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reference pictures manipulation challenge

RPMC Halloween 2011


For this session we will be expecting high quality images related to Halloween

Please place your entries for the RPMC Halloween. Before you submit your entry or entries, please make sure you have read and understand the rules set forth in Reference Pictures Manipulation Challenge


This session is closed!


1. [Nioniel] - "Witch of the Woods"
WOTW Stock Info

2. [Lord Josmar] - "Bathed in an Aura"
BiaA Stock Info

3. [Avaz] - "The Dead Rise Again"

4. [Nioniel] "Nightmarish"
Nightmarish Stock INFO


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2010-10-22 [pixish]: Thank you :D It took a while until I found something I wanted to use :P
ANd then when I had basically finished and was just looking to see if there was a 'belt' image I could use, I saw that there is a Wraith set of pictures x) Perfect for halloween stuff!

2010-10-22 [Amanda Bastian]: You're welcome!
awesome! :D

2010-10-22 [Lothuriel]: Awesome! Thanks for entering!

2010-10-23 [Falx]: There's my go.

2010-10-24 [pixish]: ohhh, noice! Very creative :)

2010-10-24 [Falx]: Thanks!

2010-10-24 [Amanda Bastian]: Falx, yours is awesome! :D

2010-10-24 [Falx]: Thanks! I had a lot of trouble with the scythe. I'm still not entirely happy with it, but... meh. I think it's one of the better manipulations I've done. Maybe the skull could be a little brighter, but I dunno.

2010-10-24 [Amanda Bastian]: Nah, I think it fits together really well ^^
and you're welcome

2010-11-23 [Lothuriel]: Come on guys...just a few more days!! Get ye to work!!

2010-11-23 [Amanda Bastian]: lol ^^

2010-12-30 [Falx]: So, when does this go to vote? Or, is it still open since there's only 4 entries?

2011-01-04 [Lothuriel]: I am going to get everything updated within the next 48 hours. I haven't had access to a computer at home. That problem will be fixed as of 4-ish today. Sorry for the delay guys.

2011-01-28 [Amanda Bastian]: yay :) it's ok. no worries, Lothuriel. :3

2011-09-10 [WonderTweek]: This seems fun :3

2011-09-10 [Lothuriel]: Join you must!

2011-09-10 [WonderTweek]: Okie! :D

2011-09-10 [Amanda Bastian]: I'll try again this year :3

2011-10-01 [Lothuriel]: YAY~! First entry!! I love it!

2011-10-01 [Nioniel]: <3

2011-10-02 [Amanda Bastian]: I should really get started on mine for this year. :) and I got some new techniques up my sleeve. :D <3

and the first submission looks absolutely awesome, by the way! ^_^

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