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RP Characters of Aeolynn

Character Count : 38


Character Lounge

Please note, all my characters and their species are © me, [Aeolynn] (Kim Baerwaldt) 2002-2013


Color Guide:

Girl: <img:stuff/aj/1675/femaledot.png>
Boy: <img:stuff/aj/1675/maledot.png>

My favorite characters: <img:stuff/aj/1675/heartdot.png>

Not in a Roleplay: <img:stuff/aj/1675/reddot.png>
In a Roleplay:       <img:stuff/aj/1675/greendot.png>








Himmels are a large race, spanning normally at least 25 feet long. They have cat like faces, with extremely skinny bodies (much like eastern style dragons) and specific lizard or snake-like tails. Brightly colored and sexually dimorphic, there is a distinct difference in the male and females pertaining to markings, fin shape, and mane length.







Borne are those that were given the gift of element control at birth. Of Tnemele, only forty percent are given this power, and only half of those can use it to their full extent, creating the element made physically manifest. The elements range beyond just earth, fire, wind and water, but also includes light, ice, dark, flora, lightning and the elusive void. All About a Borne.



Rika, the Oa<img:stuff/aj/1675/femaledot.png><img:stuff/aj/1675/reddot.png>

Todd, the Oa<img:stuff/aj/1675/maledot.png><img:stuff/aj/1675/reddot.png>

<img:stuff/aj/1675/heartdot.png>Todd Bäerwald<img:stuff/aj/1675/maledot.png><img:stuff/aj/1675/greendot.png>

Naomi, the Oa<img:stuff/aj/1675/femaledot.png><img:stuff/aj/1675/reddot.png>

Oa are a species of humanoids with claws, small feathery crests behind their ears, silver eyes, and a fiery attitude. Their wings are translucent and like silk, being made of a breathable substance that grows from the grays patch of skin on their backs. They aren't made of any muscle or tissue, instead they are molecules that agitate the air that flows through it so their wings lay flat against their back when not in use, then when they want to fly, the molecules spring to life to propel them through the air. Long claws can instantly come out of their fingertips, retracting like cat claws.


Classical Species:


Mngwa <img:stuff/aj/1675/femaledot.png><img:stuff/aj/1675/reddot.png>



Gawn Pyrefeather<img:stuff/aj/1675/maledot.png><img:stuff/aj/1675/greendot.png>

Seirakyn Swift<img:stuff/aj/1675/femaledot.png><img:stuff/aj/1675/reddot.png>



Original Species:







Original Humanoid Species:

Shilo and Raisu<img:stuff/aj/1675/maledot.png><img:stuff/aj/1675/maledot.png><img:stuff/aj/1675/reddot.png>

Ax & El<img:stuff/aj/1675/maledot.png><img:stuff/aj/1675/femaledot.png><img:stuff/aj/1675/reddot.png>








Hotaru Katō<img:stuff/aj/1675/femaledot.png><img:stuff/aj/1675/greendot.png>





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2009-02-21 [Elwyne]: ooh! You have a lot more characters than I do, and neater pictures! Also banners which I don't really know how to do at all. 

2009-02-21 [Aeolynn]: ^^ quality doesn't always mean less quantity

2009-02-21 [Elwyne]: too true! All my characters are close to my heart and I'm sure yours are too!

2009-07-09 [Nite_Owl]: I need to make one of these, but I's have no idea how to organize it :O

2009-07-09 [Aeolynn]: You can copy me if you want :3

2009-07-09 [Nite_Owl]: I finally made one, and I kinda did copy yours a little ^^' Mine's not nearly as pretty though

2009-07-09 [Aeolynn]: Nah, I like yours better lol, mine needs re-organizing

2009-07-09 [Nite_Owl]: You have lots of pretty pictures though :3 I actually did want to do a sketch for some of them now that I can sort of draw...kinda haha

2009-07-10 [Aeolynn]: I've been posting up pics of mine for 5 years tho Owlie lol

2009-07-10 [Nite_Owl]: I just suck at art XD

2010-01-08 [Nite_Owl]: Love what you've done with the place! :D

2010-01-08 [Aeolynn]: thanks! :]

2010-01-09 [jacen81]: God, I love your mind!

2010-01-10 [Aeolynn]: :O lol thanks

2010-01-17 [Eyden13]: I love you banner and the way you have organized your characters. It shows that you have put a lot of work into your characters

2010-01-17 [Aeolynn]: Thanks... And I have lol... some of these characters are 8 years old XD

2010-01-19 [jacen81]: I have started work on the himmel I promised I would. I just need to scan the WIP so you can see.

2010-01-22 [Chel.]: I love this set up! :3

2010-01-22 [Aeolynn]: :D thanks! Took me like... a week straight to get all the coding right XD

2010-09-19 [Chel.]: Lylliann?

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