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2004-12-18 12:48:27
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Random Crap

Drawings that are kinda crap, and are normally made when I'm very, very, very... bored/ drunk/ hyper/ too sleepy to actually sleep/ pissed off/ ect... but I like them enough to show them to ya ;)


Translation: 'Dangerous Monster'


This is a picture of 'Grumpy Shroompf' after he found some steroids... a.k.a. the Body builder style.


'Spide Ride'... I got bored so I drew a motorbike, then I got bored again so I stuck a Spiderman action figure photo on it... looks so silly that I just had to post it :D


this a part of my bedroom wall, my entire room looks like that... I'm gonna try make a bigger picture of it later.
And yes, I am crazy, and I realy like Eminem, P!nk, Blink 182, Marilyn Manson, Johnny Knoxville, dirtbikes, tigers....


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2004-11-10 [Bodhi]: errm alittle obssesed with eminem a think!!!

2004-11-10 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: lol, you haven't seen the rest of my room yet ;) I'm gonna try taking some more pics

2004-12-18 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: testing <img:stuff/late.jpg>

2005-01-06 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: <img:stuff/sketches.jpg>

2005-01-07 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: I LOVE the strong Shroom guy and the Spide Ride, u have a funny and wicked imagination! Great stuff!

2005-01-07 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: thankies :D I'm glad you like it

2005-02-12 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: <img:stuff/grundo(tiny).gif>

2005-03-08 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: <img:stuff/gecko%20avatar.jpg>

2005-03-08 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: <img:stuff/ring%20avatar.jpg>

2005-03-12 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: <img:stuff/she%20devil2.jpg>

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