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2005-01-27 01:48:29
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Owner(s)/Manager(s): [..Nightmare..] can call me anyone of these: Goth, Hippie, Charles, Josh, Daemon or Kurt.
[akroshii] ian,cb,454,45,cheeze burger(only friends)
[Darkness of Faith] RIP, Talon, tal or graveyard

As you walk into this big central complex, You will see many things first off straight ahead of you is a vast hall way with many many doors. Secondly as your head slowly turns in a clock-wise direction you will notice that the walls are painted a crimson read and that the ceiling is pitch black with a central heating/lighting unit in the middle. All around you is simple couches and several fire places. This is simply the formal room where you can chat and read and do anything you want.

well here we go let us indulge our selves in walking the main hall. on your immidiate left there is a door that opens into:
relaxing time warp members

As you come out of the members area you notice a door accross from it and you casually open it and step out side to the:
The relaxing pool

ok so you've seen the central complex, the members page and the pool but your thinking what else is along this expansive hall way. Let me tell you... You keep walking and come apon 7 doors evenly spaced along the left hand side of the hall all the way down. As you check out each room you know thier for anything and everything so just ask me [..Nightmare..] or [akroshii] or [Darkness of Faith] if you want a room.

Relax room 1~occupied ^_^
Relax room 2~occupied
Relax room 3~occupied
Relax room 4
Relax room 5
Relax room 6
Relaxing Bathroom~occupied~
....Yes the bathroom is a place for you guys to do kinky things in too lol its hot you should check it out;)
now after looking through the rooms at the end of the hall you see some HUGE doors you wonder what it is and you go to inspect. You find outs a library so you should check it out;)
The Relax Library

Attention one more thing b4 you go. I will be needing 2 banners for this wiki.
1 for members that are just here to lounge around.
1 for my employees
if any one would plz make some then all you have to do is msg me for the password to relaxation time warp banners .

ATTENTION ALL relaxing time warp members

there will be NO smoking in any of the rooms, library or the pool area. even though this is a rpg if someone is caught smoking all of their comments will be deleted and one of the owners will kick you out. If you head to the pool area you will notice a room to the back of it go through that door. you'll see.

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2004-12-30 [Darkness of Faith]: wow thats cool

2004-12-30 [..Nightmare..]: yea lol

2005-01-04 [Delicious Nightmare]: Hey,

2005-01-05 [..Nightmare..]: Hola ?

2005-01-05 [Delicious Nightmare]: .>;

2005-01-18 [Like Sun Through The Rain]: lalala im bored

2005-01-18 [Darkness of Faith]: and no one cares

2005-01-18 [Like Sun Through The Rain]: Hey oh how rude, w8 I kno u and u kno [..Nightmare..]

2005-01-19 [Delicious Nightmare]: .....

2005-01-19 [Like Sun Through The Rain]: Why r u being so rude 2 me u don't even kno me

2005-01-26 [Devil Doll]:


2005-01-26 [Like Sun Through The Rain]: Hey thats my room *laughs* jjk

2005-01-26 [Devil Doll]: :( we could share! ^_^

2005-01-27 [Like Sun Through The Rain]: KK ill do that hey devil iv chated with u n a million other wikis r u fallowing me

2005-01-27 [..Nightmare..]: kk right away you got room three ^.^

2005-01-27 [Like Sun Through The Rain]: YAY

2005-01-27 [Devil Doll]: lol, nope, i just say this site on someone's page and came to it...

2005-01-27 [Like Sun Through The Rain]: o ok

2005-04-17 [girl. interrupted.]: (h1)wow, this thing is sort of weird, and yet kewl @ the same time...:P(/h1)

2005-06-16 [xBrokenXHeartedx]: lol DONT KICK ME PERSON lol...yeah..sorry im like awake and hyper and yeah ill fucking shut the hell up now

2005-06-19 [..Nightmare..]: Lol yea it is weird and kool XD thats why i made it :P and why would i kick you?

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