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Player - [Grengo]
Name - Rei'zel Armada
Race - Planetarii
Sub-race - Ignean
Class - Hunter
Allegiance - The Tiger Clans
Appearance - Bronze skinned with fiery, wild red hair and distrustful, cocky eyes, Rei'zel's outward look perfectly matches the inner ferocity of his untamed soul. In terms of physical appearance, he stands at 6'0, powerfully built (considering his fighting style), is fairly broad, and has two small horns, typical of his race, nearly hidden by his hair.
To further complement his wild appearance, Rei'zel is well known for having teeth that more resemble the wild fangs of a typical Tiger Catfolk, as well as long nails that are closely akin to claws. To further distinguish himself as a "Tiger" Clansman, he's painted black stripes all over his body; two stripes on each side of his face, four on each arm, four on each leg, and three on each side of his body. Along with this, he has two scars crisscrossing on his back, symbols of his allegiance to the particular tribe he's in.
As for clothing attire, Rei'zel usually favors a combination of dark blue and purple robes over a dark red pair of pants to cover the lower section of his body. This is all tied together by a wide dark red sash that clings tightly to his waist. Besides that and a pair of exotic sandals, he doesn't wear much else. His upper build is completely bare of materials for the moment.
Age - 27
Personality - Rei isn't the type of guy you'd spend a cozy evening with to drink a cup of tea and talk about the weather. Short-tempered, mistrustful, sarcastic, mean, reckless, and a bit of a masochist, he is generally considered dangerous to be around and an overall disgrace as a Planetarii (due to his particularly lacking tact and wisdom). On the positive end, he is fiercely loyal to the few he considers his friends, can keep a secret to his grave, and is well known for his valour. Still, however, he could do with being a bit nicer.
History - There's not much to say about Rei's past, really; he was born to Ignean parents, but was raised by Tiger clansmen. That's pretty much it, or so he says should one ask him. Probing deeper into his background, however, reveals that his parents were high-profile public figures: both key players in Planetarii politics and harsh, outspoken critics of the Dah'kin race. Their bitter criticism and attempts to rally their fellow kin against the race eventually led to the Dah'kin considering them as high priority threats; a pair of highly skilled Dah'kin assassins were dispatched by an unknown source to kill them off.
Receiving word that something sinister was about to occur, though unsure what, Rei's parents did not want their child to be at risk. It was decided between the two that the boy (six years old at the time) was to be taken away somewhere safer than where he was at the time, as well as break all ties to his family. Not trusting any of their fellow Planetarii with the secret task of nurturing the child, the two instead relied on their long and deep friendship with a travelling clan of Tiger catfolk; Rei'zel Armada (a new name given to him. He has long forgotten what his original title and surname were), from the very moment that he was given away, was now a member of the Masomakali Clan. This event is the earliest that Rei can remember of his childhood, a thought altogether unpleasant for him. Having never really been told anything, he has harbored some feelings of distrust and resentment toward the Planetarii race as a whole. As for the fate of his parents, nothing is known.
Growing up as a member of the Tiger clan, Rei'zel developed the gruff, rude, and solitary attitude that was popular among the catfolk youth, and multiplied it by tenfold. Although he respected, and was respected by, the people of his tribe, he was terribly hostile to everyone else and this caused quite a strain in the relations department among the Masomakali and various other tribes. As the years went by, he became more and more aware that he was becoming an increasingly bad influence among the younger generations and would have to leave the clan soon (despite this realization, his pride and stubborness would not allow him to convert). At the age of 18, he announced to the Elders of the tribe that he will go on a self-imposed exile and forge his own path in life. With that said, he left behind his family and friends and went on to become....
... a thief. And a particularly decent one at that, considering where it landed him some time afterward. Before he became such, however, he wandered aimlessly for months,until finally coming across a few small human settlements. Weary, restless, and in need of supplies, he began doing odd jobs along the community, primarily as a hunter, using his tracking skills as well as his hunter bow to catch game. Although he had no real need for food, he had learned to eat from his tiger education. Soon enough, he figured hunting deer for a living was a real waste of his talents, so thus, he began to hunt humans instead. He never actually killed them... most of them, anyways; instead, opting for ambushing them with his bow at hand relieving them of their poessessions.
Rei soon became known as the Flame Tiger, a dangerous outlaw who stole from everyone north of Lochmore. Needless to say, this boosted his ego to astronomical proportions, causing him to no longer stalk his prey, but rather openly challenge them, beat these hapless travellers with his claws, and then take their stuff. It was only two years later in his thieving career when Rei came along two people walking calmly at night, completely careless about their surroundings. Infuriated at their calm and merry behavior when they were entering the Flame Tiger's territory, considering this an insult to his pride, he quickly shot an arrow to the first of the two people, a young girl, barely more than a child. The arrow was not meant to harm her, just scare her, nevertheless, seconds after he had released the arrow, the girl reached into her pocket, drew a dagger and hurled it, cutting the arrow in half as it flew through the air. Rei then dropped down from his vantage point and engaged them, the man that had been accompanying the young girl, drew two swords and met Rei's attack. For a while the fight was even, but Rei slowly lost ground and he was knocked out. The two tended his wounds later that night and introduced themselves as Stefania and Theo Neis, siblings, also known as the Ace and Queen of Hearts, famous thieves from Lochmore. Theo wished to create the greatest gang of thieves of all time, and they had come to recruit the famous Flame Tiger. Flattered by this, Rei'zel joined them and became the Jack of Hearts in the Deck.
The rest after this, well, is history.
Weapon of Choice - Claws
Other- Another point to Rei being a disgrace to the Planetarii is the fact that he can't sing.

Party Relations: Elise - Having an inherent dislike for lynx catfolk (well... more so than he does for most others), Rei holds no exception towards Elise. However, never having confronted the peaceful shaman before, and having recently been aided in combat by her, the Ignean's opinion of the girl goes up from 'worthless shit' to 'weak scumbag': 4.5/10
Saris - Spoken and partnered with Saris the most out of his interactions with his current teammates, for better or worse, Rei holds the panther to a higher degree of respect than he does the others. He trusts Saris enough in that she can hold her own, though would not hesitate to insult or mock her if given the opportunity, nor is he well enough acquainted to actually call her by name: 5.5/10
Shugu - Aside from a few minor instances, Rei has largely ignored Shugu and seems perfectly fine with this as he dislikes the Shaman about as much as he does anyone else. A recent skirmish against constructs has not improved relations any between the two in Rei's eyes; Shugu's performance in said battle disgusted the Ignean: 4/10
Tylien - Rei's prior bad blood with Tylien has long past, though it has changed little of the Ignean's opinion of the Eolan other than a begrudging respect that it could at least stand up for itself somewhat. Fairly convinced the androgyne could handle itself in combat, as well as some forms of planning, Rei believes it to be overall quite competent, though cowardly and too weak-willed for his liking: 5/10
Darius - Rei's dislike for lynxes includes the likes of Darius, who has yet to change the opinion of the former. While a recent battle has improved Elise's standing with the Ignean, Darius's greatest contribution being injuring a berserk Saris has not gone over quite as well with Rei: 4/10
Hiro-Matsu - Not liking the Xiadomian's personality, Rei nevertheless has some respect for the man's combat ability and willingness to take damage in order to deal it. Nevertheless, it will take quite some time until the Ignean can truly count on the samurai to get the job done: 4.5/10

Element - Red (Fire)


Level - 8

Experience/To next level - 6189/7350

Equipment -
(E)Cestus (6 Atk, 6 Def, 1 Dex, 5 wgt)
Claw (4 Atk, 4 Def, 4 wgt)
(E)Horned Helmet (2 Def, 1 Atk, 4 wgt)
(E)Blood Necklace (2 Atk, 1 wgt)
(E)Rockbreaker Gloves (3 Attack, Allows the use of the "Knockback" skill once a day, 3 wgt)
Rations x 5 (5 wgt)
Mysterious Metal (10 Wgt)
100 GP

HP - 23/29
MP - 12
Str - 10
Con - 7
Int - 3
Mag - 6
Dex - 5
Cha - 5

CC: 32/48 (equipped items)

Skills – Heroic Strength, Handle Claws, Handle Bows, Weapon Mastery (Cestus), Defensive Stance, Magical Resistance, Minor Fire Resistance, Rage.
Skill Points - 0

Spells -
Lv 1 - Heat

Special Skills
Craft Bolt - Tired of having to resort to greedy merchants for bolts, the hunter learns how to craft his own ammunition out of whatever materials he can get his hands on. Each new material yields different kinds of bolts, the only way to know which makes which is to try it on as many different kinds as stuff as you can find.

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2005-09-04 [Grengo]: Coolio

2006-05-01 [Grengo]: I'll most likely drop the heavy crossbow, the bolts, the hunter hat, and the bed roll.

2006-06-23 [Lepellier]: He has a hornet in his helmet?

2006-06-23 [Grengo]: Thinking I'll do a relationships chart for Party #3 as well >.>

2006-06-23 [Duredhel]: Hahaha ^^ cool

2006-06-24 [Lepellier]: I think it's a good idea for any of the parties.

2006-06-24 [Veltzeh]: Cool. :D

2006-06-24 [Veltzeh]: Rei didn't see Phy even when Tylien was clinging on to it? :P

2006-06-24 [Grengo]: Yep

2006-07-17 [Grengo]: Oh wait, do I count the unequipped items for the carrying capacity? <.<

2006-07-17 [Duredhel]: Yeah, unless he's not really carrying them (he could've left them at Dubois's)

2006-07-18 [Grengo]: Oh, in that case....

2006-11-16 [Grengo]: 3 intelligence! WOOOOOO! ^('o'^)

2007-11-11 [Grengo]: Craft Bolt is so useless D: How do you get random supplies anyhow and what are the factors determining success? Bah, I hate the Hunter class.

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