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APA - Referencing a Publication

Books, Articles, Essays, and Periodicals




Referencing a Publication or Media

     First and foremost, to reference a work, you must do it in two ways:

   - In-Text Citations: for things like quoted verses and published material.
   - Bibliographic Citations: your bibliography or references list.


Publication with Web Material

     This is what a publication with accompanying web material reference looks like, and for this one I will use a real reference, one of my favorite publications by D&D publishers Wizards of the Coast, who have an extensive online presence. I am citing in both In-Text the Draconomicon: The Book of Dragons (Collins, A., Williams, S., & Wyatt, J., 2003), as well as the Bibliographic APA formats:

   Collins, A., Williams, S., & Wyatt, J., (2003). Draconomicon: The Book of Dragons, From Dungeons & Dragons,
      and Wizards of the Coast, Inc., P.O. Box 707, Renton, WA, 98057-0707. See also web media, Retrieved
      November 21, 2006, from and

     You'll notice two things about the reference above: it is about a real book, a real publication, and there is a lot of online artwork and information about it on the official website of D&D, and if you plan on using even a smidgen of those images on Elftown, you'd better damn well know how to say they're not yours.


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