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Yay!....Wiki!...Anyway!..This is the Random Anime Wiki!..^^'s going to have several different animes in it..and maybe a few r.p.g's!!....^^....Randomness Anime will have tons of things ranging from quotes to pictures!....

WE need some banner for this Wiki so anyone who wants to make a banner for it please go ahead!...Thankies!!..^^

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2007-05-30 [shadow frost wolf]: in the summer i dont like chilling in my room, i'll be downstairs or at kuro's

2007-05-30 [Phōs Aēchos]: I'm not in my room, though. My computer's in the dining room, but when tucker gets here, I"m going to see if we can't move my room around and whatnot, and actually put the computers in there.

2007-05-30 [shadow frost wolf]: hmm....well that is something i guess, whens he coming down?

2007-05-30 [Phōs Aēchos]: Well....alll really depends on if his dad is willing...I'll tell you more in a message.

2007-05-30 [shadow frost wolf]: kay....

2007-05-30 [Phōs Aēchos]: me dont like going into much details with stuff like this...-_- Unless it's in a message.

2007-05-30 [shadow frost wolf]: yes, cant have random people over seeing stuff ^^'

2007-05-31 [Phōs Aēchos]: i know

2007-05-31 [shadow frost wolf]: Rika!!!! are you here???

2007-06-16 [クロナ]: ^^...That looks better!!!....Don't you think???

2007-06-16 [Kailynn]: *drools.* ^////^....Oh! Telynn!!!..How did you figure out what my password was??? It's not the same as my other ones!!

2007-06-16 [クロナ]: ^^...I'm good at things like that....(you're more obvious than you think.)...^^..It looks better though, right?..^^..

2007-06-16 [Kailynn]: yeah...>////< *didn't think that she was an obvious kind of person*

2007-06-17 [shadow frost wolf]: really? i never tried.....i wanna crack rika's code too!

2007-06-17 [クロナ]: ^^...Good luck...although...if you do then you probably figured out the pass for just about everything....^^..

2007-06-17 [shadow frost wolf]: T.T its hard!!!

2007-06-17 [Kailynn]: Yeah...I have teo different ones!!....*sticks tongue out at Telynn.*

2007-06-17 [クロナ]: *grins.* Don't do that..Unless you want me to bite it!..^^

2007-06-17 [Kailynn]: OO...Telynn!! You're a perv!!....

2007-06-17 [クロナ]: ^^....I can't help it!..I told you that I liked you!!

2007-06-17 [Kailynn]: Yeah..I know..and I told you how I felt about things like that.......I don't mind it....But...I have a b/f *and two other guys that I like* and..I'm not

2007-06-17 [クロナ]: *huggles Rika-chan.* I know...I know..It's okay....^^..But..the bf and two other guys?...You're going to become a player!!...^^..*sniffles.* My Rika-chan's growing up fast!!

2007-06-17 [Kailynn]: Ummm...I never said that I was going to do anything like that...I just happen to like two other guys (but I still like my bf)..and plus...I doubt that I'd ever get to see one of the guys that I like....

2007-06-17 [クロナ]: Sooooooo...that means that you like....him?.....*grins.* You're so funny!!....

2007-06-17 [Kailynn]: Yeah..him...but...let's change the a lot....Okay....Incase he can figure it out..k?..

2007-06-18 [クロナ]: Okay!!..Let's talk people!!!!..^^...

2007-06-19 [Kailynn]: X.X

2007-06-19 [クロナ]: OO...Mew?...

2007-06-19 [Kailynn]: X.X

2007-06-19 [クロナ]: *pokes Rika-chan.*

2007-06-19 [Kailynn]: X.X

2007-06-19 [クロナ]: *pokes again.*

2007-06-19 [Vhnori Valmos]: *POKE* XD

2007-06-19 [Phōs Aēchos]: *pokes Tucker*

2007-06-19 [Vhnori Valmos]: *Pokes back* XD

2007-06-20 [shadow frost wolf]: *pokes somebody*

2007-06-21 [Phōs Aēchos]: *gets poked*..XD

2007-06-22 [shadow frost wolf]: Gotcha!!

2007-06-22 [Phōs Aēchos]: *screams and runs in a circle. runs into a wall and falls ober* Owwiee...T_T

2007-06-22 [shadow frost wolf]: OO.....did i really do all that?!

2007-06-22 [Phōs Aēchos]: *sniffles, sitting on the floor*...TT_TT

2007-06-22 [shadow frost wolf]: *picks you up and pats you on the back* better?

2007-06-22 [Phōs Aēchos]: *sighs lightly* not really. XDD I've been thinking too much and I have a headache.

2007-06-22 [クロナ]:


2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: Telynn!!!...You're going to give someone a heart attack!!!...X.X

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: ^^...I got you to talk didn't I?

2007-06-22 [Vhnori Valmos]: HONK!

2007-06-22 [Phōs Aēchos]: And Rika-chan, Saying loveless really big isn't going to give anyone a heart attack..XDD I just laughed.

2007-06-22 [Vhnori Valmos]: *Has a heart attack* XDD

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: ......

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: Awww!!!....Rika-chan was just playing around!! *huggles.* Isn't that right. my Rika-chan?

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: Hey!!..I told you about that!!!..Tey!!..Stop!!...

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: Awwww!!!..But Rika-chan!!..*hugs tighter.*

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: *trying to get away.* Telynn!!!!! Stop!!...I told you about that!!

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: *bites one of her cat ears.*...But...You're just so likeable!!!

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: No!!..Telynn!!..You're a pevert!!

2007-06-22 [Vhnori Valmos]: Ok you two break it up...XD

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: TT.TT..Save me!!!

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: But!!..*huggles Rika-chan tightly.*....I like her!!...^^

2007-06-22 [Phōs Aēchos]: XDD wow...

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: TT.TT..She's going to take my ears!!...

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: ^^...And your tail!!...*grabs Rika's tail.*

2007-06-22 [Phōs Aēchos]: *covers her fox ears* These are mine...XD No one else can have them...*shifty eyes*

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: *squeeks.* TELYNN!!! PERV!!!...TT.TT...You can't take them!!

2007-06-22 [Vhnori Valmos]: Hey anyone intersted in helping to make a new realm feel free to check this place out Utopia. Ideas XDDD

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: Oh, don't worry, Rika-chan..I will take them!!...^^....*huggles tightly and bites her ear again.*

2007-06-22 [Phōs Aēchos]: Oo

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: TT.TT...Telynn!!!!.....You're a prev!!...Quit biting my ears!!..Caita-chan!!!..Help!!...Tey's being a perv again!!..I told you she'd hear!!..TT.TT

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: Hear what?....Were you talking about me?...

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: Ummm....I was talking about you wanting to take my ears?...I think....and Caita-chan sad that you were a bad girl....and I told him to shhh..cause you'd hear!!...><...and...well...It's almost like you did...OO

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: You just told on yourself!!..^^..*huggles.* I'm glad that you like to talk about me taking your ears!!...

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: *trying to get away.* No!!..You're not going to take them!!...NO!!...Let me go!!..

2007-06-22 [shadow frost wolf]: wow....this is akward OO.....XDDDDD

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: How so?...*pets Rika's ears.*

2007-06-22 [Phōs Aēchos]: Yeah, Caita...XDD Now you know why I've been silent...XDDDDD

2007-06-22 [Vhnori Valmos]: *Screams and runs around as though im on fire even though there isnt a sign of flames*

2007-06-22 [Phōs Aēchos]: And it's getting weirder...Oo

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: OO......*whimpers.*

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: *huggles Rika.* It's okay, Love....*bites her ear again.*

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: TT.TT...Tey!!!..Stop!!....I told you that I don't like you likw that!!!...You should date Miroku!!

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: He's to much of a perv....*huggles Rika.*

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: OO...You're kidding....too much of a perv?....And what do you call yourself then?..

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: Telynn....but you can call me Telynn-chan!!

2007-06-22 [shadow frost wolf]: tis a good question XDD

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: *sweatdrop.*

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: *huggles.*

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: *gets away and hides.*

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: 8seeks.* Rika-chan?..I miss you!!!

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: *grins.*...Telynn!..Look at Distraction!!..*points.*


2007-06-22 [クロナ]: *stares and drools.*

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: Yay!!...She's going to leave me alone!!!

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: Think again!!..*grabs Rika's tail and pulls her over.*

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: TT.TT....Onee-chan!!..CAita-chan!!..Help!!..TT.TT

2007-06-22 [shadow frost wolf]: *pulls Rika-chan through an invisible portal where telynn cant get her* ^^

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: *crys.*

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: Yay!!..I'm free!!!

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: *grins.* I can get you back!! Caita!!...Lookie!!!


2007-06-22 [shadow frost wolf]: the twisted evil horrors!!!!!!!! *eyes bleeding*

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: OO...Not good...*tires to hind*

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: *steals Rika-chan back.*

2007-06-22 [Phōs Aēchos]: XDDDD woooow.

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: *tries to get away.*..TT.TT...No fair!!...You can't use hot pictures like that!!....You know that Shonen-ai and CAita-chan don't agree!!!

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: But...It's so hot!!! *huggling Rika-chan. Bites one of her ears and looks at picture.*

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: Hey!! Don't bite!!...

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: *grins. Still biting her ear.*

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: Stop!!!..Tey!!!

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: *still biting.*

2007-06-22 [shadow frost wolf]: alrighty then! how about we duel for Rika-chan!

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: Telynn went to bed!!..She was falling asleep...^^...WE talk on the phone while we're on the comp...XD..She's weird...

2007-06-22 [shadow frost wolf]: yes, but very funny ^_^

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: OO..Not for me..She's scares me half to death!!..She told me that she was going to make out with me in front of our band teacher.....You don't do that!!...Farris will kill us!!!

2007-06-22 [クロナ]: *grins.*...But..It's be so funny!!!..XD...

2007-06-22 [Kailynn]: OO....Eheheheheh.....^^'

2007-06-23 [shadow frost wolf]: OO.... *holding naughtiness from my mind, or atleast trying to*

2007-06-24 [Kailynn]: Caita-chan!!!...TT.TT...That's not helping!!..You're just going to incourage her!!!!

2007-06-24 [shadow frost wolf]: encourage dear ^^

2007-06-24 [Kailynn]: Yeah!!..That's it!!...@@

2007-06-24 [shadow frost wolf]: is she coming to make an attempt on your ears again?

2007-06-24 [Kailynn]: Ummm...I'm talking to her on the phone...She's says hi....OO...umm...she's going to try and get on...but she might have to go to a friends house to get on....Her mom's a butt....

2007-06-24 [クロナ]: Yeah..that's rught my mom's a butt..she's a lot more things, too..but we eon't go there...not with sweet innocent you!!..^^..*huggles Rika-chan.* Miss me?..

2007-06-24 [Kailynn]: *reading Loveless.*

2007-06-24 [クロナ]: TT.TT..You're ignoring me?...*takes the book away.*

2007-06-24 [Kailynn]: No!!..Tey!!...Give it back!!!..It's mine!!....I wanna finish reading it!!...TT.TT

2007-06-24 [クロナ]: Nope....Sorry....I want you to pay attention to me...not to the book.....

2007-06-24 [Kailynn]: TT.TT.....*starts watching the anime.*

2007-06-24 [shadow frost wolf]: clever comeback Rika-chan XDDD

2007-06-24 [Kailynn]: *watching Loveless.* Yay!!

2007-06-25 [shadow frost wolf]: *watched and died*

2007-06-25 [Kailynn]: *watching Loveless for the 5th time.*

2007-06-25 [shadow frost wolf]: *Starng with awe at Rika's obssesion*

2007-06-25 [Kailynn]: *watching.*

2007-06-25 [クロナ]: * walks over to Rika and picks her up bridal style.* Did you miss me, my Rika-chan?

2007-06-25 [Kailynn]: OO...Tey!!!..Let go!!...

2007-06-25 [クロナ]: No!!!

2007-06-25 [Kailynn]: TT.TT....

2007-06-25 [クロナ]: *huggles her tightly.*

2007-06-25 [Kailynn]: Tey!!!..Let go!!..

2007-06-25 [クロナ]: No!!!!

2007-06-25 [shadow frost wolf]: *gives tey a wet willy*

2007-06-25 [Kailynn]: Ewwww....

2007-06-26 [shadow frost wolf]: i'll bet she lets go now ^^

2007-06-26 [Kailynn]: *covers ears.*..I'm so gald that people won't stick their fingers in my ears anymore....

2007-06-27 [shadow frost wolf]: well now she will ^^

2007-06-27 [Kailynn]: She can't...not after I had surgery...It bothers me...and there's a chance that it could mess my ears up again....

2007-06-27 [shadow frost wolf]: my bad, i thought you ment your metaphorical ears >.>

2007-06-27 [Kailynn]: either way...I'm really sinsitive about people touching my ears now..I bit a friend b/c I told her that I had had surgery and that I didn't want people touching my ears..and right after I said that..she stuck her finger in my ear...(the one that I had surgery in) I bit her...and drew blood....

2007-06-29 [shadow frost wolf]: cool blood <img:2706_1128818519.gif>

2007-06-29 [Kailynn]: rawr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-07-01 [shadow frost wolf]: *draws a spiral on Rika-chan's forehead*

2007-07-02 [Kailynn]: OO....Ummmm???

2007-07-02 [shadow frost wolf]: its really pretty in my oppinion ^^

2007-07-03 [chyu]: How to join this please?

2007-07-03 [Kailynn]: Yeah....but it was a bit....random...I think that's a good word for it....OO

2007-07-05 [shadow frost wolf]: Rika-chan!! *tackle-blomps*

2007-07-06 [Kailynn]: Yay!!!! *ish tackle-blomped.*...I misseded you!!!..^^...

2007-07-07 [shadow frost wolf]: i really missed you too! and i still trying to figure your timing out so i can be here while you are

2007-07-07 [Kailynn]: ummm...random times...XD.....I'll try and get on during the nights...but I'm talking to Conway most of the I get on during the day...but I can't stay on a whole lot..b/c my and my steppy go crazy about me being on the comp all the time...

2007-07-07 [shadow frost wolf]: he needs a life!

2007-07-08 [Kailynn]: ummm...yeah...and not mine...

2007-07-09 [shadow frost wolf]: exactly! sorry i wasnt on, but i went to the movies and saw transformers with kuro

2007-07-09 [Kailynn]: It's okay..I know a bunch of people that want to see that....I don't...but just about every guy that I know...They want to see it...Maybe it's a guy thing

2007-07-09 [shadow frost wolf]: yes it is, proven by the fact that the only girls going were with guys, and they all fell asleep by the end. it was funnier than action to me ^^

2007-07-10 [Kailynn]: XD..Yeah..I really don't want to see it..

2007-07-10 [shadow frost wolf]: never liked the show?

2007-07-10 [Kailynn]: Yeah..I liked the show..errr..when they were animals...but other than that I never watched it..

2007-07-10 [shadow frost wolf]: no, thats beast wars your thinking of (the same, yet different really)

2007-07-11 [Kailynn]: but it had transformers in the name....It came on right before I watched it....

2007-07-11 [shadow frost wolf]: well i used to HAVE to wake up to that show, thats how i remember

2007-07-11 [Kailynn]: It only came on in the afternoons...OO....Well..Digimon came on Saturday, too....once in the morning and then twice close to noon...(still remembers....<3ed Digimon the most.)

2007-07-11 [shadow frost wolf]: when i was in kindergarten it was on like 7 every morning. we all loved digimon the most cause it was the only good thing on cept pokemon

2007-07-12 [Kailynn]: I never watched anything like that when I was in Kindergarten..the first time I watched anything like that was when I was in the 3rd grade....when Digimon first started coming on...OO

2007-07-12 [shadow frost wolf]: oh those were the days.......^^.....

2007-07-13 [Kailynn]: XD...

2007-07-13 [shadow frost wolf]: so sweet but so long ago ^_^

2007-07-15 [Kailynn]: OO

2007-07-15 [shadow frost wolf]: eight years ^^

2007-07-16 [Kailynn]: XD

2007-07-16 [shadow frost wolf]: guess what i just learned!!

2007-07-16 [Kailynn]: OO???

2007-07-16 [shadow frost wolf]: naruto means "malestrem"

2007-07-16 [Kailynn]: Ooooookay...^^...Well...If you're happy about that...^^

2007-07-18 [shadow frost wolf]: i learned a bounch of stuff really ^^

2007-07-18 [Kailynn]: ^^..That's good!!.^^

2007-07-18 [shadow frost wolf]: dont seem too happy lately, whats up?

2007-07-19 [Kailynn]: I'm fine..I've been really busy..but I'm fine..I'm feeling a little sick right now..and I haven't talked to Conway in a couple of I'm a little worried about that..but he should call I that would be very good!! ^^

2007-07-19 [shadow frost wolf]: aww....that must there any way you could call him?

2007-07-20 [Kailynn]: Yeah..I can..

2007-07-20 [shadow frost wolf]: or better yet, does he have a gaia?

2007-07-22 [Kailynn]: No...He doesn't have a gooc comp at all..It's worse than this one...and that's hie dad's a butt (from what he's said) OO

2007-07-22 [shadow frost wolf]: well that sucks beyond recognition! >.<

2007-08-01 [Kailynn]: yeah..I guess so...

2007-08-01 [shadow frost wolf]: dont worry, it'll get better though

2007-08-01 [Kailynn]: I hope so

2007-08-11 [クロナ]: *Huggles Rika-chan* ...Okay!! I'm glad that you told me what's all going on..and I think that things will calm down a bit..I"m sorry that I havent' been on for you to talk to a lot..but that's the reason I keep my phone on..^^'re loved by many people..and if you don't believe that then at least beileve that you're loved by me....^^

2007-08-11 [Kailynn]: Thankies, Telynn! I don't know what I'm going to do though...I"m not reeling any better...

2007-08-11 [クロナ]: No problem!!

2007-09-23 [shadow frost wolf]: mew OO

2007-11-17 [The Dark Wolf]: Puppy pile!!!!

2007-11-17 [shadow frost wolf]: *dives on Yoruichi* Mwaahaaahaahaaa!!

2009-09-23 [shadow frost wolf]: i forgot about this place ^^

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