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Public emotions

If you want to add an emotion, make a comment with the image and the crew will or will not add it. See not used public emotions for emotions that are rejected for now, but otherwise follow the uploading art rules.

To the crew: All images on this page will be a public emotion that anyone can use when entering text into textareas. Important: Each image must be separately placed on the beginning of a new line. Do not add spaces before or after the image-url!

[Elegy - gone]'s emotions:

[Zab]'s emotions:

[Paz]'s emotion:

[spiritee]'s emotion:

[Yncke]'s emotion:

[Patri]'s emotion:

[Leara]'s emotion:

[Sunrose]'s emotions:

[Elisha Kelly]'s emotion:

[Black Raven]'s emotions:

[Ocean Soul]'s emotion:

[Jitter]'s emotions:

[Yuriona]'s emotion:

[The Scarlet Pumpernickle]'s emotion:

[HardRockAngel]'s heart:

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2006-12-14 [Sunrose]: Added :)

2006-12-14 [Sunrose]: Some 12 of those emotions haven't been uploaded to the moodspage yet :)

2006-12-14 [Black Raven]: really?!ok i check them and upload the others :)

2006-12-14 [Papa Don't Preach]: moodspace???

2006-12-14 [Black Raven]: moods paGe :)

2006-12-14 [Sunrose]: Added <img:img/mood/20610_1166102398.gif>

2006-12-14 [Black Raven]: It's the Scream(movie!)<img:img/mood/20610_1166102398.gif> ;)

2006-12-14 [princess_ of _darkness]: <img:44166_1164557382.gif> i like thins

2006-12-14 [Papa Don't Preach]: kl!

2006-12-14 [Sunrose]: Added <img:stuff/ice-gif.gif>

2006-12-15 [princess_ of _darkness]: thats hott lol

2006-12-15 [Papa Don't Preach]: *brrr....* the smilie is cold. :(

2006-12-15 [Black Raven]: yes it's cold!is it look hot?

2006-12-15 [princess_ of _darkness]: no i was just saying its cute only in my way saying it lol sry if i confused anyone lol

2006-12-15 [SlightlySpiked]: <img:stuff/ice-gif.gif><img:img/mood/20610_1166102398.gif><img:stuff/daN-gif.gif><img:stuff/sing.gif><img:stuff/mood37-gif.gif><img:stuff/modd37-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood5-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood3-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood18-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood17-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood8-gif.gif><img:stuff/hall_gif.gif><img:2706_1128818519.gif>

2006-12-16 [princess_ of _darkness]: lol nice<img:44166_1164557382.gif><img:44166_1164903284.gif><img:44166_1164903241.gif><img:44166_1164903263.gif><img:stuff/dand-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood10_gif.gif><img:stuff/mood11-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood12-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood17-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood7-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood6-gif.gif><img:44166_1164557401.gif><img:41764_1161369208.gif>

2006-12-16 [Papa Don't Preach]: it was me that confused people. lol. oopsies.

2006-12-16 [princess_ of _darkness]: lol some people just have the gift of confusing other people dont lol

2006-12-16 [Papa Don't Preach]: yay i have the gift :P

2006-12-17 [princess_ of _darkness]: :P YAY

2006-12-17 [Papa Don't Preach]: yay.. did i confuse u?

2006-12-17 [*(.Randi.)*]: <img:44166_1164218111.gif>

2006-12-18 [Danboo]: i can't get mine to word

2006-12-18 [Black Raven]: <img:stuff/BR-GIF.gif> <img:stuff/Br23-gif.gif> <img:stuff/br22-gif.gif>

2006-12-18 [Sunrose]: Added :)

2006-12-18 [princess_ of _darkness]: :P no you dint confuse me lol im always lost!!!

2006-12-18 [SlightlySpiked]: <img:stuff/m-jpg.gif><img:stuff/sl-gif.gif><img:44166_1164218111.gif><img:stuff/mood15-gif.gif><img:stuff/quesN-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood37-gif.gif><img:img/mood/20610_1166102398.gif><img:stuff/modd37-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood5-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood3-gif.gif><img:stuff/hall_gif.gif><img:img/mood/20610_1166102398.gif><img:stuff/ice-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood8-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood9-gif.gif><img:stuff/cheshmak.gif><img:44166_1164557401.gif><img:44166_1164557382.gif><img:44166_1164145241.gif><img:2706_1128818519.gif>

2006-12-18 [Papa Don't Preach]: oh well. :P

2006-12-18 [Sunrose]: Please stop making comments using so many emotions for no reason, otherwise I will start to delete them >.<

2006-12-18 [*(.Randi.)*]: Eep! *salutes hurriedly* Ma'am,yes,ma'am!

2006-12-21 [princess_ of _darkness]: <img:stuff/mood13-gif.gif> sry

2006-12-21 [~Crimson Angel~]: dude what is this?<img:131728_1138666879.gif>

2006-12-21 [someelf]: Mandrake from Harry Potter.

2006-12-21 [~Crimson Angel~]: really??My friend thought it was a sumo wrestiling palm tree,and I thought it was an evil hippo.

2006-12-21 [XxTsomexX]: XD

2006-12-22 [~Crimson Angel~]: [Surimia] was the one who thought it was a sumo wrestiling palm tree.

2006-12-22 [princess_ of _darkness]: that is awesome!!!

2006-12-23 [~Crimson Angel~]: yep

2006-12-26 [princess_ of _darkness]: lol

2006-12-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol ^_^

2006-12-29 [princess_ of _darkness]: :P

2006-12-29 [~Crimson Angel~]: ^_^

2006-12-29 [*(.Randi.)*]: Soooo....

2006-12-30 [~Crimson Angel~]: ok

2007-01-17 [Aki Neko]: woah!! its like...a wiki. i didnt know that...<img:44166_1164469642.gif>

2007-01-17 [*(.Randi.)*]: <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

2007-01-17 [~Crimson Angel~]: k

2007-01-17 [SlightlySpiked]: i thought it was a living grape attacking a monkey.<img:131728_1138666879.gif>

2007-01-17 [princess_ of _darkness]: <img:stuff/mood7-gif.gif> i have midterms all this week

2007-01-17 [*(.Randi.)*]: I'm going on a vacation tomorrow! WOOHOO!

2007-01-20 [~Crimson Angel~]: k

2007-01-22 [Lothuriel]: LOL...I thought the mandrake was poo.

2007-01-25 [*(.Randi.)*]: <img:44166_1164903254.gif>

2007-01-25 [XxTsomexX]: <img:44166_1164144892.gif>

2007-01-30 [SlightlySpiked]: i just did a UIL tournament, dude, that wuz hard!!! <img:stuff/quesN-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood7-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood8-gif.gif>

2007-01-31 [iRock.]: i never knew there was emotions.. <img:44166_1164144892.gif>

2007-02-01 [*(.Randi.)*]: <img:44166_1164218111.gif>

2007-02-01 [XxTsomexX]: <img:44166_1164903273.gif>

2007-02-01 [*(.Randi.)*]: Anything wrong?

2007-02-01 [XxTsomexX]: no just tired

2007-02-01 [*(.Randi.)*]: Yeah, me too!

2007-02-02 [SlightlySpiked]: same here

2007-02-03 [~Crimson Angel~]: <img:44166_1164145048.gif>

2007-02-09 [SlightlySpiked]: <img:44166_1164145048.gif><img:stuff/mood15-gif.gif><img:44166_1164557391.gif>

2007-02-10 [~Crimson Angel~]: <img:44166_1164145241.gif>

2007-02-10 [Sunrose]: Comment deleted, please don't use so many emotions in one comment :)

2007-02-11 [~Crimson Angel~]: who me?

2007-02-11 [Sunrose]: I didn't delete your comment, so no.

2007-02-12 [SlightlySpiked]: <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2007-02-12 [SlightlySpiked]: Hinata, you are a major Rock Lee fan. arent you?

2007-02-20 [princess_ of _darkness]: i like pie!!!!

2007-02-20 [SlightlySpiked]: pie rocks!!!especially chocolate puddin pie!

2007-02-23 [princess_ of _darkness]: yeah yeah :)

2007-02-24 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yes,why?

2007-02-26 [SlightlySpiked]: huh?

2007-02-26 [*(.Randi.)*]: -.-

2007-02-27 [SlightlySpiked]: -_-............:P

2007-02-28 [69_chick]: grr pink monkeys

2007-02-28 [SlightlySpiked]: pink monkeys?<img:stuff/quesN-gif.gif>

2007-03-11 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2007-03-11 [*(.Randi.)*]: purple walruses!

2007-03-12 [Aki]: I <img:44166_1164903263.gif> [deRevenant]

2007-03-12 [Aki]: I <img:stuff/lo-gif.gif> [deRevenant] very muchies ^^

2007-03-15 [vivid]: <img:44166_1164218094.gif>

2007-03-20 [SlightlySpiked]: yeah, well, i love.....SlightlySpiked

2007-03-22 [Teufelsweib]: I love my mother

2007-03-23 [~Crimson Angel~]: k

2007-03-27 [SlightlySpiked]: MAN! -does heroic pose-

2007-03-30 [~Crimson Angel~]: ummmmmmmmm...

2007-03-30 [SlightlySpiked]: <img:stuff/Br23-gif.gif><img:stuff/br2N-gif.gif><img:stuff/brN-gif.gif><img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2007-03-30 [princess_ of _darkness]: wow thats weird

2007-03-30 [XxTsomexX]: <img:44166_1164903263.gif><img:44166_1164903273.gif><img:44166_1164145305.gif><img:stuff/mood2-gif.gif>

2007-03-30 [*(.Randi.)*]: <img:44166_1164145262.gif><img:44166_1164903284.gif> Bunyon man?

2007-04-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: k

2007-04-02 [XxTsomexX]: XD

2007-04-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2007-04-03 [SlightlySpiked]: I.....AM...........BUNYON MAN!!!!!!!!-does heroic pose-

2007-04-20 [Phoenix_phyre]: NINJA NONIE>..stick tongue out defiantly..

2007-04-21 [*(.Randi.)*]: <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2007-04-21 [SlightlySpiked]: what phoenix? dost thou not like bunyon man?

2007-04-22 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2007-04-23 [SilverFire]: Sounds like Hoodwinked, to me.

2007-04-24 [SlightlySpiked]: huh?

2007-04-28 [~Crimson Angel~]: ok...?

2007-05-01 [SlightlySpiked]: umm........<img:stuff/brN-gif.gif><img:stuff/br2N-gif.gif><img:stuff/lampN-gif.gif>.............<img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2007-06-10 [princess_ of _darkness]: im gone for good just message me if anyone want to chat

2007-06-16 [~Crimson Angel~]: k

2007-06-16 [Teufelsweib]: oh noes.

2007-06-17 [~Crimson Angel~]: what?

2007-06-17 [Teufelsweib]: she's leaving.

2007-06-20 [SlightlySpiked]: o_0

2007-06-21 [*(.Randi.)*]: <img:44166_1164145230.gif>

2007-06-25 [SlightlySpiked]: wut's wrong?

2007-06-26 [*(.Randi.)*]: She's leaving!!!

2007-06-27 [SlightlySpiked]: who iz?

2007-06-27 [*(.Randi.)*]: Why don't you read the last couple of comments and find out!

2007-06-27 [SlightlySpiked]: oh, y iz she leaving?<img:stuff/mood7-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood21-gif.gif>

2007-06-27 [*(.Randi.)*]: *shrugs* Who knows!

2007-06-27 [SlightlySpiked]: hmmmmm

2007-07-14 [ThaMadHatter]: <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif> i´m creazy ... pleasy help me

2007-07-16 [~Crimson Angel~]: ummmmmmmmmm...?

2007-07-17 [SlightlySpiked]: youre crazy!!!<img:stuff/dand-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood17-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood14-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood16-gif.gif><img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

2007-09-19 [*(.Randi.)*]: A new one! *dances* YAY!

2007-09-20 [Hedda]: I had to add it for the Talk Like a Pirate Day <img:img/mood/10305_1126060737.gif>

2007-09-21 [*(.Randi.)*]: *nods* Yep, I figured! ^^'

2007-09-23 [Jitter]: <img:img/mood/61513_1174313846.gif><img:img/mood/61513_1174313832.gif><img:img/mood/61513_1174313826.gif><img:img/mood/61513_1174313816.gif><img:><img:img/mood/61513_1174610425.gif><img:><img:img/mood/61513_1190556038.png><img:img/mood/61513_1190556028.png><img:img/mood/61513_1190556019.png><img:img/mood/61513_1190556007.png><img:img/mood/61513_1190555996.png><img:img/mood/61513_1190555986.png>

Please add those if you like them :D They're all uploaded in my emotions as well my emotions 61513 so as to save you the trouble of copying the codes manually should you decide to add them ;)

2007-09-24 [Hedda]: Hm.... What are the eyes?

2007-09-25 [Jitter]: well My weird sense of humour (or the lack of one) for emoticons x)
<img:img/mood/61513_1190556038.png> = <_< glare
<img:img/mood/61513_1190556028.png> =Sleepy
<img:img/mood/61513_1190556019.png> =Sad
<img:img/mood/61513_1190556007.png> = o_O confused/surprised
<img:img/mood/61513_1190555996.png> = Crossed eyed crazu dude :P
<img:img/mood/61513_1190555986.png>= roll eyes

Thanks for adding them :)

2007-09-25 [*(.Randi.)*]: O.o sleepy and sad look the same...:P

2007-10-12 [Yuriona]: I can't believe I did a pirate emotion... *shakes head* LOL!

2007-10-12 [Hedda]: Whee!<img:stuff/yurispirateemotionarr.png><img:img/mood/10305_1126060737.gif>

2007-10-12 [Yuriona]: Nice one! XD

2007-11-06 [dragon of death vally]: (smiles evilly) <img:2706_1128818519.gif>

2007-12-22 [notherenomore]: Hi how do you get the emotions to show up in your sentences?

2007-12-22 [notherenomore]: <img:44166_1164903284.gif> anyone new to elftown here?

2007-12-22 [Teufelsweib]: there's this button "use emotions" above this white thing you type in. try clicking on it =D

2007-12-24 [*(.Randi.)*]: <img:61691_1126352591.gif>Happy Chrisolstahanakwanzica!

2008-01-11 [SlightlySpiked]: umm....................................<img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2008-01-16 [*(.Randi.)*]: Why, yes, exactly.

2008-01-25 [SlightlySpiked]: lol 0_o <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif> Happy Chrisolstahanakwanzica!!!!

2008-01-26 [*(.Randi.)*]: -.-  did you just steal my word?

2008-01-29 [SlightlySpiked]: nope, jus celebrating tha holiday along wif you.<img:stuff/sa-gif.gif><img:stuff/c-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood11-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood12-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood14-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood16-gif.gif><img:stuff/mood13-gif.gif>

2008-01-30 [*(.Randi.)*]: <img:stuff/exitedN-gif.gif>oh ggggrrrrEEEEEAAATTT!!!!
"Frosted flakes! They're not just good...they're GREAT!"

2008-01-30 [SlightlySpiked]: <img:44166_1164557382.gif><img:44166_1164469610.gif> i loves frosted flakes!!!!!!!!!

2008-02-10 [*(.Randi.)*]: "Snap, crackle, pop: rice krispies!" Rice Krispies are better!

2008-02-13 [SlightlySpiked]: rice crispy treats!!!!!!!! lol

2008-02-19 [Jitter]: We lack an innocent one: <img:img/mood/61513_1203446679.png>

2008-02-20 [SlightlySpiked]: that would b funny 2 have

2008-02-25 [Hedda]: There are no innocent Elftowners! We are all guilty and should burn! <img:44166_1164557382.gif>

Can you make the aureole a little more shiny on <img:>? It looks a little like a hat actually.

2008-02-25 [Hedda]: Hm, damn! There should be credits to the creators of these smileys here! <img:>

I'll try to fix as much as I can.

2008-02-25 [*(.Randi.)*]: *claps* Congrats, this page looks better already! ^^'

2008-02-25 [Hedda]: Thanks!

I think I got the uploader for all emotions now!

2008-02-25 [Yuriona]: Awesome! <img:44166_1164903263.gif> I suppose I should add some more than just one though. <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2008-02-25 [Hedda]: Before I ask the council who generally thinks we have too many contests. <img:stuff/sutN.gif> What do you people who watch this page think about this suggestion for a contest:

medieval smileys contest

2008-02-25 [Yuriona]: I like it! It will be interesting to see what sort of things people come up with.

2008-02-27 [SlightlySpiked]: i dont even know how to make my own smiley, else i would compete too. i love medieval stuff.

2008-03-28 [Hedda]: There! <img:stuff/oldman.png>

2008-03-29 [The Scarlet Pumpernickle]: Wooot!

2008-04-05 [Hedda]: There were some spaces on the raws of some of [Jitter]'s emotions and they where therefore seen as comments.

2008-07-08 [peura]: Umm, shouldn't it be "emoticons" with a c? (

2008-07-08 [Hedda]: Never heard the term "emoticon" before. It's called "emotion" as in short for "emotion expressing image".

2008-07-08 [Yuriona]: Emoticons is what they are called on other sites like DeviantArt. I think its a combination of 'emotion' and 'icon' as in a graphics based icon that represents an emotion.

2008-07-19 [HardRockAngel]: <img:>
I don't really know how to downsize it though :s
And otherwise it is a REALLY big heart ^^

2008-07-19 [SilverFire]: I down-sized it and made the background transparent for you:


2008-07-19 [SilverFire]: it still looks a bit big, but if I make it any smaller, it looks like this: <img:stuff/hardrockheart2.gif>

Which doesn't look so good. :/

2008-07-19 [HardRockAngel]: I made it in paint, so not many options...
thanks ^^

2008-07-19 [SilverFire]: I figured. ^^; Well, even if they don't get added here, you could always add one of those two to your own personal emotes. :3

2008-07-19 [HardRockAngel]: Surely will do, since ypu were so nice to downsize them ^^

2008-07-19 [SilverFire]: Happy to help. :)

2008-07-19 [HardRockAngel]: Thank you ^^

2008-07-19 [XxTsomexX]: I think it looks cute ^^

2008-07-19 [HardRockAngel]: Thanks ^^

2008-07-20 [HardRockAngel]: Here's hoping it might be usefull =)

2008-08-11 [Angelic nightmares]: My favorite has always been : <img:stuff/BR-GIF.gif>

2008-08-12 [Hedda]: This PNG-image might be better: <img:stuff/hrt.png>

2008-08-17 [HardRockAngel]: Thanks ^^

2008-08-17 [HardRockAngel]: Is it okay to donate the heart as an emote? ^^

2008-08-25 [demonangel25]: How in the hell do ya'll come up w/ this shit?
How would one go about making these anyways? lol

2008-08-26 [SilverFire]: That turn of speech, though crude, usually isn't actually trying to imply that you think the thing you're talking about is rubbish.

2008-10-16 [demonangel25]: NO NO NO!!!! I'm sorry for the mis-use of words. I apologize. I think the emotions are great! I use them ALL the time!

2008-10-16 [demonangel25]: I'm sorry lol I just completely didn't mean it in a rude way.... even though it was perceived that way. I was apparently just thinking like a juvenile that day lol *rolls eyes at own self*

2008-10-17 [demonangel25]: Yeah lol that's true lol<img:44166_1164145171.gif>

2008-11-17 [SlightlySpiked]: how would one go about making one's own emotions??

2008-11-18 [Hedda]: Download for example and start drawing. <img:61691_1126352591.gif>

Oh, I'm missing an artist emotion!

2008-11-20 [SlightlySpiked]: thanx^^ yayness!!! now i can create some awesomeness of my own!!!

2008-11-28 [SlightlySpiked]: lol

2009-03-27 [mimzy]: <img:stuff/mood-gif.gif>im lonely

2009-04-09 [SlightlySpiked]: aww *hugs* why is that?

2009-08-23 [Yume Youki]: I'm a bit lonely, but I'll be okay. <img:44166_1164144907.gif>


I feel better already! =3

2009-08-25 [SlightlySpiked]: i wish we could do something to help :(
uber yayness!!!!!!

2010-02-24 [Jitter]: server is being an ass and won't let me add these to the page: <img:stuff/aj/61513/1267018542.png><img:stuff/aj/61513/1267019305.png>

2010-02-26 [Teufelsweib]: omg that first smiley <3 xD

2010-02-26 [Jitter]: ;D I made it for youuuu

2010-02-27 [Teufelsweib]: *loooove*

2010-02-28 [SlightlySpiked]: those look so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

2012-02-27 [Hedda]: It is now possible to write titles on the emotions, like I've done with the first.

Can anyone with good knowledge of emotions and their names in English do more? I think mine will be too boring as I'm really not poetic, especially not in English.

2012-02-27 [Yuriona]: Added titles to my own emoticons since I made them so I know what they mean. ;)

2012-02-27 [Hedda]: Nice :)

2012-10-26 [Stephen]: I would love the <img:stuff/aj/61513/1267019305.png> emot. :3

2014-07-30 [Stephen]: I added the two emotes that Jitter tried to add a few years back. :P

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