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Rurouni Kenshin Roleplaying Role List

Here is simply where the characters will be given and original character history will be posted. Please do not start rpging without marking the role or completely your Oc history and facts.

1. [kitoky] - (Pagemistress) Yahiko Myoujin, Misao Mikamachi, and Sanosuke Sagara
2. [Veriale] - Kamiya Kaoru and Tsukitori Keiko
3. [Shadow Reaper] - is now Himura Kenshin with permission ^^

Original Characters

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Name: Tsukitori Keiko (Shishio's accomplice)
Age: 20
History: Hand raised by Shishio in secret. Was taught the methods of a cold-blooded killer, and the secrets to defeat Battousai's Hiten Mitsurugi.

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