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Welcome to the Wiki Page Professional Idiots . I, [MyMeteora81], welcome you all to this page of ours. Ahem, when I say 'ours', I mean there's a co-worker for this page. Who, you say? [Satsujin-ki] of course! Heh, yeah, I really don't expect you all to know her but, WHO CARES?! I'd like to give her some credit for this. Anyway.. Well, please join my site. As you can see we already have 20 members (not including Mallory [Satsujin-ki] and I) but we would like this page to be visited by everybody and hope you all join.


Joining Rules

1. Please, please don't take a picture without asking [MyMeteora81] or [Satsujin-ki] first.
2. If you do join, add your name to the list below.
3. You have to be a professional idiot! You can prove this by.. um.. submitting a picture of a stupid stunt/act you did, a story about what you did, etc.


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2005-09-02 [Piggly_wiggly]: it was real annoying...yupyupyup

2005-09-02 [MyMeteora81]: Was it? I wasn't paying attention ^.^  And I am putting a hold on the banner making cause.. I don't feel like making one..

2005-09-02 [MyMeteora81]: I will though!

2005-09-02 [Piggly_wiggly]: i feel so...hurt

2005-09-03 [MyMeteora81]: I said I'll make it!!! Uh.. dunno when but I will.. I've been busy lately!

2005-09-03 [Piggly_wiggly]: lol...i was joking...but as long as you do make it i don't care

2005-09-05 [MyMeteora81]: Lol, ok.

2005-09-05 [MyMeteora81]: YEAH TOAST!

2005-09-05 [Piggly_wiggly]: ORANGES

2005-09-06 [SunCloud]: ORANGES ^^

2005-09-06 [MyMeteora81]: No no no no it's a song.. FRENCH TOAST!! YEAH TOAST!! AAAH TOAST!!

2005-09-09 [SunCloud]: ORANGE TOAST!! YEAH TOAST!! AAAH TOAST!!

2005-09-11 [MyMeteora81]: There you go.. THEY TOOK THE HAPPY BUNNY BANNER! Didn't they say it could stay if we kept it only in the wiki and not in member houses?! THEY LIE!!!

2005-09-11 [MyMeteora81]: I will deal with this later.

2006-03-16 [Adena]: I am Carpet Fuzzz!

2006-03-19 [SunCloud]: hehehe.... *picks up some random carpet fuzz and puts it outside*

2006-03-25 [MyMeteora81]: Carpet fuzz? Oooo, okay, I'll be Pocket Lint!!

2006-03-25 [Adena]: Hey you can not put me out here. *blows agianst the door*

2006-05-15 [MyMeteora81]: Haha.. blows... o.o;; pervertedness!

2006-05-29 [SunCloud]: XD -puts pocket lint outside two-  now play nicely!

2006-06-04 [Adena]: hey let us in....*turns to pocket lint* we have to think of a plan.... how do we think?

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