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RPG Wiki

These are the RPG categories: Check at the one you likes the most, or at all of them just for fun!

Anime RPG's 9 wikis
Creatures RPG's 27 wikis
Horror RPG's 10 wikis
Fan RPG's 24 wikis
Medieval Fantasy RPG's 48 wikis
Modern Setting RPG's 40 wikis
Other worlds RPG's 25 wikis

Various RPG's 153 wikis

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2004-12-06 [Black_Dragon_123]: could you add The Phantom Shadow? It's me pirate wiki!

2004-12-06 [Accio]: The Phantom Shadow has been added.

2004-12-07 [~Intoxicating~]: could u please add [~Intoxicating~]

2004-12-07 [#9437]: this is an index for wikis, not members. feel free to create a wiki and then we will add it.

2004-12-20 [Wild Rose]: Could you add The Astral War

2004-12-20 [#9437]: added The Astral War

2004-12-22 [haghad]: add dungeons and dragons

2004-12-22 [Accio]: There is nothing at Dungeons and Dragons

2004-12-22 [#9437]: this is a list for rpg WIKIS, not the games, if that was the confusion.

2004-12-22 [Accio]: He could of made it into a rpg.... just like resident evil rpg... woudl be an rpg... wouldnt it? Idk... Im confused now...

2004-12-22 [Accio]: Oh wait, nevermind... I understand now :).... yeah.. .wikis only... :)

2005-01-02 [Panda-monium]: which are new though? Thats what sucks, are those all ones in progress?

2005-01-02 [Accio]: They are wikis that people have asked us to put up for them so other people might come across and find their wiki interesting.

2005-01-02 [Panda-monium]: ahhh...I see cool.

2005-01-06 [Wild Rose]: please add Open Mind

2005-01-06 [Yoruno]: Open mind has been added

2005-01-07 [Tekkon KinKreet]: i have two wikis i would like added......assassin journy and A Bleeding Hart

2005-01-09 [Phil Crooked]: please add legand of ashar

2005-01-10 [Yoruno]: legand of ashar has been added

2005-01-10 [elody]: and surprise, surprise, I cant see my wikis here either... hm. o.o

2005-01-11 [#9437]: what is the name of your wiki?

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