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Poem's Title: SISTERS

Sisters, what rivalry there is
Festering from childhood through out the years
It's funny how that came to be
To many tales to tell you see
A bond of trust there is no more
Broken by the many lies one told
A bad word here, a hushed up lie
The hurt to deep cuts like a knife

Sisters, they'll never speak again
One took and took, the other gave
It hurts like hell to learn the truth
Of hate so raw it cannot hide
Blinded are her eyes no more
She's seen the light, how sad she feels
Her love was true all through the years

Sisters, their lives have taken seperate paths
The needs, the wants, that we all have
To share true love is joy untold
When blood feuds blood the tears they flow
The price is great, so much is lost
Each and every passing day



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