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2007-03-09 16:57:28
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Razor blades in all shapes and sizes

     Quote [fjdka]:
Shiny metal objects will take over the world!!!!


Heres some things you could do with razors(put some things on here you think you could do with them)

1:put them in a bag and fuck them
2:dump gasoline on them
3:burn them
4:play with them
5:torment people
7:cut stuff
8:deep cuts in the skin
9:glue them ta ur face and run around screaming im razor man fear me
10:Stuff a girl with them
11:Put them in candy and watch little kids eat it..... <.<;;; >.>;;; [ALSN.]
12:Fight with them
13:Stuff a guy's happy place with them
14:throw them at people
15:eat them...
16: take a bath in them
17:braid them into your hair
19:carve a scar for fun wit them [Sachiko]
20:cut cheese with them..... ^_^
21:umm...shuve um up your nose[ruper grints girl]
22:slowly and painfuly kill someone with them [greekgirlfriend]
23: Rive my flesh for the blood I seek.
24.slice someones throat and laf.
25: slice your own throat and laugh...
26: wrap them in tape swallow them with a glass of milk and let your stomach acid disolve the tape slowly slicing your insides to peaces and killing u slowly [livingdeadgurl]
27: tape them to your knuckles and go to ur gig *singer* slashing the mic wires and electrocuting urself - coolest death eva [Rolo]
28: Do a experiment on yourself giving yourself claws like wolverine and then killing everone you see
29:Feed young maidens with them and watch them die slowly,then cut off their heads and bath in their blood
30. Cut the name of the boy you love deep into your flesh[fjdka]
31. Cut a monkey's balls off and feed them to your grandmother's chinchilla
32. Love them, and Feed them, and Kiss them and Cuddle them, and let them cut stuff for you!
34. hide them in your bag and then dig around in the bag
35. fill your pockets with them and put your hands in them [fjdka]
36. use to get such wanderfull blood and keep all those F-ing preps away
37. Cut your knuckles open and set a razor in each and let it heal in, then take your mini-Wolverine self to a rave or mosh pit. [Crimson]
38. Cut over and over again to forget a lost love, a home that hurts, or to jsut get away
39. watch as your blood falls like a water fall to the floor, make the patterns from your blood
40. Break it into little pieces and put it in your enemy's coffee cup.....
41. Put them on a chain an wear it around your neck then sleep in it...

Put your name here and be a Razor Blade
01) [Dark Skeleton]having sex with a bag of razors
02) [bloodbath]
03) [KaKrKa]
04) [jaderii]
05) [babygurl604231]
06) [ALSN.]
07) [Zacks Pixie Bitch]
08) [Beetlejuice]
09) [shadow of darkness]
10) [punknimrod]
11) [Woah!-man] ... i like to chew on them
12) [blackrosesfall] pain doesn't exist
13) [Sister Insomnia] Go home and take a bath in razorblades...
14) [XxHelp_lessxX]pritty colors
15) [bloodyhands]
16) [Bleeding Hearts Broken Dreams]
17) [i dont exist] wuahaha..
18) [Sachiko]-I taste good.
19) [Toxic Peanut Butter]
20) [_Sugar_Plum_]
21) [do not exist]
22) [greekgirlfriend]
23) [GypsyMoon]
24) [scion]
25) [Whoopi Grenier]...RABIES........Suffiacting babies
26) [Rhynnea]
27) [PostrChld4Abortn]
28) [a shattered mirror]
29. [darkangelica]heehee...cut cheese!! good one...
30. [XXXCarnageXXX]so sharp and tempting to kill someone
31. [livingdeadgurl] the sweet pain of the blade slicing through your skin fantastic
32. [GONE36356] The Rusty Ones Taste Better
33. [Brookes Sexy Juggalo]OOOOO pretty razors any one messes with zacks kinky juggalette they gonna meet slice and dice my razor buddies
34. [Maiden Donalphiel] I'm not aloud to have razors any more... but who cares...
35. [HOODLUM] razors???? gimme gimmme!
36. [Lunaticgirl4u] Razors are starting to become my best friend...
37. [Rolo] Razorblade romance
38. [Rebzie] hehe rusty razer blade
39. [..majo..]
40. [Our Lady of Sorrow] kill?
41. [?Insane. Mental. Breakdown.?]... fun.... ya... fun
42. [Damned One]
43. [?Xx?Candy Clouds..] razors rule!
44.[Miss Demeanours] razor blades are just like a burning candle... ohh pretty must touch.......
45. [CountessBàthory] lots of kinky things you can do with razors... *shiver*
46.[Buried Myself Alive]
47.[Eldanár Oronar]
48. [MissAJLawson] ....they look better when crimson is running over them
49. [demonsky] watch as the blood drips my pain away
50. [Frivalicious]
51. [crimsonregret] Drip, drip, drip.......
53.[Pillow_pants] my arm does sting, a mortal pain...
54.[morbidity in pink] only happy with a razor blade
55.[fjdka] a shiny glint to my eye, before i die!
56.[{travesty}] sharp, numb, and caked with my blood..
57.[Char.] Mmmm blood! o_0
58.[Girl, Interrupted.] cutting with the best!
59.[O.N.E.pathetic TWISTED wReck] razor blades, such a beautiful thing..
60. [lifeless_tears] oh so sharp! OW!
61. [Erinnn] obsessed
62. [saltinyourwounds]
63. [Piccolo Sorcio] Love the glinstering silver ones *drools*
64. [Suicidal Tendencies] Very sharp. Lots of fun.
65. [~u hate me, i know u do~]shiny and sharp... my two favorite things
66. [Lost_soul_of BrandonLee2]
67. [stillicide silently falling snow.x]
68.[Xheart of stichesX]X i cut just to bleed X
69.[Infernal Dreams.] Shiney-ness-ness-ness
70. [*Eternity*]
71. [JuNkIe WiTh A MoNkEy] :-P
72. [†Drusilla†] razorblades are good for 2 things...turning me on, and cutting me up ;) *orgasms at the thought of blood*
73. [Zhou Yu]
74.[PrETty PunK]
75.left good bye forever
77. [Just sum chick] blood is pritty
78. [Obsidian Blackwillow] mmm tasty blood
79. [nto actually here] in the dark we hide, to the razor we ablidge.
80. [Pathos]She sliced right through me. Did she mean to shred my heart too? The blade we all know so well.
82. [Jinkx313] Return of the Cutters
83. [MoRoxy] the scar hinds under my sleeves, if you really want to know
85. [Keyta] clothes only hide the scars
86. [girl. interrupted.] Cutting up the guy who wants to put them in little kids candy...oh and cutting steak..mmm...steak
87.[A Forgotten Memory]
88.[bloody wounds :(]sharp sharp things good when pissed off or depressed (i like cutting myself)
89. [Passive Agressive] the scars on me are enough proof of a razor if you really want to know
90.[Last Years Craze] in the army of the undead known as the self harmers...yey lets label ourselves...
92.[Tigger91090]...Only scars show the true pain.
93.[BlEedINg bLAcK ShaRDs] i use them all the time to cut myself...its fun...
94.[devildriverdue] i love to see the worm blood run down my cold flesh...them tast the pain that subsides in my crimson blood!!!
95. [Leah..Is Bringing Sexy Back..] Sexy Sharp Razors <3 Mmm.
96. [PyroFreak] blades, blood, and beauty, it all goes together!
97.[ZombiezJojo] just hurt me before I hurt myself...
98. [freak101] mmm nice razors....
99. [lilrugrat336] i need them to relieve my pain...
[darkvampiress666] make love to me with them then bathe in my deep agony!!
100. [Crimson]sadistic little masochist...who wants to mosh w/ me?
101. [Peace_Turtles] YAY, I am number 101!
102. bloods pretty! [blood stained]
103. bleed your death upon me [death walks behind you]
104. [d0n3] -missing it-
105. [itsbullcrapthat icantdeletemyac count!] bloud is beautiful.
106. [xXxHeavenly DemonicxXx] razors... arent just objects but a way of life
107. [Did you hear?] some of us would die with out the sharp razors...

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2006-08-25 [Did you hear?]: ya..

2006-08-26 [Keyta]: blah bored..

2007-03-08 [Did you hear?]: i was just wondering the same thing.. its like this place just died for some reason..

2007-03-09 [fjdka]: so many members with nothing to say

2007-03-09 [Keyta]: it would seem that way

2007-03-09 [fjdka]: its all bullshit. so a bunch of members on a wiki- well if they don't talk then wtf?

2007-03-09 [Keyta]: wiki is close to dead? idunno

2007-03-09 [Keyta]: yeah its that simple but now we just need the ppl to come back lol

2007-03-09 [Did you hear?]: hey why are you telling us to starts talking when you or anyone else could have a long time ago?!

2007-03-09 [Keyta]: lol. i'm suprised you there the only one to see that XD but now we are all talkin. so hows everything goin with ppl?

2007-03-09 [fjdka]: i've been on here for fucking ever.
however i've been real busy w/ applying to college. i also quit cutting the shit outta myself but i still love blades.

2007-03-09 [Did you hear?]: mwhahaha dont we all...

2007-03-09 [Keyta]: i cut once in awhile to relive stress

2007-03-09 [Did you hear?]: lol.. nice.. i stopped everything since i started dating kalyetor

2007-03-09 [Keyta]: cute

2007-03-12 [Did you hear?]: i guess.. at leaset he didnt ask me to.. that would have sucked.. so yay!!..

2007-03-12 [Keyta]: yeah it sucks gettinasked to stoped by a bf. its bad to cause worry like that. i've been through that..

2007-03-12 [fjdka]: you can't stop for anybody else except for your OWN self. that's the only key to quitting anything.

2007-03-13 [Keyta]: true

2007-03-14 [Did you hear?]: i know thats why im glad he didnt ask me to i just did it..

2007-03-14 [Keyta]: i guess it depend on how you start, i think mine was becasue stress and my dad lol

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