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2009-07-17 19:02:12
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Silvie's Art


Project: 56 started out quite simply: one day my boyfriend decided to count how many dots I had put around my eyes that day (he has a bit of an OCD like that) - I had 56. Eyeliner is the only makeup I wear (no foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, lip gloss, etc - nada) so I get quite elaborate and inventive with it at times. Next day he once again counted how many dots I had, and again it was 56. From there I decided to see if I could produce 56 interesting variations of 56 dots on 56 different days. And yes, once the makeup is done, I wear it like that for the rest of the day.


Teh thumbnailz. You can clickz tham.

Project: 56 - Day IProject: 56 - Day IIProject: 56 - Day IIIProject: 56 - Day IVProject: 56 - Day VProject: 56 - Day VIProject: 56 - Day VIIProject: 56 - Day VIII
Project: 56 - Day IX             
Day IX             


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2009-07-10 [True, plain and simple]: Win :3

2009-07-19 [Duke Devlin]: I am quite jealous of your skillz. :O

2009-07-19 [Triola]: Me too >.< My experiences with liquid eyeliner so far have been... traumatic.

2009-07-19 [hanhepi]: i'm seriously considering buying as many colors of liquid eyeliner as i can and trying fun eyeliner now. i only have 2 colors right now though (black and a pretty cool pinkish purple.). what's a good brand to look for? (my mary kay black sucks, it gets all flakey as the day/night goes on for instance)

2009-07-19 [SilverFire]: I use Stargazer, since they're the best I've found for funky colours and I find it lasts pretty well as well as being fairly cheap (£2.50). I'm sure there are far better liquid liners out there if you're willing to spend more, (I know some of the big reputable brands sell smaller tubes for about £10) but I'm happy with what I get from Stargazer. One trick for getting funky colours though is to find a small paint brush, a bottle of eye drops and some funky eyeshadow powder (far easier to find than eyeliner). Crush up the powder, put a few drips of the eyedrops on a plate, dip your paintbrush in them and then in the crushed up eyeshadow, and apply as eyeliner. :)

2009-07-19 [SilverBlue82]: gosh message 18, I am so out of it *edit* 19!!!UEUFHKSDFHKUSH

2009-07-19 [hanhepi]: "fairly cheap" is right in my price range. hmm.. i do usually use the eyeshadow wet as eyeliner. didn't think about using the cool colors though! XD

2009-07-20 [Duke Devlin]: Whut, SilverBlue82? oO
That's a nifty tip... (eyeshadow/eye drops) :D

2009-07-20 [hanhepi]: i just use warm tap water on my eyeshadow to make it a paste. it stays on your eyes longer that applying the shadow dry, and you don't get the eyeshadow powder all over your cheeks either.

2009-07-20 [SilverFire]: To make powder-shadow stick better you can also use eye-primers. The cheapest option is petroleum jelly/vaseline, but again, the big makeup companies sell bottles of eye-primer for about £10 a pop. In the past I've just used vaseline, but for a while when I was getting slightly more into using eyeshadow (I got out of it again because I couldn't really afford it :P) I did think it might be worth getting one of their eye primers. But I never got around to actually testing it.

2009-07-20 [Duke Devlin]: I like your tips... They are great. >:) Lets me not spend lots of money. ^^

2009-10-29 [Zab]: What's with the eyes tho? Photoshop or some lence or what? :3
Cool make up anyway.

2009-10-29 [SilverFire]: Photoshop. :)

2009-10-29 [Zab]: ah..good job :P

2010-02-26 [Zab]: Thanks! :P

2013-04-25 [nehirwen]: Do you still make dots lately?

2013-04-26 [SilverFire]: Not at the moment, I've only been able to find my black eyeliner since I moved house. :/ But I keep meaning to get back to this.

2013-04-26 [nehirwen]: Ah, hope you'll find them soon. :) I recently found my silver and blue eyeliner, but can't find the black one. x)

2014-08-25 [Stephen]: You should get back to this! D=

2014-08-25 [Mortified Penguin]: I'll try.

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