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RPG Wiki

These are the RPG categories: Check at the one you likes the most, or at all of them just for fun!

Anime RPG's 9 wikis
Creatures RPG's 27 wikis
Horror RPG's 10 wikis
Fan RPG's 24 wikis
Medieval Fantasy RPG's 48 wikis
Modern Setting RPG's 40 wikis
Other worlds RPG's 25 wikis

Various RPG's 153 wikis

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2005-01-11 [#9437]: what is the name of your wiki?

2005-01-11 [#9437]: and have you asked it to be put up?

2005-01-18 [Duhe Rahn]: Have you ever thought of organising this page into RPG types? I mean it'd be alot easier to find the wiki I'm looking for if I new what type it was from this page (I forget names alot and theres this one wiki i was at yet forgot to watch it or put in my notes))

2005-01-18 [Yoruno]: Uhm... it's a good idea. I'll see what can I do. Any volunteer?

2005-01-20 [#9437]: well i might be willing to if you could give me some ideas as to what sort of categories you want

2005-01-20 [Yoruno]: What about something simple to start with? Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern settings, Fan RPG... lemme think a bit more about it and I'll do it.

2005-01-20 [Yoruno]: Ok, this wiki page will be out of order for a few hours till I fix it.

2005-01-20 [Yoruno]: The categories are done, but I don't have time to label every wiki. All the wikis that used to be here are now in Various RPG's, and we'll add them to their new categories gradually. ^_^

2005-01-27 [FaST2HaMMeR]: hiiiii

2005-02-08 [og_ghost]: Please add Ultimate Weapons Tournament.

2005-02-08 [Yoruno]: Ultimate Weapons Tournament has been added *bows*

2005-02-15 [*Night_Shade*]: please add Half-Life

2005-02-20 [Panda-monium]: can you please add Juharia

2005-03-25 [x-xVanityx-x]: Please may you add The Orphanage of Atarai to creature RPGs.

2005-03-28 [UzumakiKurai]: Would you please add The Organization.

2005-03-30 [UzumakiKurai]: Could you also add Castle Oblivion as well?

2005-03-30 [Yoruno]: Castle Oblivion has been added to the Horror RPG's ^_^

2005-04-02 [~Legato~]: Please add Trigun RolePlay under Anime RPG's please! ^^

2005-04-08 [Unknown one]: Please add Whisperwind at medieval fantasy :)

2005-04-10 [haghad]: please add ebberon from D&D

2005-04-11 [Yoruno]: All of the above has been added... but ebberon is an empty page... could you please writte a link to it, [haghad]?

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