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APA - Referencing Web Material

Web Pages, Databases, Networks, Blogs, & PC/Net Media




Referencing a Publication or Media

     First and foremost, to reference a work, you must do it in two ways:

   - In-Text Citations: for things like quoted verses and published material.
   - Bibliographic Citations: your bibliography or references list.


Web Resources and Online Media

     If you are citing a website, net resource, or online database, you would use the name of the article's author and/or the website itself, as well as the date it was printed, poublished, and/or updated most recently. This would apply both to In-Text Citations and Bibliographic Citation.


Web In-Text Reference

     I will provide a website reference for a page of clip art from Microsoft Office Online Network from MSN. An In-text Citation of this sort would look like:

     (Microsoft Office Online, 2006)

     If you wanted to add a tad more detail without giving away too much (because over-crowding your references is not cool), you could also cite it this way:

     ( - Clip Art Search: "paper", 2006)


Web Bibliographic Reference

     The Bibliographic Citation of this would look the same in either case of In-Text Citation, though the beginning of your Website reference will appear the same in your bibliography as it does In-Text, which means no writing it one way In-Text and then changing the author/website name in the Bibliography. The Bibliography (with the exception of the potentially different website beginning) would appear like this:

   Microsoft Office Online, (2006). MS Office Clip Art Search: "paper". From > Clip Art >
      Search for Clip Art, on Retrieved December 10,
      2006, from


Other Web Resource Info

     Web and network resources have recently received a large amount of attention to those who standardize "authentic" APA Formatting, and which have given many upgrades, detailed, and individual traits unique to the resource or database type when referencing them. More resources below could also be found helpful.

     Some Online Referencing Resources for APA Citation:


      APA Formatting
      APA - What is it and Why Use it?
      Referencing a Publication
      Referencing an Artwork or Media Piece
      Other APA Citation Tips
      Wiki Fiction Roleplay

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