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User Name: [Kbird]

Character name: Quin Mistoke

Mutant Name: Chameleon (Chamel for short)

Classification: student

Abilities/powers: Like Quin's Mutant name suggests she can blend her skin and hair color to match her surroundings. As well as anything touching her that's not living or very large (mainly clothing, accessory, and other small items) into her surroundings. she's still learning how to control it better, currently if she gets over emotion she accidentally blends into things.

Sex: Female

Age/Date of Birth: 15. Oct, 21.

General appearance: Quin is 4'8 and weighs about 97 pounds and has a slight curve that reassembles that of a thirteen year old instead of a fifteen year old. She has hardly any muscle mass and is rather pale. Her hair is wavy but curl at the end, it is naturally white although shes added gold, pink, and blue strikes to it. Her eye, which are some what covered by her bangs, are ice blue and very expressive. Her eyes take up most of the top part of her heart shaped freckled face.

Additional Appearance: She usually wears goth Lolita styled cloths and carries a large stuffed animal with her while at the school.

Personality: Quin is very shy and jumpy around new people also rather aloof, but after the third time of seeing the same person she starts warming up to them.
She very friendly once used to someone and rather witty but does have confidence issues.
If you are mean to her she usually gets depressed and hides in her room.
She can getting rather clingy and annoying due to her wanting to make friends desperately, she doesn't mean to be though.

Special Skills: Quin has a hobby of making jewelry out of varies things she finds.

Place of birth: Berkshires, Massachusetts

Weapon(s) of choice: none.

Medical information: Lactose-intolerant.

Brief History: Quin was always different. Her parents and older brother where the only ones that accepted her odd looks and aloof behavior.
when she was ten her parents found out about her ability after her brother tried tracking her after she was scared by bullies. Only to have her appear next to him.
Her parents told her not to use her abilities, they didn't want other people to see it and try to hurt her.
Her parents found out about the university and decided to wait until she was at least sixteen before sending her. Due to bullying they sent her early.

Relatives: Her parents, and older brother.

How long your character has been in the mansion: A Week.

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