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2004-08-15 19:32:07
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Hear To Dry Your Tears
Problem Page 2

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<<Hear To Dry Your Tears>>
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2004-06-01 [Evil Faerie Feline]: helloooooo *echo's* guess no one's here then :(

2004-06-01 [ViciousLegato]: im here. lol

2004-06-03 [dangerousbeanz]: Im here too... I'll post when Im sober-its 2am here atm =|

2004-06-04 [Evil Faerie Feline]: lol, what u been drinking?

2004-06-05 [Cati Stormweaver]: do we just post our problem without asking?

2004-06-06 [Evil Faerie Feline]: yeah sure, go ahead

2004-06-21 [Evil Faerie Feline]: MERRY LITHA EVERY1 =)

2004-07-07 [HellzHalo426]: *dances* hello! are you?

2004-07-07 [Hedgehog]: If you mean me, then ok. What is Litha?

2004-07-08 [Evil Faerie Feline]: pagan festival for summer solstice

2004-07-09 [Dragon whore]: its brilliant! its so much fun celibrating it

2004-07-09 [Hedgehog]: Ah. I thought it would be something like that. Are you a Wiccan?

2004-07-10 [Dragon whore]: im a wiccan

2004-07-10 [Evil Faerie Feline]: yeah i am

2004-07-16 [Dragon whore]: nice

2004-07-23 [Evil Faerie Feline]: Thank you [Tails Of the Revolution] nice to know someone on here cares about me!! (i'm j/kin but i think you sgould all TRY to comment on most problems so ppl get different point of view)

2004-07-23 [Evil Faerie Feline]: Correction to mockeries last posting: not ALL blokes are assholes, the vast mayority mayb but not ALL

2004-07-23 [Hedgehog]: I think you'll find we're mainly assholes when in groups

2004-07-23 [Tails Of the Revolution]: really? hmm... like the strength in numbers theory, I guess... Maybe they're not, must ponder that...

2004-07-24 [Hedgehog]: I'm just sayin that because a guy is an asshole around his freinds may not neccesarily mean he's an asshole by himself.

2004-07-24 [Tails Of the Revolution]: yeah, that's probably true...

2004-07-24 [HellzHalo426]: poor people... david gale is awesome all must go and watch his life!!

2004-07-25 [Tails Of the Revolution]: uhh... who?

2004-07-25 [Evil Faerie Feline]: i was guna ask that too

2004-07-25 [HellzHalo426]: david gale....longgg story....

2004-07-25 [HellzHalo426]: david gale..long story! gosh this feel so familiar!! lol

2004-07-25 [Hedgehog]: I assume you mean the film?

2004-07-25 [Tails Of the Revolution]: wow... OK now I'm lost...

2004-07-25 [Hedgehog]: There is a film called: "The Life Of David Gale". I was assuming that [HellzHalo426] was referring to that.

2004-07-26 [Tails Of the Revolution]: hmm.... yeah, I'd guess so. Never heard of it... sorry.

2004-07-26 [Hedgehog]: That's ok. I wasn't having a go.

2004-07-27 [Tails Of the Revolution]: ok then... no worries

2004-07-28 [HellzHalo426]: yesh da movie..

2004-08-16 [HellzHalo426]: so uhm... how is everyone/

2004-09-30 [Xx InvisibleChick xX]: any1 here?

2004-09-30 [Xx InvisibleChick xX]: any1here?

2004-09-30 [Evil Faerie Feline]: me

2004-10-01 [HellzHalo426]: me too!

2004-10-02 [Hedgehog]: I'm lurking

2004-10-03 [HellzHalo426]: what does lurking mean?

2004-10-09 [Hedgehog]: Hanging around, just not saying anything.

2004-10-09 [HellzHalo426]: ohhh... that explains alot

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