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The one chance opportunity for artists

The free promoting contest


What the contest is all about

It's about giving artist a bigger chance to get well know around here for there work. Another reason is of course fun.


How the contest works
Grand Prize: I will freely promote the winner around Elftown
and maybe the top 3 get's a badge (If I finish one in time, cause if I don't they will get them later)
I myself will chose the winner. So it won't be that hard

There are things I judge on.
1. The actual painting.
2. Originality.
3. The painter itself, So it won't matter if you're a high praised artist or an art thief that actualy made a drawing of his own or maybe just an undiscovered real talent
(optional 4. Theme)

And yes there will also be a badge for the:

Most Creative, <b>I am really sorry about this class but you all have been creative, and I think you are all winners

Most Colourfull,[WolfAngel]
and a prize for the person who just didn't make it or that has had the most bad luck.[kittykittykitty]
First Entry[Dragonartist]
Best Originality[Radioactive Flea]

And the first winner is here:</b>
Congratulations [Dragonartist] with your "first entry" badge

(Only [Dragonartist] may put this in her profile, no other person is allowed to. And yes, badge theiving is illegal and will be reported)

This is the banner people you may freely use it to promote this promoting contest



There are 6 simple rules.

1. Only your own art is allowed to be entered and I will check for it.
2. you can enter under every theme cause there is no theme.
3. Just have fun.
4. No negative comments allowed. They will be deleted!
5. No sexual, violent explict or discriminating explict. If you have your doubts send the picture to my e-mail or let me check it in another way. So I can judge if it can be allowed. But I have no authorety over what the guards think.
6. Deadline is January 11th at 11.11

Entries must be entered like the example


Name of the picture:
and the actual entry

All entries must enter under this line and be seperated by an hr line.

Dragon elf
Description:A part dragon elf with a pet snake
Description:A dragon with a twisted body
the rest of my entries will be put on here=>Dragonartist's pics

Name: Princess Sahraminkukka
Description: Self-portrait as a princess.

Name: Royal Flush
Description: A Dragon, A Mind Flayer and a rather evil Priestess decide to while away the time between raids by Adventurers by playing a game of poker.

[Dark Side of the Moon]
Name: Butterfly Shrimp
Description: What do you do when you're bored at work because the computers have gone down? Set your brain in neutral and draw the first thing that comes to mind... This can be seen at my Elfwood page along with the rest of my gallery:

Name: Minas Morgul
Description: Old old old, very very old. Done in 1991 while still in high school. This has always been my favourite acryllic painting. This can also be seen at my Elfwood gallery. Dammit! The resize kind of muddled some of the detail :^/

Oh Luna Mein
Description: Love for the moon, inspiration by a song a night of work and voila! ^_^
Burton Potter
Description: Harry potter and the half-mad Tim

Eldezar D'Mazra
A portrait of my main character from Dark Elf Story

Pesky Sprite
Originally an entry for the Creature Feature Contest. I really like this one, though.

Drow Scout
I took a drow, made him chibi, and dressed him up as a boy scout. You don't think Lolth will mind, do you?
Pictures by Falx

Rava Shai'pyron
The dragon angel of Arlos.
Pictures by Falx

This used to be a picture of a tree from the woods behind my house. I used the blur and smudge tools and the eraser on Photoshop to make this.
Pictures by Falx

Dark and Light
Description: My character and [Mirindyin]s Character. Illustration for my story Chali'enda.

Nigel The Fruit Bat
Description: A fruit bat based off a drama joke between me and my pal Katy. When we had to work on the dance moves for "All that Jazz" from Chicago and the part about the piano reminded me of something my other friend did to act out a bat. So Katy and I acted it out as 'bats' and we decided to name him... his name is Nigel, and he plays the piano and drinks beer
(More info. at my house)

Queen of Hearts
Description - Sample card for a deck of cards I might make, using several bad guys from Realms of Lemire, all belonging to a group called the Deck (duh!). Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Illustrator, done on the PC from scratch (shameless advertisement ->Dur'stuff<-)

Description - She is a little mermaid that loves to shine ^_^"

[Linn Scarlett]
Wulfgar ├śrnulfson
Description - This is a pencil drawing of my Drow character Linnerial's human servant when he still worked at her favorite spa ^_^
(click to enlarge)

[cap'n sharkbait - the sword test dummy]
My pathetic excuse for art. But if you haven't added one then BLEH! to you!

Name - Wavemaster Tsumi
Decription - My .//Hack character and wavemaster done in greyscale and true colour

Name - Makuro
Description - My rp character, Freya's, dragon.

Go to Claire's Art for the rest.

[Artsieladie] "Geranium" Originally, my drawing in pencil. Painted in Photoshop. (Since, I just read that we're supposed to have only 2 here, the Geranium is in my house.)

[Artsieladie] "China Doll" Pencil Crayoned first. Smoothed out in Photoshop. Frame & her accessories added in PSP 9.

[Artsieladie] "Dancing In The Moonlight" Originally, my drawing in pencil. Painted it Photoshop. Frame added in PSP 9.

"Broken Hearted"
Cupid's lost soldier
With a broken heart, she cannot survive

"Mela Raa Tyalangan"
My character from the RPG The Realms of Lemire

"vampiric Kitty"
it's the cat of one of my friends, they've named him Frodo, and I liked to draw him and give him longer teeth (cause I dreamed it like that)
I haven't got the chance to scan the original photo yet..

[Radioactive Flea]
This is all done with special effects makeup. . .I love bald caps
<img:> This is right after applying the bald cap and adding the latex on the cheek and nose and peeling it back.

<img:> Here she is again in an almost finished state. The model is my youngest sister [SerenityBug]

This is [Yuriona]'s character, Lyxia. She is a Falleen played in our Star Wars wiki rpg. teh art of teh Rune

Also, a paint-over I did in Photoshop. Picture was taken by me and altered by me. Link to original in my house. ^^  -[Lerune]

This is a picture that I, [duckofdoom] drew. I didn't have any reason behind it at all to draw it, I just did. Well here she is

[SerenityBug]- This is a freehand drawing that I did of [dous] I sketched it out scanned it, stuck it up on photoshop and darkend it. Hope ya like it, it's free game for critisism too. ;D

Another by me..

[The Hidden Happiness] - no comment =P

[kittykittykitty] - I love this picture ^_^ It was kind of based on me, but it's too cute :P

SKULL- done under influence of Lemirian Pirates. It was made on lined paper, but I blackened the background.


This one is ice. In my hand-you can even see the finger on the right.

[Quellealcar] just my little SD fyre fox.

One of my works in progress.

[Beki in Wonderland]
The new welsh dragon - Done in photoshop elements. The background is a photo of Conway Castle, in wales. ^_^

[Urmando The Elfling]
A little Fan Art over here as well.. ^--^

[Lady of Lore] Grycanthrope elf protagonsit from my novel, all done in pencil and I have hoped of coloring her eventually.

heartlocekt and key... only one holds the key to a persons innersoul


photo was made in a museum that was all about evil...I changed it in photoshop.



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2006-05-23 [-tsukasa-]: Nice picture [kittykittykitty] and Btw everyone i think [Urmando The Elfling] just didn;t had bad luck but was stupid Enough (sorry [Urmando The Elfling]) to put the wrong link

2006-05-23 [Dark Side of the Moon]: In [Urmando The Elfling]'s defense, that image link may have (I'm assuming) come from his personal website which is currently under construction. 

2006-05-23 [-tsukasa-]: Thank you for the information [Dark Side of the Moon] I don;t want to make conclusions that are not true and i apoligise if i sayd something wrong

2006-05-23 [-tsukasa-]: Btw [Dark Side of the Moon] I really like your art. My compliments and i hope i can see more of it some day

2006-05-23 [Dark Side of the Moon]: No problem! And thanks for the compliment! Hope to upload more to my wiki gallery in the near future. :^)

2006-05-24 [-tsukasa-]: My pleasure and Btw [Urmando The Elfling] new picture is up

2006-05-24 [Urmando The Elfling]: Yes, I'm Back in business..hehe..

2006-05-24 [-tsukasa-]: I am glad it isn;t colorful else I maybe had to change the award

2006-06-27 [wilwarina]: hey guys, what happened, did everyone forget this contest?

2006-06-28 [Clairey]: nope...its just not getting judged fast

2006-06-28 [wilwarina]: :) yeah

2006-06-28 [-tsukasa-]: Sorry :( didn't mean to forget about this WHOLE site

2006-06-28 [-tsukasa-]: But the judging is done

2006-06-28 [*micky*]: so who won? there were 10 prizes right?

2006-06-28 [-tsukasa-]:

And the final results are

Most Colourfull-[WolfAngel] Most of us could agree on that it is really Good My Compliments   First Entry-[Dragonartist] Duh.... Because you were first Most bad luck-[kittykittykitty] because your picture wasn't showing   Most Original-[Radioactive Flea] Because it is original using special effects make-up in an art contest. Really good idea   Most Creative- All of you. I couldn;t choose because you are all winners. Good job all of you

2006-06-28 [-tsukasa-]: btw micky i deleted some prizes earlier sorry for didn;t changing the wiki page

2006-06-28 [-tsukasa-]: Btw sorry for taking so really long. You should all thank [Urmando The Elfling] for sending an e-mail to remind me

2006-06-28 [-tsukasa-]: These winners came out of My and my friends oppinion. These are OURS not yours so if you do not agree tell us

2006-07-02 [kittykittykitty]: Yay! Closure :P

2006-07-02 [*micky*]: okay that's cool congrats to the winners^^

2006-08-08 [-tsukasa-]: Closure is a good thing. According to Ugly Duckly from chicken little

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