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2008-10-06 18:57:10
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(By [Mirime])


(By [True, plain and simple])



New banner for Ducky, made by [Easterling]. It also contains a new, brilliant quote from this very wise Elftowner. ;)

The wisdom of [All_Most PUNK]...

on the salem witch trials and 'trial by ordeal': "They had to declare you innocent after you drowned. After all, you can't burn when you are totally wet."

"A five day weekend isn't a weekend... is a week with an inferiority complex."

"I've always believed in democratic consensus... And then I take the final desicion and crush anybody who doesn't agree with me under my heels."

His way of expressing his opinions:

"I think that pizza with pineapple is wrong. Not the pizza, not the pineapple (I can't eat a lot of it, but I like it) but both things at the same time."

Ah, how we love our [All_Most PUNK]...

The musician...

The man of many faces...

His inventive spirit...

His playful nature...

His contemplative side...

It's impossible to upstage--- hey, is that other guy wearing chainmail--- his unique personality...

But he never loses his cool!

(He'll turn your world upside-down)

We Love Punky Ducky!

~[Mirime] (co-creator)
~[Sunrose] (co-creator)
~[Ocean Dreaming]
~[True, plain and simple]
~[Athene Noctua]
~[Sunny Silverunicorn]
+[Isilando] (Senior Member)
@[Ittai] : Oh my god! :D is that an acoustic?
~[Shreya] Who doesn't? :D
*[Aikon I] go worship his songs
#[The Dark Lord]
$[OvertheMoooon] I'm here under protest
~[jediaerin] Of course, Duck man! Fashionably late...
Ü [Levoton] Thanks for the pillows.
å [botlum]
& [Ihsahn] nice guitar :o
£ [Erestor]
~[Kaeirdwyn] probably should have put my name here nearer to the top to make you think I was here all along(which I was, at least in spirit)*hugs to my Ducky*
?[lady nytmare] not sure i should be here, but I luvs u! :p
[Teufelsweib] didn't find this wiki until punk told me about it >< a shame.
¤[someelf] me luff ducky/Punk ^-^ He's so cool :3 *secret fan* XD
§[HardRockAngel] Might as well add myself to the list, no? =P

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2009-07-01 [All_Most PUNK]: *winks winks*

2009-10-20 [Kaeirdwyn]: *hugs* Punky!!!!

2009-10-21 [All_Most PUNK]: *is hugged* :O

2010-10-17 [pixish]: wiki bomb :D

2010-10-18 [Mirime]: ^__^

2010-10-18 [pixish]: ^__^!

2010-10-18 [All_Most PUNK]: And the place exploded? :O

2010-10-18 [pixish]: with confetti :)!

2010-10-19 [All_Most PUNK]: Like a pignata?

2010-10-19 [pixish]: Something like that, except no lollies!

2010-10-19 [All_Most PUNK]: Why not? :O

2010-10-21 [pixish]: The ants would get to them :o

2010-10-21 [All_Most PUNK]: O_O Ants?!

2010-10-21 [pixish]: they like lollies

2010-10-25 [All_Most PUNK]: But where do they come from?

2010-10-29 [pixish]: The ocean :p

2010-11-02 [All_Most PUNK]: Are you sure you are talking about ants and not about dolphins?

2010-11-05 [pixish]: Dolphins don't like lollies

2010-11-08 [All_Most PUNK]: What do they like?

2010-11-11 [pixish]: Tuna :)

2010-11-15 [All_Most PUNK]: I like tuna too!

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