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You walk alone outside in the dark. A raindrop falls out of the sky, in your face. You look up to the clouds, darker then the nightblue of the sky. More intens. More raindrops falling. Spread your arm and turn. Turn and twist. Feel the wind in your hair, the rain in your face. See the lightning. Hear the thunder. Dance. Dance in the rain.


Like to dance in the rain? Then you've come to the right place!

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1. [Stormqueen] Owner. Just loovve storm (as you can see in my name)
2. [brandi_080786]
3.[one last word..] lol Rainy and sotrmy days make me feel soo good
4. [mywolfalways] I am either out in the rain or my window is open!
5. [nnnnn] Rain is refreshing!! Afterwards everything's so.... pure
6. [SilverFire]
7.[ShadowFound] I am not myself until it rains
8.[LightVampire]I dance in the rain!
9.[lord_Snhihh] I wubs to watch storms and hang against heavy winds... I'm flying! :-D
10. [Irishpixie] Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.  --Anonymous
11. [LonelyTylenol]- Future sister wikis, right?
12. [Annie T.] whee...rain...-sigh- so romantic...
13. [OceanBorn] - I love Rain and thunder. Its so peaceful :)
14. [dark starlight]
15.[fade_out]..i love rain..when its so heavy u cant even see your hands..its so amzing
16. [greekgirlfriend] i wish it could rain more often ..... it could be herican season all year round ..... that would be great
17. [Ojos De Angel] rain, lightning, and thunder is all awesome :P
18. [2 Lost Souls Swimming in a Fish Bowl] I would Love to live in England. Its always raining there
19. [dark_vamp] I always wonder what its like to get struck by lightning
20. [In a Yellow Submarine] I love the rain! It's so relaxing....
21. [Izzles] Apart from when you're wearing white...
22. [Vessel 4 Christ]: Soothes the soul.
23. [Magic is in a Sunrise] Everytime it rains, I go dancve, then it stops, and I change, then it starts again... I get soaked again... but it's very fun!!! LOL!
24. [lauralilly] 'theres nothing better than getting stuck under a rain cloud'
25. [Basketballgurl] i love rainy days!
26. [Coffee is my weed] 'pretty lightning storm"
27. [schizoid] the green sky is the best. with hail and lightning!
28. [JeSsIkA] i love the rain...everything shaded relaxing at night...
29. [mutant virago] I adore bad weather; storms of every style. The sounds, the looks of it, -everything-.
30.[birdsong] love rain,Really love Storms!!
31.[purpledaisy]*runs to play in rain*
32. [apokryph] "The day is cold, and dark, and dreary; It rains, and the wind in never weary; The vine still clings to the mouldering wall, But at every gust the dead leaves fall, And the day is dark and dreary." Henry W.Longfellow
33.[i need to improvise] dark and rainy weather, its the only way i could survive
34.[shawivan]Only feel good when it's raining with big storms in the sky making a lot of noise.(made a story about rain in the hopeless romantic story contest).
35.[sarcasticsigh.] I have a tin rough it sounds pretty when it rains
36. [Keyta] i love Rain...i need to walk in it or i'll go crazy
37. [Angelic Fruitcake] I have no idea how to join these things. Hope I did it right this time ^_^ I'm stuck in a desert like place which helps me to appreciate bad weather even more ^_^
38. [Pianomay44] i <3 thunderstorms.
39. [to a new?] i have many memories of rain storms that i wil never forget and i thank the rain for the memory.
40. [Sheket] I love rain and storms and winter...
41.[DawnUnicorn] I love it when earth shows her wrath.. wind, howling rain (which is what its like as i am writing this)... blizzards... thunderstorms.. everything!
42. [Daesalkar (dead)] I HAVE to love rain, if I don't, my life would be even more terrible, for it's raining here waaaaaaaay too much =P
43. [Denny Jojomojolojo]
44. [sugarplumfairy] it's been raining, and it's gonna rain tonight. :) i love rain, and thunderstorms. :) it's so beautiful.
45. [#9437]
47.[Faery] Check out my house for explanations!
48.[JacquliynnElaine] to be struck by lightining
49. [Sersia04] I love rain and storms, i love lying in bed at night and just listening.
50. [Angelic Fruitcake] And I live in a place that's practically a desert!
51.[The Bohemian Pixie]
52.[ZombiezJojo] oo! rain! lets dance!
53.[carrot_queen] i love sitting on the grass in early autumn when the sky is grey, the air is cool, but the rain has not come yet. its not the rain, its the waiting that i love
54.[flash of darkness]
55.[over stimulated kittie] Boom!
56.[blood soaked madin] rainy weather inspires me. :)
57. [whimsical fae]
58. [Magic is in a Sunrise] I love the rain!! The sound, the smell, dancing in it!! I wish it wouldn rain here all the time!!
59. [R0s3tt3 Chr1st0ph3r] my friends and i would just sit or dance in the rain, come in when it stopped, then go back out when it started again. It's very fun
60. [Kyt] I love the rain!
61. [I don't exist anymore!] Rainy day girl
62.[bluefarie]-i have 2 b pulled out of the rain by my mom...even though it's thundering...
63. [firehawk] they have to pullme away from the window during a thunder/lightning storm. I love lightning!!!
64. [Fire-n-Ash] Apart from my horses Thunder Storms are my true love. ^_^ Such emotions! IT IS GREAT!
66.[C-vicious]rain is good...
67. [JupiterStar] Rain is just so calming.
68.[Hilinia Marionel] how wonderful=)
69. [2 Lost Souls Swimming in a Fish Bowl] Rain is my only gateway out of reality and into the spritual world
70.[Hollow Threats]Dance to the beat of the music Power to the Rain Goddesses
71. [serendipity flicious] rain is cleansing, and so many need that...
72. [Dj. CHRISTOFF] Ahh, to be caught in the turbulent gust of a screaming storm...the ecstasy...O.o
73. [Fearless Ferrett] Sunshine Sucks!
74. [Demon-child] People think I'm crazy because I never wear coats. It's because of in case of a sudden attack of precipitation! Seriously though, I do like how peaceful rain is. fairyluvr
75.[Ninja24] Walks in the rain, fights in the rain, sex in the rain, what do all those thigns have in common, Rain kicks ass!
76.[stranger danger] Rain, no, just storms in general, kick some serious ass! I loooove lightning and lots a rain!
77. [TwiztidYoshi03] Rain its so relaxing and the lighting so powerful... all i gotta say is rain is da best to have sex in~!!
78. [chosenwarrior7] I love rain and thunderstorms! I could sit and listen to rain fall for hours. Lightning is awe-inspiring!
79.[tyu] Raindrops are gifts from God and when it rains he is speaking to his children and answering their prayers.
80. [86trista04] i wanna have sex in the rain lol
81.[Sinistra.] gotta love the rain
82.[Dr.Mandarian] Rain has it's own special magic for me...
Circles intersecting on the surface of water...the atmosphere
a whole city gets enchanted by... I love the melancholy and even the tristesse of it... * takes on a faraway look *
83. [merryelf]...rain..aoh how it activates my creative side
84.[Magdalena Snow]
85. [mega geek]
86. [thesam-man] I like to sit out in thunderstorms, and hope that I'm not near anything metal O.o
87. [stranger danger] ah....rain is great...
88. [~*celtic angel*~]...oh man i love the rain...its whatever you need it to be can wash away the pain...
89. [emily29] rain makes me feel good.. ppl think thats wierd:P
90. [PyroFreak]rain is the most romantic thing there is!
91. [~Shey~] i love to watch lightning and sit out on the porch when it's raining
92. [Leaegd] I love rain !! sadly, its now 24 degrees (C) over here and no rain. (usually Belgium is very rainy indeed, only not now -_-)
93. [mega geek] Rain is just amazing. It helps me through all the tough times.
94. [EnyNotaim] I wish I could have more time to sit/jump/stand/run/walk/swim in the rain. Swimming in the heavy rain (after or in the middle of a huge storm) is the best!
95.[Ice_Angel88]the best time to be out side is when it is raining. it makes everything clean and refreshed so ya rain is the best.
96. [~lil cutie~] Rain??? i love rain!!!!!
97. [Im gone.. ha] Rain ahh gr8!! <33
98. [Eeve] Rain Rain Rain....!!!
99. [caddi] i love the rain!!!
100. [OMERTA]Rain! I love it
101. [Im gone.. ha] <33 it ...rain
102. [Drown Me In Your Memory] Couldn't live without the rain..
103. [Alianore] I hate Utah. Not enough rain. Now
104. [Nicoda]
Ireland...there's my paradise. Lots of rain. Whee!
105. [must be loved] I've danced outside in the rain for everysingle rain storm this year, and last month i almost got hit by lightning...:)
106. [omgOMEGA] As long as it's raining, I'll be happy...
107. [.Sharn.] RAIN!!!!!!
108. [fae leonie]
110. [speakyourwords] rain is beautiful. I dance in it every chance i get. <3
111. [Fable=Maker] love rain, love lightning, love dancing in the rain.

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2006-06-03 [TwiztidYoshi03]: O.o... wow

2006-06-06 [AstridSterling]: I love the rain. Everytime it rains I get this feeling of love. My heart is high when I hear it raining. It's the same feeling I get when I hear someone tell me that they love me. ^_^ *WEIRD* I know but it is the truth and I thought that I should post this. ^_^

2006-07-20 [Fable=Maker]: it rained today and was so beautiful

2006-07-21 [Leaegd]: it hasn't rained here in 3 weeks (apart from 5 minutes yesterday morning)

2006-07-24 [Fable=Maker]: oh that's so sad...I hate it when it just spits on makes me cry *lets out a sob*

2006-07-24 [speakyourwords]: There was a huge storm around here yesterday. It didn't rain a lot where we were; we just heard thunder. But it got really dark, and rained in Canada. If I had been there, I would have gone to the beach - in the rain. ^__^

2006-07-25 [Fable=Maker]: That sounds like more fun than I like to have! *Hides under covers*

2006-07-27 [Fable=Maker]: La

2006-07-27 [TwiztidYoshi03]: <.<

2006-07-27 [Fable=Maker]: yes...

2006-07-27 [TwiztidYoshi03]: <.< I dont know...XD

2006-07-27 [speakyourwords]: Let me tell you all a little story. The past 3 years (2003, 2004, 2005), it has rained on my birthday. Therefore, it will rain today. Why would tradition stop now? xD

2006-07-27 [TwiztidYoshi03]: XD... Well happy rainy bday....XD!!

2006-07-27 [Fable=Maker]: happy birthday...and i hope tradition stands

2006-07-27 [speakyourwords]: Thank you!! hehe

2006-07-27 [Fable=Maker]: you're most welcomd

2006-07-29 [Magdalena Snow]: it rains on my mother's birthday every year since she was a little girl... or so she says... but as long as I've been alive it has.

2006-07-29 [Fable=Maker]: oh that is really neat...i wish it would rain on my birthday sometime

2006-07-29 [TwiztidYoshi03]: Same here...

2006-07-29 [Fable=Maker]: it would be so nice...

2007-08-31 [kenmei~89]: RAIN RAAAWKKKSSS!!!! XD

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