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Player - [Blood Raven]
Name - Rei Hachiro
Race - Human
Sub-race - Xiadomian
Class - Spire Valkyrie
Allegiance - Nim'ael
Appearance - Dark is the keyword to Rei’s appearance. Her armor is black and spiked, with a long black shawl around her neck, reaching belong her waist. Around her waist is a red sash, which reaches to her knees. Her lower arms and legs are also wrapped in black sashes, and the ends seem to sway as she moves. Her hair, typical Xiadomian black of colour, reaches down to her waist. Part of it is held together in a ponytail by some hairpins, the rest falling down over her shoulders freely. Her skin is slightly paler than that of usual Xiadomians, because she trained underground for some years. Her face is fair, a bit thin perhaps, and her eyes are green. Most of the time she has an indifferent expression, although this changes easily if she feels comfortable.
Age - 25
Personality - Rei is loyal to the Spire King, and the Spire does control parts of her life. She prays everyday, and won’t hesitate to quote from the Spire Coda and act by it. However, she is tolerant, and rational, putting need before deed. If she needs to restrain from acting according to the Coda to reach a higher goal, she will do it – within margin. Although she may be deadly serious on an assignment, when she relaxes she’s actually quite easy going, loves a good debate (although she obviously speaks in favour of the Spire) and she’s not afraid to form friendships. She realises a strong bond with those around her may in fact save her life someday, although she isn’t planning on letting it come that far. Rei loves dancing, and when she isn’t checked upon by other Priestesses every minute, she likes to have some fun too, as long as it doesn’t include any long term consequences.
Rei is hard to impress, having lived amongst necromancers and dah'kin all her life. Many things which are frightening to other people are quite mundane to Rei, and she's capable of keeping her head cool in mentally disturbing situations.
History - Born as the daughter of two Seannites Rei was quickly involved in cultist life. Their small cult of Sean worshippers was led by a Necromancer named Akuto Eti, with much power and a liking for undead minions. Thus, Rei was used to living amongst the dead, and Black Magic was simply part of her life. The Undead, to her, were a tool, things she could make do her bidding as the Undead were employed as the Cult’s servants. She never saw them as abominable or foul, as nobody ever taught her they were. On the contrary, she was learned to appreciate the dark arts. And so she did.

At the age of 6, the greatest turning point in her life occurred. Their Cult was visited by a Spire Priestess. Rei had never seen such a splendour. That albino woman, with skin and hair as white as snow, moved with such grace as she had never seen, and as she walked in, she seemed to be in charge immediately. Rei knew nothing about the Spire, and couldn’t understand this Priestess had come to demand their unswaying loyalty and that they'd, might they refuse, would suffer by the hands of her Dah'kin servants. And suffer they did. As their leader, Akuto, refused to worship and obey the Spire instead of Sean and offer his services to it, a fierce battle followed. Immediately all Cultists were rounded up by other Priestesses or their apprentices, and when the battle had ended, Akuto lay headless on the floor and all Cultists had been captured. Those who did not switch religion were slaughtered, those who did were taken away. Rei and the other children however, were taken away without question. Rei was later told her parents did not abandon their fate and were killed.

The children were taken to a nearby Dah’kin encampment. The boys were ‘donated’ to the Doomsday Guild, the girls were kept in the Temple. They were to be trained as Priestesses, so they could spread the fate among human lands when they were done. The training was harsh, and Rei and the three other girls from her Cult were put to work, and brutally punished when they'd fail. The girls could barely take the cold life in the underground homes of the Dah'kin. But Rei had always been fairly obedient and determined, and she worked her way through the first weeks quite well, regarding the circumstances. This steadfast determination to go on and survive caused the Spire Priestess who had killed Akuto, Lia’vez, to take a liking to her. Rei was chosen to be her personal apprentice on her 7th birthday exactly, although Lia’vez wasn’t aware of this.

For many years Rei was taught the ways of a Pristess and she worshipped the Spire with devotion. After 7 years of training, her years at the Cult were nothing more but a vague memory. As she became a fully-learned Priestess, she rose fast through the ranks, and was part of a raiding party several times herself. At some point, it was decided she was to become an elite warrioress of the Spire, a scourge for all unbelievers. She was chosen to be a Valkyrie. Her training intensified, now continuing to learn as a Priestess, and at the same time training as a Doomsday Knight at the Guild. In the Guild she found out that only 2 of the boys from her former life had survived the training, and she had to report them that she was the only girl who had survived. The last one had died about a year ago, fighting Knights and Acolytes of Nesha.

Then, the War of Corruption started. At first, this had nothing to do with the Dah'kin or the Spire, and therefor Rei wasn't worried at all about it. In fact, they only heard great news about their enemies being slaughtered by the great Thadre, and Rei hoped the War would wipe out all the Sundwellers, especially the Planetarii, which the Dah'kin learned her to hate. But sudenly, it all changed. Basicly overnight their great Queen was dead, and their beloved Spire was gone. Nim’ael, murderer of his mother, devourer of the Spire, ruled supreme over all, his power now equal to the demi-god Thadre. The Priestesses were enraged, and many left the Dah'kin lands. These deserters included Lia’vez, her mentor. Rei, however, choose to stay. She never despised men as much as some of the other Priestesses did, as her trained in the Doomsday Guild, which not only made her path to becoming a Valkyrie possible, but increased her contact with males as well, made her more tolerant than most of her sisters. Although she didn’t like the idea of the Spire being drained by a mortal, Spire was Spire, and Nim’ael was hardly a mortal anymore. So she stayed, and she would battle in the War.

It wasn't long before Rei was send out, and had some minor skirmishes during her first week. In the fifth week of the campaign, she would participate in her first major battle. During this battle, she got badly wounded, and was left on the battlefield, mistaken for dead by the soldiers of Thadre, who'd won the battle. Through sheer luck, she wasn’t eaten, raised as a skeleton, or captured. Instead, she was found by a small group of human and catfolk survivors from the Rysallean Forest Guard. These warriors nurtured her back to health, and although she was mistrustful of them at first, she soon came to see them as actual persons. The hatred and prejudices from the Coda now seemed rather extreme to her, as these Surface Dwellers were hardly the uncaring race described in the Code, who'd locked them up underground to work for them. She stayed with the warriors, and fought some guerrilla battles with them. A few months later, they encountered a division of Dah’kin Doomsday Knights, and she returned to her ‘people’. But she never forgot the warriors who saved her, and became the closest thing she ever had to friends to her.

When the war was over, she was mostly a messenger of the Spire, visiting villages and cities, bearing messages from great Nim'ael. On occasion, she'd be part of a raid group, but those assignments were mainly left to the Priestesses. Her latest mission however, was of quite different nature. A Seannite cult, called the Caryathid Circle, was too powerful to simply be forced into submission to the Spire King. So Immortal Nim'ael send her to infiltrate the Cult, and slowly dissect it from it inside. She managed to get into the guild as an enforcer and bodyguard to one of the Circle's Mystics, called Akuma.

Weapon of Choice - Dragon Fan

Element - Red (Fire)


Level - 25

Experience/To next level - 87790 / 87790

Equipment -
(E)Hand of Nim'ael (Unique Magical Kukri + 5, 8 Atk, 2 Rng, 1% chance of casting Destruction on the enemy upon strike.Returning When thrown, the Hand of Nim'ael will immediately re-materialize in its owner's hands the next round. Wgt 2)
(E)Vampire Fan (Magical Dragon Fan + 5, 6 Atk, 4 Def, 5 Dex, Deals Black Magic Damage, 10% Chance of Blinding an enemy, Drains 1 HP per hit, Wgt 3)
Plague Boomerang (Magical Bladed Boomerang, 5 Atk, 5 Rng, 50% chance of poisoning. Wgt 4)
(E)Wrappings of the Wraith (Unique Magical Robe + 5, 7 Mag, Bonus to Lv 1 Black Magic, Regenerates 1 HP every two rounds, Can cast Blink 3 times a day, Grants Camouflage, 5% chance of ranged physical attacks missing.Ghostwalk The wearer of the Wrappings of the Wraith can become incorporeal for up to 5 rounds once a day. wgt 5)
Spire Cloak (2 Car, 1 Mag, 3 Wgt, Bonus to Lv 1 Black Magic)
Scarab Necklace (3 Car, 3 Mag, 2 Wgt)
Winged Boots (3 Dex, 2 Wgt)
Spell Component Belt (+2 bonus to all actions related with spellcasting, 3 Wgt)
Parrot Ring (Bonus to Diplomacy)
Magic Potion x 4 (4 Wgt)
210 GP

HP - 57
MP - 39/49
Str - 5
Con - 8
Int - 6
Mag - 14
Dex - 12
Cha - 8

CC - 28/39

Skills - Handle Exotic Weapons, Lightning Speed, Stealth Attack, Discipline, Handle Kukri, Handle War Shark, Cause Fear, Lv 1 Black Magic, Lv 2 Black Magic, Level 3 Black Magic, Drain Mana, Finesse, Cause Terror, Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Camouflage

Lv 1 - Tempt, Oblivion, Shapeshift
Lv 2 - Animate Dead, Drain Life
Lv 3 - Summon Apparition

Special Skills
Soul Drain - Spire Mages permanently drain the life of those around them to support their powers. When activated, every round, the Spire Mage will drawin 1 HP from everyone in the battlefield, and heals 1 HP for every 2 HP drained.
Call Upon - Once a day, the spire mage can call upon her god for heavenly assistance. Getting a level% chance of yielding one of the following effects.
Sean ---- All enemies have to roll against the Cause Panic, Cause Terror and Causa Fear skills. 
Spire --- All enemies take random status damage.
Dead Fire - The Spire Valkyrie's evil Aura is so powerful, that it torments its enemies even after death, when a Spire Valkyrie kills an enemy, its soul is trapped as a dead fire. Dead Fires have the appearance of Blue flames gently hovering around the Spire Valkyrie, she can have up to 5 of them surrounding her at the same time, and can use several special skills by consuming the energy of these fallen enemies. Dead Fires can only be obtained off enemies the Spire Valkyrie herself killed with melee damage.
Burn Out - Sacrifices a Dead fire to recover 10 MP
Soul Shield - Sacrifices Dead fires to block a harmful spell. The amount of Dead fires to be sacrificed depends on the level of the spell.
Release - Throws a dead fire at the enemy to deal d10 Death Element damage, counts as a thrown attack.
Mass Release - Throws 5 dead fires in a single action, each one of them can acquire a target, or several can aim at the same target.
Mount Breeding - Unlike other mounts, the Spire Valkyrie nurtures her mount and has an almost magical relationship with it, allowing the mount to grow along her. To obtain a new mount, the Spire Valkyrie must suceed a charisma roll against a savage mount.

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2007-11-02 [Grengo]: With that Soul Drain and Dead Fire abilities, as well as her being a Spire Valkyrie, Camus is really going to end up hating Rei. <.<;;

2007-11-02 [Blood Raven]: And her reply shall always be: "Ah, quit whining. They're dead now anyway. They're not protesting." :P
Something along that line anyway, probably. But it's good to know we'll always be arguing ^^

2007-11-04 [Blood Raven]: Woot! Thanks for adjusting that skill! Now I'm not constantly leeching teammates :D

2007-12-01 [Duredhel]: You ARE aware that going from 3 to 8 costs more than going from 2 to 7 right?

2007-12-01 [Blood Raven]: I said +5 masterwork, and all of it went into Atk. Kukri is (3 Atk, 2 Rng), so now it's (8 Atk, 2 Rng). if I'm not mistaken, that's how I calculated it in the first place. I'll double check...
My calculations were correct, so the equipment is okay now.

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