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2009-10-26 07:29:19
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Raven's Song

Raven's song,
An undying ember,
Laden with sorrow and solitude,
Long since forgotten,
Best left where time ceases,
Best left where sorrow eases,
Left to be as it's brethren art,
feeding upon the rotting,
Decay, cruelty,
Feeding its passions,
Love, kindness,
the crux of all who know it,
Breathing, Dying,
Calling out to those who know it,
Raven's song,
So sad and lonely,
Raven's song,
Passionate with envy.

Written by: [Ravendust]

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2009-08-03 [Aeolynn]: This is so sad... but it is also very beautiful :]

2009-08-03 [Ravendust]: aww thankies ^^

2009-09-18 [Iruvielle]: omg Ravendust...
I love it. So much feeling and emotion in it.

2009-09-18 [Ravendust]: It was something that slammed into my head XD... first bit of real inspiration than I've had in a while.

2009-09-18 [Iruvielle]: it's REALLY nice.

2009-09-18 [Ravendust]: well, I'm glad you liked it^_^

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