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Welcome to Rant Out Loud!!!

This is a place where all of you people can Rant about the things you hate! Everyone can submit a rant.


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6. English Anmie Dubbs: Oh, How F***ed-Up They Are.
Submitted By: [Randirianna]

Okay, I hate English Anime dubbs! They are so fraking annoying for more reasons than 1: They make all the main girls sound ditzy and chipmunkish, they frak up the translations, and they COMPLETELY avoid most of the story (as portrayed in Full Metal Alchemist)! When a guy talks in an anime, he's not supposed to say something stupid and over-confident.
Not even Kuwabara Kazuma (from Yu Yu Hakusho) talks like that all of the time, and he's one of the most idiotic people I have ever seen on national television! Hello! People in Vancouver B.C.! You have no fraking idea what you're fraking up, so leave it the frak alone and let use watch it as the creators intended! Sheesh! Do your own lives suck so badly that you need to destroy ours with crappy translations and cuts? I HATE YOU ALL!!!

7. What do you mean "Why are you single"?!?
Submitted By: [IzzyKSK]

Why do people keep asking me why I'm single?
I don’t have a boyfriend because I don’t need to proof my existence through the existence of somebody else. Having a boyfriend doesn't make me any cooler or better in any way. It doesn't make sence to be in a relation, when you clearly, will not stay together for the rest of your lifes. Why do you people keep asking me this? Are you applying for the job? Are you man enough, to fulfill my needs? Are you going to move to the same counrty so we can date? If you live on the other side of the face of the earth, how in the hell, do you think I will ever date something like you? Take a closer look in the mirror, and be honest . . . if you look like something dead scraped of the road, to end up in granny's roadkill stew, then don't fucking bother okay? And if you look somewhat okay, you should be able to pick up date at your local gas station, or bookstore . . . maybe you can even hook-up with some-one when you are "clubbing". But stop getting into superficial relationship bullshit. Most of the individual's misery usually comes from a significant other, a bad relationship, a bad marriage, or some bullshit like that.
Don't bother, and stop asking me bullshit stuff, just to make it painfully clear, you are in some tragic way atracted to me, trust me, you wouldn't like me in real life anyway.

8. Dating is Really Overrated:
Submitted by: [Randirianna]

Screw dating. Why does everyone care about it so much? If you're on a date, there are only 3 reasons: 1) A friend of yours dragged you along, 2) You want to spend time with the person you're going out with, or 3) You want to get laid. It's a very stupid and uneeded part of teenage society. It causes far too much stress for one. And it's also akward and forces people to succumb to the delusion of beauty portrayed by magazines and actors. First off, if a friend drags you to a date, tell them plain and simple you don't want to go, unless you're worried in which case you should. Secondly, if you want to be with said "date", why don't you just hang out with them with your friends and theirs at the movies, a party, or the mall. You don't need to call it a date and have any expectations of romance from it. And last, but most important, no teen should be having sex in the first place. Mainly because most teens don't even know their own sexuality by this time, but also because no one should be having sex without being married. It's morally frowned upon. Also, sex is one of the highest stessors universally and causes people to either gain or lose a lot of weight. It also make people apply themselves to the pseudo-attractive standards of those on television.

*[~Saraneth~] asks that you keep in mind this is the author's veiw and not the authoritive opinion of this wiki on dating and abstinence/teenage sex.*

9. Twelve ways to get to a girls heart:
(and how guys can take things like them too far!)
submitted By: [Just Paula]

Guys take stupid shit too seriously!
For example: These 12 ways to get to a girls heart
I’ll tackle each of them separately . . .
*because wach one can be seriously overdone*

1.~ Hug her from behind. – Yeah its cute to surprise us when we don’t know your there and you slip your hands around our waist and hug us but you don’t have to ALL THE TIME! Some times it’s just enough to be around us.
2.~ Grab her hand when you walk next to her. – This one isn’t all to bad but you don’t ALWAYS have to hold our hand sometimes its ok to just walk together.
3.~ When standing wrap your arms around her. – You don’t always have to be hanging on us, yeah its great but not all the time.
4.~ Cuddle with her. – I don’t really have any problem with this one.
5.~ Don’t force her to do anything. – This one is pretty good but it doesn’t mean you can’t test us. Oh and don’t tell us to kiss you… it’s annoying.
6.~ Write little notes. – We don’t need a page long note every time we see you. Little notes every now and then are cute though.
7.~ Compliment her. – Yeah I like compliments, who doesn’t right? But, if you compliment someone too often they are bound to question the sincerity of it.
8.~ When you hug her, hold her in your arms as long as possible. – Once again NOT ALL THE TIME!
9.~ Say I love you, and MEAN IT. – Yes, by all means when you mean it say it, but make sure you don’t say it to often or she might begin to feel pressured.
10.~ Brush the hair out of her eyes. – Yeah this ones pretty much always cute.
11.~ Comfort her when she cries. - Yes, comfort her, make her laugh... It’s sweet. There isn’t anything wrong with this one.
12.~ Love her with all your heart. – Just because you love her doesn’t mean you can’t get mad at her or challenge her. She isn’t always right and if you always agree with her she will get bored!

10. What is wrong with young love?
Submitted by: [~Saraneth~]

What is so wrong with dating one person for a long period of time like a year, two, or even possibly longer?  Why is it everyone asks you if you still have your virginity or not when you have been dating this long? Why isn’t it possible to actually love in high school?  Better to have loved then not at all, I have always thought no matter at what age.  But most of my peers, and those of all ages that I know have decided it can’t be love, it won’t be love, it never was love.  Why isn’t it possible for everyone to just step back and stop undermining others’ relationships?  Why, in the minds of people, does the age of 15 equate with the incapability to love a significant other?  And I suppose that this line of thinking can only be worse for those people who are in same sex relationships. Just a thought. And in those cases I’ve heard this too before: They don’t know themselves yet; they can’t possibly be ‘in love.’ So all I’m wondering is why?  Why isn’t it possible?  Oh yes, I know like most that most relationships at that age are not real in any sense of the word love.  But why aren’t there exceptions to the rule?  Why can’t we experience genuine affection –and heartache- from another and give it as well at a younger age?  Why do people almost automatically assume that a relationship is sexual between two people after they have been together a certain amount of time? I don’t know if I’m wrong; I may very well be. But all I want to know is: Why???


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2006-06-30 [¤ WORLDS ¤happiest¤ EMO ¤™]: NEW RANT ON MY RANT PAGE!!!!!

2006-07-05 [~Saraneth~]: W000t! For both news flashes, btw.  ^___^

2006-07-10 [Just Paula]: aww... poor nibi.... she died

2006-07-16 [Randirianna]: ^^ I'M BACK FROM VACATION!!! But only for a bit. *growl* I have to bribe my step-dad to get on the internet...

2006-07-17 [¤ WORLDS ¤happiest¤ EMO ¤™]: another new rant... short and sweet and to the point!

2006-07-25 [CheshirePuss]: I killed my myspace mwahahahaha

2006-07-29 [Randirianna]: Yay!!! MySpace must diiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!!!

2006-07-29 [¤ WORLDS ¤happiest¤ EMO ¤™]: nooooooooooo!.... Im addicted! lol

2006-08-10 [Randirianna]: I don't like it. I'd much rather stick around here all the time rather MySpace. Here, at least you have SOME degree of safety.

2006-08-13 [~Saraneth~]: Me too. But I'm both so I can't treally say much about MySpace.  But then again, I agree with you about the safety level on Elftown versus MySpace. On another foot, of people weren't so stupid then I suppose they'd be smarter about who they add as friend and such.  Such a simple thought that most people can't comprehend.  Ah well.  That's why ET more's fun I think.

2006-08-14 [Randirianna]: *nods* Plus, it's easier to find people with your same interests here, considering that the population here is mostly sci-fi/fantasy lovers.

2006-08-14 [~Saraneth~]: Very true. I usually don't talk to people I don't know in person anyway on MS. So many other people are just not quite right on there.

2006-08-14 [Just Paula]: *still muttering about the poor nibi jinchuuriki and pouting and rocking back and forth*

2006-08-17 [~Saraneth~]: *sits next to Talon*  well I could be muttering and rocking back and forth just like you too! All I have to do is think abotu your weird clock and the nomes that are going to come and kill me in my sleep with their creepy little music. O_O  *mutters rocking back and forth about breaking the damned clock*

2006-08-18 [Just Paula]: *halfhearted* heh

2006-08-21 [~Saraneth~]: well now that I have my master plan for killing your clock ^_^  How is everyone?

2006-08-21 [Just Paula]: BORED!

2006-08-24 [~Saraneth~]: Lol. Welllllll you tend to get that way sometimes.  But you get to see teh Bryeceness today so you will not be bored.  =O   You will be sonot bored like woah!  ^___^

2006-08-24 [~Saraneth~]:

New Rant! Yay! I actually did one!

 Thought you'd like to know . . .

2006-09-05 [Randirianna]: Yay!! ^^ I just don't have much time to do one until I get back to school, that's all...

2009-03-23 [CheshirePuss]: Hi. You thought I died.

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