[Angelic nightmares]
[Dark Side of the Moon]
[Hobbit teen]
[I'm her Georgia *Peach!*]
[immortal daydreams.]
[Mortified Penguin]
[Stray Kitty]
[Sue Falkenkralle]
[The all powerful Midori]
[The Scarlet Pumpernickle]

[eyes of frost]
[lady nytmare]
[Vampire Akis]



[Artemis Riddle]
[de Morte]
[Elegy - gone]
[Elisha Kelly]
[Islene the night spirit]
[Lady of Lore]
[Lexi. Short and Sweet!]
[Ocean Soul]
[Scandinavian Lullaby]


The gallery can be viewed at: Council Portrait Gallery. If you wish to join the illustrious Portraitists, your work can be submitted at: Council Portrait Gallery Donations.


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2006-07-06 [lady nytmare]: No portraitists I see :p

2006-07-06 [iippo]: We are waiting for all crew members to be drawn at least once before starting giving out the badges.

2006-07-13 [Jitter]: The monochrome badge is for p[eople with one - two entries right? *wander off* Don't mind me ^_^

2006-07-14 [iippo]: There is a whole phased set of them (just like the squirrel or ladybug badges and such) for different levels of commitment (so it won't be too easy to get the coloured one). We've got it more or less faffed out I think, although the system seems a bit complicated at this point :P

2006-07-26 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Exscue me, just wondering, when will the badges be decided for the CPGD conetst?

2006-07-29 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Thanks, tis' blind *walks into as tree* och...

2006-08-05 [kittygirl1017]: so how can we get the colored one? I have 2 entries. dose that mean i get one?

2006-08-29 [Lakayana]: so what if an entrant has more than one entry? does he get a clored badge?

2006-08-29 [iippo]: The number of entries and the time the image spends in the actual gallery both affect the colorisation of the badge.

2006-08-29 [Vampire Akis]: Let's say that I made a nice portrait of Jitter. Now what?

2006-08-29 [iippo]: Jitter - [Jitter] is not in Council :P
But, let's suppose you did make a portrait. You get a green badge for participating. If the image you drew stays in the actual gallery (Council Portrait Gallery), your badge will keep updating on time intervals. But if your image gets challenged by another artist and is replaced in the gallery, you'll keep the badge you got, unless you either make more entries, or make another entry that stays in the gallery for a long time.

2006-08-29 [iippo]: Also, see donors for the different stages of badges.

2006-08-29 [Vampire Akis]: who can I draw to get a nice green badge?

2006-08-29 [iippo]: Any member of the council. See Council Portrait Gallery Donations for details on how this donation system works, and CPGD, page 1 for all the current entries. :)

2006-08-29 [Vampire Akis]: thank you.

2006-08-29 [iippo]: Oops. I thought it looked weird x_X Thanks Sunrose.

2006-09-04 [Vampire Akis]: where's my name? :S

2006-09-04 [iippo]: Sorry, forgot to update this page X_x
There we go.

2006-09-04 [Vampire Akis]: Thank you.

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