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2008-09-10 19:14:50
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Radiator Cover Progress...

As some of you may know, my only brother got married last October and his wife is now expecting their first baby. Since my brother uses steam heat in his house, he got an old radiator cover to go in the baby's room and after sandblasting it, painted it white. He and his wife then approached me about possibly painting a mural on the cover to match the baby's room. I said yes.

So this is my latest work in progress: painting cute little animals on a radiator cover for my brother. Normally I can't stand doing such nauseatingly cute and disgustingly sweet stuff but he is my baby brother. XD The animal design isn't mine but is done to match the crib sheets picked out by my sister in law: <URL:>

I guess I should have noted when I started this project so I could keep a timeline but meh... *shrugs* I'm not that great about such things. Time is far too subjective a thing anyways. I just hope I get this done before the baby comes in mid September. O_o

OMG! I started drawing on the cover and it didn't explode! This is a good sign yes!

Sketch done, now to break out the acrylics and get painting...later...

Panoramic view... lolZ

Painting started... and again, nothing exploded! XD Don't mind the unfinished Gundam Wing models in the background...


More paint, different colours and so far, so good. I think I'm getting the hang of this.

Stay on target... Stay on target!!

Gah! Gingham tractor of doom!! >_< Almost there...

<img200*0:stuff/Rad%20Cover%20015.jpg>     <img200*0:stuff/Rad%20Cover%20016.jpg>     <img200*0:stuff/Rad%20Cover%20017.jpg>
Some detail shots to enjoy before I potentially mess things up with detail work. ;)

Detail work commencing. Ugh... so many stripes... *shudders*

Gah... all these details are making me crazy!!

<img200*0:stuff/Rad%20Cover%20023.jpg>   <img200*0:stuff/Rad%20Cover%20025.jpg>
Whoo hoo! Finally got all the details done! All it needs now is a clear coat of enamel to protect it and its ready to go!!

<img200*0:stuff/Rad%20Cover%20028.jpg>   <img200*0:stuff/Rad%20Cover%20030.jpg>
Yay!! All done and a healthy coating of clear lacquer applied to protect it. Now all that's left is to get it back to my brother. *crosses fingers*

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2008-08-19 [Mom]: no no. Don't get upset with me.It looks great and I love it. I am just thinking there should be a perverted rabbit somewhere. lol

2008-08-19 [Yuriona]: LMAO!! Well there are bunnies in it but they're not the perverted sort. Must be why they're blue! XD I was gonna stick in a little, purple, baby dragon hiding on there someplace but there's no time for that now. Oh well...

2008-08-19 [Mom]: It's really cute. I love the theme of the room. [Channy]'s nursery was baby dinosaurs. I liked them becaused they looked like dragons.

2008-08-19 [Yuriona]: Oh it is adorable that's for sure. My eldest daughter had a room with baby dragon wall paper on it actually and it was so cute! We had to leave it behind when we moved though. T_T

2008-08-19 [Mom]: Time for a wall mural.

2008-08-21 [Kyrinn]: Wow! that looks pretty good, Yuri! THough I do admit, Mom's idea sounds kinda fun. >:D

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