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2007-02-19 20:55:35
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Okay this is a whole team that I ([Kailynn]) came up with for my Yu-Yu Hakusho fanfiction that I write...I never put it on fancition though, b/c it has way tp many O.C's on in...^^...But I still write it for fun!!.....Anyways...

This is Soul . She is the team lead of Team Meow!! . I'm thinking about renaming the team. I've been re-deigning the characters for the team slowly but surly. SO, a good description might take a little while, but I do have a good idea for most of the team....There's really only one character that I don't have yet..^^

<img:> Name:Soul
Wieght:around 90-100ibs or lighter
Hair:Blonde. Above her shoulders in back, but a little past her shoulders in the front. Bangs above her eyes.
Eye clolor:Amber-brown
Weapons:Sword (occasionally) but mainly spirit energy of light

This is Okina.She's on the same team as Soul. THe second picture of Okina is more of from her past, but I like it still.

<img:> <img:> Name:Okina Wyne
Age:100+ yrs
Weight:approx. 90 ibs
Hair:White/silver with red beads and whiteish-tan feathers in her hair.

The next member of Team Meow!!:

<img:> Name:Kawaii Menimo (last name pronounced Me-nuh-mo)
Age: appears 16 is all that is known
Weight:approx. 100ibs
Hair:long black pulled into a ponytail. Bangs above her eyes
Eyes:Dark Green
Weapons:Dark Sword
Next is:

<img:> Name:Myya (pronounced My-uh)

The final member and sub. for the team is:
<img:> Name:Meya(pronounced Me-uh)

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2007-02-22 [shadow frost wolf]: your team name gives the immpresion that you have a large amount of cats on it....

2007-02-22 [Kailynn]: OO....I never thought of that...OO...I just like cats and so I guess that Soul came up with the name...She is a cat demon....OO...I don't really know about the others yet...^^...But I'm working on it..^^...

2007-02-22 [shadow frost wolf]: my daughter ayame is half cat too ^.^

2007-02-22 [Kailynn]: ^^...I like Ayame..OO.....THe one from Inu-yasha..OO...^^....I have a liot of cat demon characters..^^...

2007-02-23 [shadow frost wolf]: the ayame im talking about is my friend on here, but she follows closely under my instruction so we call her my daughter

2007-02-23 [Kailynn]: ^^...Awesome!!...^^...

2007-02-24 [shadow frost wolf]: wheee!! you should meet her she's really nice

2007-02-24 [Kailynn]: ^^....I might do that then..^^....

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