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Quenya Classroom

Teacher: [ilanyus]

Quenya. One of Tolkien's many invented languages. The language of the High Elves. Not a complete language so not as much to learn. But still beautiful.

Much of this information has already been documented. I will try to make it educational but not over anyone's head.

It is hard to teach Quenya without mentioning Sindarin. In names the two languages were sometimes mixed. So if something has a Sindarin part I will make mention of it.



- [Tears of the Dead Star]
- [SilverFire]
- [PanaVision SuperTechno Crane]
- [Aristotle]
- [Angel Dreamer]
- [skunkben]
- [AstaldoiĆ¢]
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- [Tayfra]
- [Lady Diamanta]
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- [Akayume]
- [Michael B]
- [Alliniya]
- [Changer]


I decided it would take a long time on my part and probably be repetive to make a list of all the nouns. So I will give links to several wordlists you can visit.
Lists separated by noun, verb etc.

Add any you know. As with many things online it's information could be incorrect so the more you read the more you can put together.



Quenya Classroom: Lesson 1
Quenya Classroom: Lesson 2
Quenya Classroom: Lesson 3
Quenya Classroom: Questions
Quenya Classroom: stuff
Quenya Classroom: Cases
Quenya Classroom: Verbs


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2005-03-18 [Jakirae]: whoops

2005-03-19 [ilanyus]: :)

2005-03-19 [ilanyus]: just go have a look at lesson 3 and tell me when I can continue *is eager* :p

2005-03-19 [Lady Diamanta]: Hey, Ilanyus, just wondering, where did you learn quenya? ^^ (nice lesson 3 btw ^^)

2005-03-20 [bullet with your name]: on the internet it's the only place unless you make it up yourself witch i doubt

2005-03-20 [ilanyus]: yes, I visited a lot of sites about Quenya... including some that had very extensive lessons (with full explanations... which sometimes got a bit too in depth for me :P) err I also learned by just using it a lot, for 2 years now I have Quenya MSN names for example... and Since I am dutch I translated the engllish lessons into dutch, which helped a lot... so I started making dutch quenya lessons... hm I think the best site for quenya was given here somewhere? I'll look it up :) haven't been there in a while hehe

2005-03-20 [ilanyus]: This site is the best ever... full quenya lessons here :)

2005-03-20 [Lady Diamanta]: Ah, okay, I've looked through those lessons before. ^^ I kinda trailed off though, but I'm back again, I just want to go at a slower pace this time. Yep, the internet rocks for learning. ;P

2005-03-20 [bluefarie]: lol..yeah, it is..

2005-03-20 [ilanyus]: yeah it's really in depth and lots of good explanation and stuff... everything is handled in those lessons... though I feel sometimes they go a little bit too far

2005-03-20 [bluefarie]: lol...

2005-03-20 [bullet with your name]: hey

2005-03-21 [ilanyus]: hey :)

2005-03-21 [Lady Diamanta]: Well, my theory is: where it goes "too far" for your own personal taste, start skimming. ^^

2005-03-21 [ilanyus]: LOL ... hm well I still read everything and tried to really understand all of it :P hehe, but oh well :) ... hehe, Quenya grammar sometimes is a bit complicated

2005-03-21 [bluefarie]: yeah....

2005-03-21 [Lady Diamanta]: Lol, yeah, sometimes it seems like Tolkien really didn't want anyone but elves to be able to learn this language. :P

2005-03-21 [bluefarie]: y?

2005-03-21 [Lady Diamanta]: Because it's so complex! :P

2005-03-21 [bluefarie]: o...ok..

2005-03-21 [Lady Diamanta]: I was just joking. ^^

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