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Welcome to Role Play Cafe

If you would like to join all you have to do is message me with the name you want to roleplay with and i'll be more than glad to add you to the game.

Come in, take a seat, and join in.

Member       rp name
[Almond Eyes]-- Trini Cherry
[NightFuck]----- Naraku
[Pyokola]---Raine Dascar
[Danboo]--------streeaka mageas

°•.*¤* .¸¸.• °•.*¤* .¸¸.• °•.*¤* .¸¸.• °•.*¤* .¸¸.• °•.*¤* .¸¸.• °•.*¤* .¸¸.• °•.*¤* .¸¸.•

[OK sorry to everyone because i've been neglecting this wiki but i'm trying to get back on track. I've written a small paragraph to start the game and all you do is play along and add some of your own lines. So go here --->] Mysterious Noise to start the game.

°•.*¤* .¸¸.• °•.*¤* .¸¸.• °•.*¤* .¸¸.• °•.*¤* .¸¸.• °•.*¤* .¸¸.• °•.*¤* .¸¸.• °•.*¤* .¸¸.•

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2004-11-27 [Almond Eyes]: Um... i don't really kno. *stops dancing and looks around*

2004-11-27 [Pyokola]: what?

2004-11-27 [Almond Eyes]: oh nothing i just felt looking around. lol

2004-11-27 [Pyokola]: oh okay! well i should go now..see ya later! *leaves and goes to music store*

2004-11-29 [Lokio]: um can i join

2004-11-29 [Danboo]: i'd like to join

2004-11-29 [Lokio]: hi

2004-12-01 [Danboo]: yea im in

2004-12-02 [Lokio]: anyone on

2004-12-02 [Danboo]: me

2004-12-02 [Lokio]: o hi

2004-12-02 [Danboo]: hi

2004-12-02 [Lokio]: how are you

2004-12-02 [Danboo]: fine and you

2004-12-02 [Lokio]: i am ok i what are you up to

2004-12-02 [Danboo]: waiting for them to start the rpging

2004-12-02 [Lokio]: i think it is only you and me on now so i dont thing that will happen anytime soon

2004-12-02 [Danboo]: awww ,but almondeyes is at her home and she can change thiss

2004-12-02 [Lokio]: how can she

2004-12-02 [Danboo]: she made the site

2004-12-02 [Lokio]: ok cool

2004-12-04 [Pyokola]: *goes to music store and looks through stacks and rown of cd's * ah i found it! * starts listening to the samples of the cd*

2004-12-04 [Danboo]: ???

2004-12-04 [Danboo]: hi

2004-12-04 [Pyokola]: *hums to song* (this is where you do the rpg.. if you want to join then message [Almond Eyes])

2004-12-04 [Danboo]: i all ready did

2004-12-05 [Pyokola]: what did she say?

2004-12-05 [Danboo]: say as in..?

2004-12-05 [Pyokola]: nvm your already on the char. list

2004-12-05 [Danboo]: yep

2004-12-05 [Danboo]: when do we start RPGing

2004-12-05 [Pyokola]: erm...right now.....

2004-12-05 [Danboo]: now in this chat box?

2004-12-05 [Pyokola]: yea yer supposd to so waht i was doing in here

2004-12-05 [Danboo]: ok, so lets start

2004-12-05 [Pyokola]: i cant i g2g

2004-12-05 [Danboo]: ok

2004-12-15 [Danboo]: hello

2004-12-15 [Danboo]: um, i don't know a crack addict

2004-12-15 [Danboo]: cool?? me?? HA!

2004-12-15 [Danboo]: or not cool at school

2004-12-15 [Danboo]: cool man your lucky, im now doing the semester exam then T.A.K.S. test after that

2004-12-16 [Danboo]: ohhh

2004-12-16 [Danboo]: what

2004-12-16 [Danboo]: YAY!! *hugs lokio* you get to stay on

2004-12-16 [Danboo]: lol

2004-12-16 [Danboo]: me nether

2004-12-16 [Danboo]: ok

2004-12-16 [Lokio]: so dose anyone rp on here

2004-12-16 [Lokio]: i want to rp

2004-12-16 [Danboo]: lets rp on this chat box

2004-12-16 [Lokio]: ok

2004-12-16 [Lokio]: are we going to rp or not?

2004-12-17 [Danboo]: ok rping starting now!

2004-12-17 [Lokio]: lol

2004-12-17 [Lokio]: (you start)

2004-12-17 [Danboo]: *2 hooded people walk into a town one 5'0(me) the other

2004-12-17 [Lokio]: (what kind of rp is this)

2004-12-17 [Danboo]: (one i'm trying to start, its my first time soo..)

2004-12-17 [Lokio]: (oh ok)

2004-12-17 [Danboo]: (now how tall are you on the game?)

2004-12-17 [Lokio]: (wait i will do something fast)

2004-12-17 [Danboo]: (ok)

2004-12-17 [Lokio]: (look at my home thing)

2004-12-17 [Danboo]: (well anyways) they're both walking at a leisery pace and heading to the tavern

2004-12-17 [Lokio]: (hey lets rp on the mail thing)

2004-12-17 [Danboo]: (ok when rping on mail thung use~ at the begining or otherwise were just talking)

2004-12-20 [Susanisonfire]: I know a good Rp, just let your mind go. Here's the scenario: You're a girl, living with your divorced single parent mom in southern california. typical southern california life. let your mind go free.

2004-12-20 [Lokio]: what?

2004-12-20 [Danboo]: what about me

2004-12-23 [Susanisonfire]: think hott skater guys, the nice sunny weather, the nice downtowns, and so forth

2004-12-23 [Danboo]: ok

2004-12-24 [Susanisonfire]: well, who wants to start?

2004-12-24 [Lokio]: Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

2004-12-25 [Susanisonfire]: i don't do x-mas

2004-12-25 [Lokio]: oh sorry um what do you do

2004-12-26 [Danboo]: sooo do you do hanuka or kwanza

2004-12-27 [Susanisonfire]: i don't do religion. none of the above.

2004-12-27 [Susanisonfire]: just write scenarios from your imagination

2005-01-01 [weasel2]: black wolf: good [crowfeather] cant fine me here

2005-01-10 [Lokio]: anyone want to rp?

2005-01-10 [Danboo]: meeeeee

2005-01-11 [weasel2]: black wolf: hi dan dont tell corw im here ok

2005-01-11 [Danboo]: ookk?

2005-01-11 [weasel2]: black wolf :thank you

2005-01-11 [Danboo]: ok?

2005-02-01 [weasel2]: ha danboo

2005-03-08 [Danboo]: ..

2005-03-09 [weasel2]: kicks dan

2005-03-09 [Danboo]: *dodges weasle* hey!

2005-03-10 [weasel2]: ha dann i still need hlep in the vote

2005-03-10 [Danboo]: what vote?

2005-03-12 [weasel2]: theres a vote at [Black_Dragon_123] in member poll

2005-09-07 [N/A EVER!]: hey everyboady whats cookin?

2005-09-10 [weasel2]: not much here

2005-09-27 [Lokio]: hi all

2005-10-14 [Danboo]: hey

2005-10-29 [weasel2]: hugs my son daboo

2005-11-04 [Danboo]: huggs to,long time no see

2005-11-12 [weasel2]: where have you been son

2005-11-12 [Danboo]: ...places |>.>| |<.<| |>.>| |<.<|

2005-11-16 [weasel2]: tell me tell me

2005-11-18 [Danboo]: ...

2005-11-23 [weasel2]: eviel look at ....

2007-10-11 [Lokio]: anyone remember me other then Danboo?

2007-10-11 [Danboo]: stop saying that

2007-10-11 [Lokio]: why?

2007-10-11 [Danboo]: it...

2007-10-11 [Lokio]: it?

2007-10-11 [Danboo]: mean...

2007-10-11 [Lokio]: how is it mean?

2007-10-11 [Danboo]: ...

2007-10-11 [Lokio]: i already know you know me so why would i want to know again when your like the other person im talk to on this site

2007-10-11 [Danboo]: fine then.

2007-10-11 [Lokio]: well its true

2007-10-11 [Danboo]: hmph!

2007-10-11 [Lokio]: fine be mad at me

2007-10-11 [Danboo]: ...

2007-10-13 [weasel2]: ha dont pick on my son

2007-10-13 [Lokio]: Im not, your son likes me...well that what he said

2007-10-13 [weasel2]: yes but you have no pic of you

2007-10-13 [Lokio]: so?

2007-10-13 [weasel2]: so what

2007-10-13 [Lokio]: what does that have to do with anything?

2007-10-14 [weasel2]: not a thing

2007-10-14 [Lokio]: you are weird....

2007-10-14 [weasel2]: yes and old

2007-10-14 [Lokio]: he isnt your real son is he?

2007-10-14 [weasel2]: if you dont beleave me ask him

2007-10-14 [Lokio]: fine i will

2007-10-14 [weasel2]: ok

2007-10-14 [Lokio]: alright

2007-10-14 [Danboo]: father always like his first son more than me though...

2007-10-14 [Lokio]: so you mean this is your real dad? not rp?

2007-10-18 [weasel2]: told you

2007-10-19 [Lokio]: well your a mean father, you never pick a fav child

2007-10-20 [weasel2]: yes i have to becuse hes mean to cats

2007-10-21 [Lokio]: oh, i love cats, but im used to it cuz my step dad is mean to cats too....but thats not why i hate him at times. anyways you still dont pick a fav child

2007-10-21 [Danboo]: yes you do

2007-10-21 [Lokio]: yes you do what?

2007-10-24 [weasel2]: pick silly

2007-10-25 [Lokio]: no you dont, thats just messed up

2007-10-27 [Danboo]: it makes a standard to live up to

2007-10-31 [weasel2]: i always do

2007-11-27 [Lokio]: i think....nvm im not going to say what i think

2007-12-03 [weasel2]: why not i do

2007-12-06 [Lokio]: i dont want to, its none of my business

2008-07-07 [Danboo]: hehe soo

2008-07-08 [Lokio]: so?

2008-07-08 [Danboo]: aaah*glomps lokio*

2008-07-08 [Lokio]: ah what are you doing?!

2008-07-09 [Danboo]: hehe, what does it look like

2008-07-09 [Lokio]: *blinks and tries to pull away*

2008-07-09 [Danboo]: *holds on to you and nuzzles your neck* Oh my goodness i missed you soooooo much

2008-07-10 [Lokio]: ya ya stop lying *giggles*

2008-07-12 [Danboo]: don't make me bite your neck

2008-07-13 [Lokio]: you woulnt

2008-07-13 [Danboo]: *breathes heavily in you ear*i would..

2008-07-13 [Lokio]: *pushes you away* no

2008-07-13 [Danboo]: why not

2008-07-13 [Lokio]: i have told you why

2008-07-13 [Danboo]: awww....

2008-07-16 [weasel2]: thers my son

2008-07-17 [Danboo]: ne? hiya dad

2008-07-17 [Lokio]: *rolls my eyes*

2008-07-17 [weasel2]: so what are you two up to a

2008-07-18 [Danboo]: nothing i guess

2008-07-18 [Lokio]: why would i tell you?

2008-07-18 [weasel2]: why not ive been fishing

2008-07-20 [Lokio]: i dont trust you....

2008-07-20 [Danboo]: thats cause your from the city, you city slicker :P little towns have trust :P

2008-07-20 [Lokio]: dont make me walk away and not let you follow me...

2008-07-20 [Danboo]: meany, ill follow you anywhere, even to hell and back

2008-07-20 [Lokio]: you cant follow me if i dont let you

2008-07-20 [Danboo]: how will you not let me

2008-07-20 [Lokio]: Ill close my door and lock it

2008-07-21 [weasel2]: glues door open

2008-07-22 [Danboo]: lol

2008-07-22 [Lokio]: weasel stay out of this please

2008-07-22 [weasel2]: cant im a weasel

2008-07-26 [Lokio]: i dont care what you are, i asked you to stay out of this

2008-07-27 [Danboo]: ...

2008-07-27 [Lokio]: what? your going to take his side?

2008-07-27 [weasel2]: what side left right top bottom

2008-07-28 [Lokio]: im not talking to you weasel! stay out of it!

2008-07-28 [Danboo]: im not taking his side... im staying nuetral

2008-07-28 [Lokio]: well im leaving

2008-07-30 [weasel2]: well this was fun

2008-08-01 [Danboo]: no it wasn't

2008-08-06 [weasel2]: wasnt what

2008-08-14 [Danboo]: fun

2008-08-16 [weasel2]: o

2008-08-17 [Lokio]: why wasnt it fun? not that im saying it was, i just want to know why your saying that...seemed like you where having fun, i was the only one that wasnt

2008-08-19 [weasel2]: im old

2008-08-19 [Lokio]: huh?

2008-08-19 [weasel2]: around a 100days tell 43

2008-08-20 [Lokio]: so? whats your point?

2008-08-22 [weasel2]: none

2008-08-22 [Lokio]: forget this post, I take what I said back. Weasel I was rude to you and Im sorry.

2008-11-13 [weasel2]: thats ok if we cant be are slefs then

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